Wednesday, November 28, 2012

love*birds: 11.28.12

things i am loving this week
~ quinoa. i have been making it almost every night this week. i feel like it's a carb that you don't have to feel guilty about because it's really a protein. (not that i ever feel guilty about carbs.)
~ clean rooms. as i type this, the kids' rooms are still clean!!
~ days off. i somehow forgot to use a bunch of my vacation time this year, so i am being "forced" to take a bunch of days off in december. i don't think i am working a full week the whole month!
~ cosmic reminders. i read a blog this morning that reminded me that we need to get our save the dates out soon. of course then i freaked out that we are getting married in seven months and i'm nowhere close to being ready!
~ i'm getting married in seven months!

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
crossbody satchel
seriously, this is like my dream bag. it's roomy and durable and cute and did i mention roomy?

kelsi dagger karson boots
i need a new pair of boots. (haha!) but really, one of my favorite pairs went kaput, and i saw these and fell in love. unfortunately, i don't buy new leather, so these will not be mine. don't think that i didn't think of a loophole (like have my sister buy them, wear them once and then give them to me).

polka dot dress
a peter pan collar and polka dots? yes please!! (now if i could just have those long legs, too!)

vintage rhinestone collar necklace
have i ever told you all how much i love rhinestone necklaces? especially blue rhinestone necklaces. especially especially blue collar rhinestone necklaces. (blue collar...haha.)

pink cape coat
i am so in love with this coat. the collar and color are gorgeous!

i love annie's (The Other Side of Gray) whole outfit in this post. i mean, it's floral mixed with fur mixed with booties. and she talks to her clothes, which i love!


i know i keep posting stuff that eva has written, but how could i not post this? for those of you who don't speak kindergartner, it says, "i love you with all my heart. love, eva." seriously, it brought tears to my eyes.

nora bird
vintage military coat

i was totally inspired by megan's post yesterday. so inspired that i have been using almost all my free time to search for a military style jacket. and i think i found the perfect one! and yes, i am inspired by my own blog, but only by megan's posts, so it's okay.

mini initial charm necklace

there was a period of time when i gave all my friends initial necklaces as gifts because i secretly really wanted one of my own. well, i never got one. but now i really want one with both my kids' initials on it. this charm one would be perfect! so in love.

sequin bow shirt

seriously, how cute is this? so cute! it is fun and festive and would be perfect for a night out, but i kind of feel like i could wear it with comfy pants around the house, too! is that weird?

kitchen print

i love this simple, fun print. it would be so adorable hanging in my kitchen!

vintage floral dress

love love love this. if it were mine, i seriously might wear it every day. which might make for a boring fashion blog...

jenn of The Suburb Experiment is one of the best dressed pregnant women i have ever seen. it almost makes me want to be pregnant again (no. no it doesn't. that was a lie.) but seriously, i love everything about this outfit...especially the bow she stole from her daughter! too cute!

jim's family is huge into making pie during the holidays. lots and lots of pie. and mimi made her first one this year, with the help of jim! it was a most adorable sight. and she had so much fun!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. Love it all! And yes, how could you NOT post that sweet little note! And that satchel!!! Be still my heart! xoxo Lynn

  2. Love that mini charm necklace and the vintage rhinestone collar necklace! Great picks :) And that Instagram photo is SO CUTE!

  3. Seven months Megan?? Holy cow time is flying! And I'm with you on the vacation time - I have a ton to use in December too! Not a bad problem at this time of year!

    Nora, nothing wrong with being inspired by Megan, she's pretty darn awesome :)

  4. A. Quinoa is so delicious. I am hungry now.
    B. I am jealous of your vacation time!
    C. The pink coat and the initial charms are waaay too cute!

  5. yeah for vacation days! love the polka dot dress and initial necklaces!

  6. Megan - I think I cooed when I saw that pink coat. Maybe I'll add it to my Christmas list. . .

    Nora - L.O.L. Thanks for the mention! And I totally remember seeing cute pregnant ladies and thinking for a hot second how much fun it would be and then reality would hit and I'd be all, pfffft NO WAY. And yet here I am. :)


  7. I'll take that satchel as well, please. :)


  8. So many fun items... I am coveting Megan's bag find as well... it's GORGEOUS. And I am still waiting for an initial necklace, too! Having the kids initials is a great idea Nora!

  9. That pink cape coat is so cute! And I love the initial necklaces, I need to get one for myself!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. i love that pink coat! it is awesome! hahaha i have yet to try quinoa. i'm hearing so many wonderful things about it.

  11. What am I loving? Well, this post for one! So much fun! Eva's note is utterly adorable, I think I'd cry if I received this! Mmmm, that coat too! Like lots! And QUinoa is fab!!!!!!!!

  12. never be ashamed of the carbs you consume. never.

  13. Megan! hello! i am loving the weather here. it turned warm again, strange but I love it. i am going to plant my daffodil bulbs today finally because i can. i had better, that is. hahahaha.

  14. the instas are my faves! i suddenly feel like i want a pink coat, but coats are nearly pointless in texas. i barely rare the closetful of coats i own, from when i lived in snowy cold, like minnesota, utah.

  15. I love a lot of these things..the necklace and the cute collar dress etc. I love the Christmas family pics from Monday also I haven't had time to comment on that!

  16. ha ha I love that you are inspired by your own blog!


  17. That satchel is gorgeous! We don't get to roll our time off over any more, so I need to use up quite a few days this winter.

  18. Would you be a dear and share some of your quinoa recipes?

  19. Great pics!
    I love when you're forced to take time off - does anything really feel better than a vacation/staycation day!?

    Kate xo