Tuesday, November 27, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): deep cleaning

dress, jacket, belt ~ thrifted
tights ~ Kohls
boots ~ Urban Original
earrings ~ F21

we had a super lazy weekend last weekend. the kids wanted to go play in the kidzone at ikea on friday, but i hate going to ikea on any regular day, much less black friday. so instead, we stayed home, watched a movie, played jenga and ate a ton of food. saturday, we did more of the same. come sunday, we actually did go to ikea, but that was the extent of us getting out of the house. every once in a while, i give us license to be very lazy, and this weekend, we were...and i didn't feel guilty about it at all. until sunday evening. i started to feel really lazy and decided that i needed to deep clean at least part of the house. so i chose the bedrooms. unfortunately.

here's what i learned from deep cleaning all three of our rooms:

~ eva is a hoarder. seriously. she collects seashells, beads, old paper drawings, mint tins, shoe laces, pearls from broken necklaces, pretty rocks, and a lot more that i can't remember. if she thinks it's pretty, she saves it. she thinks that some day she will have the best and craftiest idea of what to do with said items. i threw most of it away, and she will probably never know. i saved some beads and seashells...maybe even a few stray pearls. everything else went in the garbage.
~ eva is sneaky and cleans her room by throwing everything under the bed. on the plus side, i found my winter boots that i have been searching for high and low. somehow they ended up in her room, and then of course, under her bed. also under the bed: colored pencils, more old paper drawings, a few candy wrappers from halloween, some doll clothes, and a lot of glitter. just random glitter.
~ henry has a lot of legos. we bought him a dresser just to store his toys, and one drawer is literally full of legos. and he also has one of those huge under-the-bed plastic bins that is also full of legos.
~ henry doesn't like to clean up all of his legos.
~ henry lost a lot of legos to the broom and garbage.
~ there was also a surprising amount of glitter under henry's bed, too. i'm starting to believe in the tooth fairy.
~ i have a lot of clothes. a lot. i got rid of almost two racks of clothing (nora and i are having a garage sale this weekend), and i still didn't make a dent in my closet.
~ see above, and replace "clothes" with shoes".
~ see above and replace "shoes" with "purses".
~ the glitter transcended to our room, too...which is odd because i lost all of my teeth as a child. maybe there is more than one fairy in our house. or maybe desi likes to have doggy glitter parties while we are at work. i wouldn't be surprised.

so our rooms are clean, like super clean. i even went through the kids' clothes and got rid of a ton of stuff. i am quite proud of myself and determined to make them keep them clean. i guess that means we have to keep our room clean, as well. we'll see how long that lasts...i mean, the five outfits i try on every morning before deciding on the right one don't always hang themselves back up.

megan bird


  1. My oldest is just like Eva, she likes to keeps lots of tiny shiny objects in her room. Problem is that the baby likes to put tiny shiny objects in her mouth. It must feel great to have accomplished that deep cleaning, I know I feel that way after a cleaning like that.

    I'm having some thrifting envy right now, I love that jacket!

  2. 1) love those tights, oww! oww!

    2) lemme tell you a weird story: i was pretty much like Eva ... my mama raised me to never waste {we couldn't afford to} ... plus, i was always super crafty and creative and trying to make crap out of EVERYTHING ... fast forward to adulthood, stress, a job i hated, and there was nothing creative about me ... then, i quit the job i hated, quit giving a shit about what people think, and got on thyroid medicine, and now i am back in action! i feel like my old self - my 10 year old self - energy and creativity! it's like i'm jacked up on diet mt. dew all day, but i rarely ever drink caffeine. just realized i wrote a novel, sorry about that. :)

  3. Eva is a smart one to put the stuff under the bed to "clean"! I admire you for getting rid of so many clothes...I have such a hard time parting with stuff, even if I haven't worn it in forever.

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. Great job Megan! I spend most days cleaning before I go to work. Five animals produces a lot of hair as you can imagine. I got rid of 2 more bags of clothing which freed up an entire closet. I am nursing a sick cat that caused me to miss IM...sorry. You look absolutely gorgeously hot. Your boots are really cute and those legs with the dotted stockings look beautiful. dawn suitcase vignettes

  5. I was really lazy over Thanksgiving break too, but (unfortunately for my poor dirty house) I did not get an urge to clean. Hopefully I will get this urge soon. Fingers crossed. :)
    Anyway, I love your cute dress and those awesome furry boots!

  6. the thought of deep cleaning bedrooms makes me overwhelmed. I should really do it though. LOVE your tights!

  7. I love lazy weekends like that - but like you I start to feel like I need to do something and I usually end up cleaning or something too. I laughed at all the stuff you found in the kids' rooms! Too funny!

    I'm excited for the garage sale! Even though I'm just as bad as you and do not need more clothes, shoes and purses, I still want to come and see what I can take off of your hands! :)

  8. OK, the glitter thing made me laugh. That's pretty random, although I can think of worse things to find. :)


  9. Love the polka dot tights! And the fact that your house is covered in glitter :)

  10. MEGAN! I LOVE THIS! Your tights and boots are fabulous! :)

  11. Your boots are amazing, I want some in exactly that color! I love that you found glitter everywhere during your cleaning, I hope I will find something similar when I theoretically clean my house. I think Eva and I were quite similar- I used to hoarde pretty rocks and beads and feathers and who knows what else. I still hoarde rocks...

  12. SO love this look, Megan. Great polka dot tights, great jacket, and SWOON over those boots.

    Keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.




  13. It seems like Eva cleans her room the same way my husband does. You don't even want to know how many lone socks I find under there! You look so cute in this outfit, I love the polka dot tights! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. I like the boots! I used to hide everything under my bed when I was a kid. I can't do that anymore, though, since there are drawers under my bed now.

  15. Love those boots!

    Good for you to have the energy to clean. It's best to do it when you're in the right mood.


  16. Loving those polka dot tights! The contrast between the masculine inspired jacket and boots and the delicate tights is aweseome:)

    Glitter has a funny way of getting absolutely everywhere, doesn't it?

  17. when i read deep clean in the title, i went :P. that means i'm glad you did it, and not me. i'm sure i need to. now you have a clothes, shoes, purse, legos, and pencil drawing inventory. your outfit is perfect for a holiday party! now go have desi get the glitter, so you roll around in it. ;)

  18. My oldest is a hoarder too. And a sneaky, under the bed, kind of cleaner. And I could clean out my own closet and get rid of multiple racks of items at any given moment. I'm not sure how it adds up so quickly.

  19. oh cleaning how i hate thee
    i still haven't made it upstairs since the sons went back to school ( i think i am too afraid of what i will find)
    love the polka dot tights, i have a pair still unpack aged, i am not sure what i am waiting for to wear them

  20. those boots are amazing! love the whole outfit!

  21. Love how much of your outfit is thrifted and is totally on trend! And those winter boots are killer - good thing you found them! Haha and a good lazy weekend is required every now and again :)

    Life etc

  22. Love that there's random glitter all over the place - it's so magical!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  23. I use to throw stuff under my bed as a kid or push it in to my wall in closet. I stop doing that when I got my own room.

  24. You look darling! I love the tights and oh.my.goodness. those booties! Obsessed. Everytime I attempt cleaning I'm astounded by the amount of clothes/shoes I own.

  25. This outfit is just way too adorable! I adore your jacket and am so in love with your boots!

  26. i need those tights! great outfit as always! my favorite so far. :)

  27. I LOVE that outfit! That jacket looks SO cute with that dress, the tights are adorable, and those boots are fabulous! Lazy weekends are awesome...and it sounds like you were very productive cleaning rooms :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  28. Be still my heart - this is one of my faves from you... love the mix of pieces - those tights are awesome, those boots are too fun - runway meet MN :)

    Pearls & Paws

  29. I am loving loving loving those tights!
    a ray of sun

  30. Love this outfit :)

  31. great look! love the tights xo and the feeling of a deep clean! xo

  32. Haha, love the last line! So true. Good luck keeping everything clean! That's the hardest part.

    These tights are SO cute, and I love seeing the snow on the ground :)

  33. Sounds so productive! I love that feeling. You look cute as usual. I'm excited to see you on Saturday!

  34. HaHa! You learned a LOT about everybody! I love your boots and those dot tights look awesome with them.

  35. love the combination of the polka dots with the outfit. The strong jacket looks femenine =) Really nice.

  36. Im soooo behind on all your posts girls! im enjoying reading through all the latest posts! Megan this outfit totally caught my eye! i love it!! im really diggin khakis at the moment and this outfit with those tights and those oh my god amazing boots is just fabulous! And also once again... amazing legs lady!! haha! xxx