Sunday, December 30, 2012

inspiration monday: new year's eve

the inspiration
what are you wearing tonight?
megan bird

dress, tights ~ Target
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ gift from chris
earrings ~ c/o anjolee

nora bird

jacket~ vintage
shirt~ Old Navy
earrings~ Christmas gift
booties~ Sam Edelman, gift

can you believe that 2012 is almost over? i sure can't!! that means that in six months, i will be getting married, which scares me a lot ~ not because i'm not sure chris is the one...but because i'm not sure we are ready. and i am the person who likes to be ready at least six months in advance. so i guess one of my resolutions will be to either get ready for the wedding, or to start to relax a little and know that everything will fall into place.

a few other things i plan to do in the new year are:

1. stay in shape, and get into better shape. i want to be strong. not like madonna arms strong, but i want to do more than light weight lifting and cardio. i want to be yoga strong, and do a pull-up on my own strong. so i'm going to.
2. save money. i don't need any more clothes and i don't need any more shoes. that doesn't mean that i won't buy any on 2013, but i am going to be more vigilant about how i spend my money. i have also vowed to not spend a $5 bill. if i get one or have one, it will go in my $5 bill jar. i have actually already started that one, and i have about $50 in the jar, just from december 27!!
3. make note of the good things. i plan to decorate a huge jar and have everyone in the family fill it with especially good things that happen to us throughout the year. hopefully by this time next year, we will have plenty of slips of paper to read and reminisce about.
4. eat healthier. i already eat very meat and whole grain carbs. however, i would like to eat more organically and maybe (maybe) a little less cheese. that one will be hard. cheese makes everything better.

and that's it. maybe i will have a few more as the months go by, but i think this is a good start! how about you, do you have any resolutions?

either way, have a fabulous new year, and give yourselves a big virtual hug from us at midnight tonight!!

two birds


Thursday, December 27, 2012

new loves and old friends: then and now

one of the gifts we gave to our parents this year was a reproduction of a picture we took many moons ago. i would say that the original picture was taken in i said, many moons ago. and the new one was taken on december 25, 2012....26 years later. enjoy the nerdiness that is us as very young children!!

old friends

new loves

two birds

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

inspiration for december 31: new year's eve outfit

again, with the holidays, we are not posting a picture for inspiration monday. instead, we'd love to see what you all wear for your new year's eve celebrations. we all stay in for the night, but that won't stop us from dressing least enough to snap a few pics! (and then the sweats might come out!)

so show us your very best almost 2013 outfits and link up on monday!! and have a safe new year!

two birds


love*birds: 12.26.12

well it turns out santa must read our blog, because among other things, i got a few items that have been featured in past love*birds posts.
blue collar vintage necklace
mama bear tee

crossbody messenger bag
faux fur snood

we had a fabulous holiday filled with love and laughter. the kids were all amazed with their bounty, which to me is the best part about christmas.

we hope that you all had a fabulous day. we will be back to regular posting soon!

two birds

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas

to all that celebrate, we wish you a very merry christmas!
two birds

Monday, December 24, 2012

inspirations monday: inspiring

what's inspiring us lately... 








have a happy and safe and inspiring holiday season!!!

two birds

Friday, December 21, 2012

the holiday card

here is our aforementioned christmas card. a very loosely based wizard of oz theme. poor chris had ice cream headache the whole time we were taking pictures from wearing a metal colander on his head! but the sentiment is correct, there is no place like home...for the holidays! we hope that wherever you are, you have a safe and happy holiday!

happy holidays to everyone!!
two birds

Thursday, December 20, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): mother knows best

jacket~ vintage, thrifted
dress~ hand-me-down (i think from megan)
boots~ Steve Madden
leggings~ Target

i am just getting over a viral sinus infection (so it couldn't be treated with antibiotics) and it was horrible. i don't remember ever feeling so awful before. my head hurt, my face hurt, my teeth hurt, i couldn't sleep, i couldn't eat...i just wanted to curl up and cry (which i may have done.) i felt really really yucky. i saw my mom on friday night, just when i was just beginning to feel pretty awful, and she suggested i try a neti pot. i brushed her suggestion off, telling her that neti pots freaked me out and i would never use one. why would you willingly pour water into your nose? yikes! i went home that night, took some tylenol, and tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep. i suffered pretty much all weekend, popping tylenol and sudafed, drinking hot tea, taking steamy showers and baths. nothing really helped and i was miserable. finally, on monday, a nurse recommended that i try a neti pot...and so i did. and i literally felt better almost immediately. it was amazing! i was a convert. i immediately texted my mom and told her that i had done the neti pot and i should have listened to her. perhaps i wouldn't have had to suffer all weekend? so, i have learned my lesson. mother knows best and i should always listen to her. it only took me thirty-three years to learn. sorry about that, mom! i love you!

have you ever used a neti pot???

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

inspiration idea for december 24: what inspires you?

since we know many of you will be otherwise occupied next monday, we thought it might be fun to do a link-up post of what inspires you. it can be anything, a quote, a picture, a person...we would love to see everyone's ideas. so link up if you want! we'll see you monday!

two birds

love*birds: 12.19.12

this week we are loving:
~ our children
~our teachers
~ not taking one single moment for granted
~ pulling together in a bipartisan moment to pray for the families affected by last week's tragedies
~ our children
~ their teachers
~ the residents of newton
~ the lost children and families of sandy hook
~ the brave teachers who saved lives, and gave theirs

if you'd like to help the residents and families of newton, you can do so here. we have also compiled a small sampling of etsy stores that are helping as well by donating some, if not all, of their proceeds to benefit the families of sandy hook. thank you, and know that every little bit helps.

our thoughts and prayers are with the families and residents of newton.

megan bird
black and white scarf
 fresh off the needle is donating 20% of their proceeds.

fold-over clutch
seams mod is donating 50% of their proceeds.

brass duck bookends
the enchanted fig tree is donating 5% of their proceeds.

heart stone necklace
glass ghost jewels is donating 100% of the proceeds from these necklaces.

turquoise feather earrings
eld bee designs is donating 100% of their proceeds from these earrings.

nora bird

boo & lou design is donating 100% of their proceeds.

kimchi & sweet tea is donating 100% of their proceeds.

crafting for cause is donating 100% of their proceeds.

merely eclectic is donating 25% of their proceeds.

lilly things is donating 30% of their proceeds.

two birds

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): good things

sweater ~ Arden B., thrifted
jeans ~ H&M
booties ~ Forever 21
earrings ~ from nora

i have been in a mild funk for about a week now. i am feeling sartorially uninspired, i need a haircut, it's cold and i lost my camera charger (thanks to nora bird who let me borrow her camera). i know none of those things are a big deal, but they, plus hormones have put me in a bit of a rut. so instead of focusing on the very petty bad stuff, i decided to make a list of what makes me unequivocally happy.

~ my kids. they are at an age now where we can joke together and really get each other (maybe it's because i have the mentality of a seven-year old). but really, they make me laugh on a daily basis, and are still young enough that they want to snuggle with me.
~ chris. he's a given. he sometimes makes me mad and frustrated, but at the end of the day, he's mine and i love him. he has unlimited patience and a heart bigger than the grinch on christmas day.
~ my family. we were running late from work one day last week after a huge snowstorm. i knew we wouldn't make it on time, and had about five minutes to get the kids picked up from after-school care. i called my mom, and without question, she hopped in her car and got the kids picked up in time. how amazing is it to have a family so close, in both distance and relationship, to be able to count on them in any kind of pinch?
and on a more material level:
~ shopping. somehow when i am feeling down, shopping almost always makes me feel better. and it doesn't have to be for myself, either...i just love the act of digging and searching and finding the perfect thing.
~ leggings. what more can i say? anytime i can't figure out what to wear in the winter, i pull on a pair of leggings. it's like jammies that you can wear out.
~ boots. again, my go-to winter foot wear. i am always on the search for the perfect pair, which explains why i have so many pairs!!
~ the three best christmas songs:
1. oh come all ye faithful by elvis presley. other versions are great, but his is the hands-down winner.
2. once upon a christmas by kenny rogers and dolly parton. they will always be one of my favorite duos. this song reminds me of growing up, and my sisters and i always sing it on christmas morning.
3. little drummer boy by bing crosby and david bowie. bing crosby and david bowie...need i say more?

many more things make me happy, like hearing from each of you every thanks for coming around to read about our little corner of the world five days a week. i'd love to hear what things are making you happy today!

megan bird

Monday, December 17, 2012

inspiration monday: the sweater

the inspiration
leona lewis
megan bird

dress ~ b. (a resale shop)
trench ~ thrifted
earrings and booties ~ F21
tights ~ Marshalls

nora bird

scarf ~ knit by mom
dress ~ from friend erin
coat ~ F21
tights ~ Target
boots ~ vintage, thrifted

i did a really pathetic thing this weekend and it all started with a christmas party. our friends had their annual party, complete with a bartender (in their house...very swanky), lots of good music, great friends, and usually someone irish line dancing at about 2 am (not me). needless to say, it's always a good time, and chris has been known to compete in a few dance offs over the years (he always wins). 

this year was no different, it was a ton of fun. there was a woman there whom i had never met. all night i was admiring her gorgeous cape sweater. it was so pretty, and had a faux fur collar, and you all know i love me a faux fur collar. i finally asked her where she got it, hoping it was a recent purchase. she told me that she bought it a few years ago at Michael Kors in chicago, but that she had recently been to the outlet mall nearby and saw them for sale there.

being the obsessed woman that i am, i woke up on sunday morning and decided i needed to go to the outlet mall. it's 45 minutes away, so it wasn't necessarily convenient for me, but i hopped in the car and went anyways. 

and it was a waste. a total waste. yes, the store had the sweater, and yes i adored it...but it was on sale at the outlet mall for $130, and it just wasn't $130 cute. so i found a cheaper version at another store and called it a day. the cheaper version didn't have a fur collar, but that's something i'm sure i can remedy with some more obsessive shopping.

tell me what you this worth $130?

happy monday!
two birds
ps. happy 6th birthday to my baby girl. the sweetest 6th year old i know. i love you, eva bird!!