Friday, November 23, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): thankful and just plain full

shirt~ hand-me-down from megan
necklace~ gift
leggings~ F21, gift
booties~ Sam Edelman, gift
cuff~ gift
(can you tell i just had a birthday???)

if you follow me on instagram (@mrsbeyers), then you might know i had a rare date night with jim on tuesday. and this is what i wore. i am so glad i had outfit some photos saved up from before the thanksgiviing holiday because i am pretty sure none of my clothes fit me today! i. ate. so. much. yum! so it's comfy pants and a loose top for me today! all the better for stuffing my face with leftovers and lazing around the in-law's house. we will be back to our regularly scheduled program (and hopefully back into our skinny jeans) on monday! if you celebrated, i hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! and i hope you all have a happy friday!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. great date night outfit
    you are better than me if you can get back into skinnies by monday lol

  2. Very cute date night outfit!

    I hear you on the food - ate wayyyy too much!!

  3. Awwwww. lovely that you got a date night! This is a very pretty outfit! Mmmm, did you have turkey???

  4. i like your birthday gifts on you, nora bird! hooray for date nights, & sister's that give you pretty blouses. :)

  5. So glad you got to have a date night and love the outfit!

    We stuffed ourselves on salmon and cheesecake!

  6. Great date night outfit...your legs look awesome :) And that blue colour is really pretty, instantly makes me feel happy!

    <3 Cambria

  7. Lurv the colors in this outfit. You are adorable!!

  8. Really cute date night outfit - pretty, feminine, and flattering. :)
    We have so many yummy leftovers - I might have to send my skinny jeans on winter vacation. ;)

  9. What a cute outfit for a date night! That tunic is gorgeous on you!

  10. I love that top!!
    It's fabulous, fun and perfect for comfort eating!!

  11. glad you had a great date night! you looked pretty. that top is beautiful. just followed you on instagram. i'm stuffed too! hahaha

  12. are those leggings VELVET?! I love it. Beautiful top as well, looks so comfy but dressy too. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and a fun date night :)

  13. Enjoy your comfy pants - I'll be wearing mine for awhile too.:) Glad you had a great thanksgiving - and a date night out.:)

  14. Cute outfit, the colours are fab!
    Glad you ate well and enjoyed the holiday :)

  15. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so you have twitter or fb??

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    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at

  16. Love the title of this post! haha you look wonderful too, yay for date night :)

  17. That is such a gorgeous tunic, beautiful colour combo.

    It's compulsary to over eat at such events isn't it? Just like Christmas, being painfully full is part of the parcel xo

  18. Super pretty look! I love your top! kisses chris

  19. Your top has such beautiful colors and it looks amazing with the booties :)

  20. love the colors of your top! this outfit does look perfect for a date. :)