Thursday, November 29, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): grumpy

dress~ TJ Maxx
cardigan/boots~ Heartbreaker
scarf~ ???
leggings~ Target

i am having a really grumpy week. i can't shake it. i am sleepy and fighting off a cold. my house is a mess and i am overwhelmed thinking about cleaning. our dishwasher broke and needs to be replaced. and i hate (like, really hate) doing dishes. but i hate even more having dirty dishes sitting on my counter, so dishes must be done. and the worst thing...i've been having one of those moments where you compare yourself to everyone else and everyone else seems to have it all together and i seem to be such a mess. this is a really awful and completely unproductive way to treat yourself yourself, i know. and as teddy roosevelt said (and my friend, krista, often reminds me), "comparison is the thief of joy." so very true. and so, instead of complaining about my grumpy disposition, i will share a few things that are making me happy this week...
~ hearing my kids' laughter. ben has been super giggly lately. it is so sweet. and i made up this ridiculous song last night while getting mimi ready for bed that had her cracking up. she was laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her face. best ever.
~ watching my kids sleep. sounds creepy, i know. but seriously, no matter how bad a day was had, no matter how naughty or difficult your kids had been that day, that can all be erased by seeing those sweet, serene, sleepy faces. and hearing those cute little snores.
~ my husband. he works so hard all day to bring home the (fake) bacon (yum!)...and, no matter what kind of day he had, he always walks in with that gorgeous smile and a big bear hug for everyone. and he is always ready to play with the kids and give me a few minutes to myself. i love him so much.
~ emails from my sisters. they seriously having me laughing all day long. best friends ever.
~ the gym. nothing like a great yoga or cycle or zumba class to make you feel good!
~ the seven hours of straight sleep that ben allowed me on tuesday night. amazing.
~ maternity comfy pants. no, i am not pregnant again. they are just. so. comfy.
~ the regina spektor station on pandora. check it out. so good!
~ jim, again, for doing most of the dishes this week.
~ this blog. being able to write out my thoughts and stories and read all of your sweet comments really makes a girl's day. so, thank you!

there. i am feeling better already!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Aww Nora, I hope your week gets better! My apartment doesn't have a dishwasher so I have to wash dishes the old fashioned way. At first I hated it, but I'm used to it now!

    I love your furry boots! They look so warm and comfy.

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. I hope you get over the grumps soon! I haven't been sleeping well and my place is so messy but I'm also a single person so I have no excuse. Hopefully your week turns around. It's almost Friday!

  3. It's so depressing when your dishwasher stops working! I don't have one so now I live without but once upon a time I had one and it was glorious!
    At least your outfit it awesome!

  4. Really cool look, love the boots

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  5. Hope things get better soon! I hate those funks.

    I too smile at the thought of {real} bacon {and sausage}, annnnd, don't feel creepy. I like watching my husband sleep {we don't have kids yet}. So, if you are weird in that regard, you are not alone. :)


  6. You look so chic & cozy! I am loving the boots with the dress!

    I know how you feel lady! Sometimes, you gotta just take one thing at a time, and tell yourself to chill out. It is hard! But it can happen.

    Also, I am really sorry, but all of your comments have been going to my spam folder! I am really, really, sorry for not checking it sooner. I feel terrible, and I was so pissed when I saw that they were in there!

  7. Aw I hope you feel better! We ALL have those days. I am glad that you can look to things that make you really happy. Really is there anything better than giggles from your kids? And watching them sleep isn't creepy--it's motherly and I do it too ;-)

  8. Aww, I feel your pain! I have definitely had those kind of weeks. And I HATE dishes too - we lived with a broken dishwasher for almost 6 months because at the time we couldn't afford to replace it, those 6 months were awful!

    In spite of your not so great week I'm glad you could find some reasons to smile! I hope things keep getting better!!

  9. Nora! grumpy! happy!

    nothing like counting your blessings to get you all perky and fun again. i've been contemplating a similar post subject, but nah changed my mind. hahahaha.

    i love how you pose for your pics. i don't know how but i think you have taught me something there.

  10. UGh, no dishwasher sucks! Mine broke a few years ago and I went without one for like 3 weeks and it made me realllllly appreciate having one (and I live alone, you've got a whole family's worth of dishes to deal with!) Regardless, you look adorable and I want to steal your boots!

  11. What a sweet post - reading your list of things that make you happy really put a smile on my face!
    I hope your grumpy week turns around in time for the weekend!

    Kate xo

  12. I love that dress! And I'm right there with you on the grumpies, my husband has gently pointed it out a couple of times this week. Oh well, it will pass! Making a happy list like this is a great idea!

  13. You look gorgeous, if that helps.
    And we all have weeks like that... at least you have some little baby giggles to keep you company!!

  14. Dishes are the worst chore, ever. But having a clean sink and counters are the best feeling! Love your boots!

  15. I love the tunic and leggings! I get a little grumpy this time of year, since it seems like it is always dark outside.

  16. me too, so grumpy! i loved this post, was nodding all the way through the grumpy part and smiling by the end of your happy list :) zumba/spin date tomorrow? xo

  17. your hair is perfect with that scarf, i miss short hair
    Xo Megan,

  18. chin up lady, things will get better :) I absolutely hate doing the dishes which is why its my husband's chore. I cook and he cleans the pots and pans.

  19. I am sorry you are having a grumpy week! At least you look quite adorable! A floral dress, tights, and boots with a sweater has been my uniform this fall! Glad you have some good stuff in your life too to tip the scale!
    xo Hannah

  20. This looks so cozy and comfortable yet super chic.
    Has been a long time.
    It was nice to hear from you guys again.

  21. Cute outfit! I hope your week gets better! At least it's almost the weekend :)

  22. I try to tell that to myself a lot "comparison is the thief of joy - it is so true but hard to not do sometimes! always helpful to make a thankful list! what a cute and cozy outfit!

  23. i hope you start feeling better soon
    don't worry about the messy house, it isn't going anywhere lol
    you might feel grumpy,but you look great

  24. i like your happy list! i was smiling while reading it all. :) your outfit is super cute. if my dishwasher broke, and i had a cold i'd be grumpy too. wait, i'm always grumpy anyway. he's my favorite dwarf, ya know.

  25. Oh no. I thought I was the only grumpy one. I am so moody lately but for different (old) reasons. I am impressed with how you hold it all together and still look great. Thank goodness you have such great support. I hate doing dishes too. I let them soak if they are really dirty and that makes it all better. You are good enough just the way you are, dirty dishes and all. dawn suitcase vignettes

  26. Im sorry your having such a bad week! I hope it gets better, Im glad you were able to look at the happy moments!
    Love your outfit!
    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  27. hope you get to cheer up! all those things are definitely things to be grateful about, especially family! your furry boots are really cute btw :)

  28. Your friend...krista is it? She sounds very wise and beautiful. :) I REALLY want to hear this song of yours! I hope you're feeling better and have remembered what an amazing person you are!