Monday, November 19, 2012

new loves and old friends: puppies

new loves
t-shirt, necklace ~ Kohls
headband ~ F21
boots ~ b. (a resale shop)
earrings ~ swapped

old friends
skirt ~ vintage, estate sale
belt ~ vintage, thrifted

i found an old picture of desi the other day. for those of you who don't know who he is...he is the furry brother to our kids. he is my favorite puppers, who has been in our family for 13 years now. he is a crazy dog, and is just now starting to show his age. he is an australian shepherd, and anyone who knows that breed knows that they are so energetic.

as a puppy, i didn't know what i was in for. on one hand, he was a genius. he needed no potty training...seriously, the first night, he whined, i let him out, and that was that. no accidents, ever. on the other hand, he was a genius. somehow, he always knew (and still knows) how to outsmart people to get what he wants. it's almost like he's's pretty weird. through his sneakiness, we have found out (accidentally) through the years that he loves both martinis and chocolate. he is also fiercely loyal, has grown so close to the kids (he even sleeps with them...henry one night, eva the next), and still loves his mama the best.

but as a puppy...i have got stories! i never kenneled him, which was probably a mistake. there were days that i would get home to ripped up couch cushions, broken plates, or torn clothing. he loved to chew on woodwork, which probably cost me a few dollars in home value when i sold my first home. and one day, i got home to a basement that looked like burglars had ransacked it. it turned out that he was looking for some vanilla scented candles. he did, in fact, find them, and ate them, and then proceeded to "dispose" of them later, on a run. and let me tell you, they looked just like candles again (without a wick)...not that i would ever keep and/or use them!

and now he's 13, and he's still got lots of energy – only i can tell that he's getting older. i can see his hips getting a little tight, and he's getting a little whinier with age (grumpy old man). but show him a squirrel in the yard, and you will see him with that old energy of a puppy again. i love my dog. that's all. i just wanted to share a little about him. i talk about my kids all the time on this blog, so i thought desi deserved a little post time, too.

and for those of you who follow me already on instagram (@meglets), you may have already seen this...but it's too cute to not share again. desi at 8 weeks, right when he came home with me.

megan bird


  1. Beautiful outfit (I love the skirt!) and such sweet memories.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  2. love this outfit! as always. and love the post to your dog. Our dog is 5 and I get sad thinking about her getting older!

  3. OHMIGOD, he was so cuuuuuuute. He is still so cute. I love him. I may love him even more now that I know he loves martinis.

  4. Oh, he's so cute as a puppy! It makes me miss my Nanuk. Trying to talk the hubby into another one is hard work.

    Why do you always pull off the head scarf so well? I always look like a big dork in them.:)

  5. Awww... he's such an adorable dog... and a GORGEOUS puppy. I got my Aussie after she was full grown, so I WISH I could have seen her as a puppy.

    I am loving the maxi skirt look.... you are so lucky to be long and lean!!

  6. I love your dog too! I love my kitties, but I really want a dog, I keep working on the hubby about getting one! I love seeing Desi as a puppy, soooo cute! And the candle story is hilarious, who knew they'd come out, um, the same?

    Love your maxi skirt, boots and head scarf look!

  7. Aww he is so cute! You are so lucky that he was housebroken so quickly. It took Oliver oh, 10 months to finally catch on. But he destroys stuff too which is why he's crated when we're at work :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. Megan! oh cute! i love hearing about pets, esp dogs or cats. our dog now doesn't scratch the door to come in, which i am so happy about but she loves to get in the little garbage cans around the house and chews tissues up that have been discarded ...ewh, i KNOW! she gets in big trouble when she does that. mine has struggled with potty issues tho. she is over a year old FINALLY and has the potty issues resolved. but when about 8 mo. she peed on my sofffffa! urgh!!

    your doggie desi is cute! too bad they get old, huh? your necklace is awesome and thank goodness black skirts never go out of style.

  9. Australian Shepard puppies are the cutest! I just love them :) You look great and I just love the black skirt!

  10. I love Desi. I can't believe how cute he is in that photo! Give him a kiss for me :) Love your outfit too! Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you!

  11. OMG he is adorable. My boyfriend's brother and his wife just got a puppy that's black lab/Austrian Shepard. From your stories I now really see the Austrian Shepard in him from when we puppy sit him! He likes to chew on EVERYTHING... like seeks stuff around the house that he can reach/on the ground and will show you that he has it... I think he like to play trade. Well what I did.. and it sounds like your Austrian Shepard is the same is played him back. He HATES being left alone, always likes having a human around. SO when he would grab something he wasn't suppose to I would be like "Okay Bye Enzo" and leave the room/walk outside. He would drop the object and come running towards the door. Ha-ha then I would go pick up said object. Well this only worked a couple of times because then he caught onto my game, so may only work if you have two people in the house. Anyway love your skirt in this outfit! AND you headband. So cute!

  12. Oh how adorable Desi is! He sounds such a character! Urgh, the candles.....eeek!!!!!!

  13. And thanks for the reassurance in my post. I know that people read my blog for different reasons but sometimes when I post an outfit, I think, Urgh, I should stick to things I can do well, like waffle!!!x

  14. Awww, puppies. We had a border collie mix once, and, yes, they don't ever slow down!

  15. Haha, the candles part of this story is so funny! He sure was a cute puppy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. Desi is SO cute! And that's awesome that he still has energy for squirrels :) Love how you belted that maxi - such a cute outfit!

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Aw he is adorable!! We had a jack Russell terrier mix named Oliver in my family for 12 years. We called him our furry little brother. He was very similar to Desi, he had endless energy, was VERY smart and chewed endless walls, Barbie's, underwear... This post makes me miss him.
    Anyway, I want your skirt in these pics! Bad. And I love the red belt with it!

  18. what a cute pup! We didnt crate train Oliver either but we do keep him locked up in our bedroom with a baby gate across the doorway when we leave for work. When he was just a little guy we used to leave him in the bathroom until one day he tore a hole in the door.

  19. desi sounds like such a treasure! hooray for no house training accidents. as far as the chewing, isn't that just what puppies do? nice outfit megan bird. i can't decide if the necklace, headband, earrings, or boots are my fave.

  20. and he looks so innocent in that picture! hahaha oh well, dogs will be dogs. they all do it! gorgeous one! love that outfit :)

  21. Desi was an adorable puppy, and he is an adorable old man dog too.

  22. Cute skirt!

    <3 Josephine