Tuesday, November 13, 2012

love*birds: 11.14.12

things i am loving this week:
~ thera-flu. seriously, this stuff is amazing. i am restless and achy, and i drink this delicious hot tea concoction...and boom, five minutes later i'm sleeping and oblivious!
~ traditions. we have decided to do some saturday traditions with the family. i guess it's not a traditional tradition because we don't have it set in stone every week...but time set aside for special activities like crafts, baking or building. last week we made a crafty turkey that we named, "hank the tank-sgiving turkey".
~ our clean basement. i would show you a before picture of our basement, but i didn't take one. why, you ask? because it was mortifying. honestly. you couldn't even move down there. the main room was plum full of wedding stuff. so i cleaned out our storage room (hello five trips to the garbage and four bags to the thrift store) and neatly organized the wedding stuff in there. we now have our family room free again!!
~ heated mattress pads. do you guys have one of these? they are amazing. ours is dual-controlled so chris and i don't have to have the same settings. it's so nice to cozy up to a warm bed when it's chilly outside.

and here are some other things we are loving:

megan bird
burgundy velvet skirt
this skirt screams holiday skirt. it would be perfect for all the holiday parties we all have to attend this year! (i'll take the tights, too!)

peplum cut-out top
i think i've made it pretty clear around here that i love me some hearts! this shirt fits right into what i love! cute pattern, three-quarter sleeve, peplum, and a heart cut-out! count me in!

mustache sweatshirt
in honor of movember, i thought i'd throw in a mustache sweatshirt. they are always cute, and this one is purple and off the shoulder, so i love it even more. and since i can't personally participate in the movember mustache contest my work is having, maybe i will have to wear this instead!

vintage minnetonka moccasins
minnetonka moccasins are maybe the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn. it's like wearing slippers, but way cuter, and definitely more appropriate to wear to work (says the girl who hasn't taken her boots off yet). and these ones are so cute with their western pattern!

gold piercing arrow necklace
lately i have been digging the more delicate necklaces. don't get me wrong, i love a big bold statement necklace, but i am loving this simple and gorgeous arrow number, as well!

i love sara's (7 Twenty Somethings), black lace dress paired with her leather jacket and leopard belt in this post. it's such a great mix of feminine and sassy, and i love it. plus, her smile is the best accessory!

this is my life lately as soon as i get home for the day. before we eat dinner or do any homework, i am in my long undies and slippers.

nora bird
horseshoe necklace

this necklace is so simple and rustic and oh so cool! love it. want it.

sharp shooter pillow

these pillows are so bright and fun. i love the print, which happens to be hand printed in eco-friendly ink on organic fabric. how awesome is that?

boot cuffs

what a fun way to accessorize a pair of boots! and we all know i have plenty of boots to be accessorized. and they can be worn inside your boots, too, if you just need a little extra warmth. nice!

modern clock

this clock totally reminds me of the clock my parents used to have in their kitchen when i was a kid. i hadn't thought about that clock, or how much i liked it, in years! aaaaaand...now i really want this clock.

nerd poster

i kind of really want to get this print for my husband. because he is a huge nerd and i love him.

i am more than a little obsessed with brett's (Silvergirl) boots in this post. not to mention the pattern mixing. oh, and the gorgeous necklace!


this picture of my two favorite guys just melts my heart. so in love.

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. LOVE that velvet skirt - that would be so cute for a holiday party with tights/boots.

    And I need to get some Thera-Flu ASAP... I've been weak and fatigued all week with a sore throat :( Tis the season!

  2. too many things to comment on - I love all of them!! especially the mustache sweater! so cute!

  3. Lovely items, the skirt is really festive! The arrow necklace is so pretty- hello Robin Hood chic!

  4. The tights with the velvet skirt are amazing! And I spent last weekend clearing out the storage room too, but I'm not about the make it a family tradition - ha!

  5. LOVE the arrow pillows and the tights with the velvet skirt. Hello Xmas gifties!

  6. Ooh fun finds! I think I need the "Talk Nerdy to Me" sign for my hubby, lol. Hope you're feeling better Megan!

  7. Beautiful finds! Thank you for including my horseshoe necklace :)

  8. The velvet skirt and both of the necklaces are making me want to shop RIGHT NOW! And a heated mattress pad sounds glorious!

    So I had to share, I felt like such a dummy this morning, it took me like, 3 months to figure out that all of your comments were going to my spam folder. BAH! Now I know.

  9. I like so many things, I had to scroll back up because I'd forget the all: the skirt, the tights, the boot cuffs, the arrow necklace and the horseshoe necklace. My pinterest is getting a nice dose after visiting your page.
    And the heated mattress pad? Yessssss. Somehow, I'm always the hot one in the summer, and the cold one in the winter. I told my husband he's like an amphibian (right?, aren't they the ones who just adjust to the temperature?).

  10. I've never heard of heated mattress pads but I think I need it immediately! My apartment is always freezing.

    The Tiny Heart

  11. I want a heated mattress pad. That sounds so nice! I make due with lots of blankets and cats to keep me warm.

  12. I think I need one those heated mattress pads. I am always cold! You ladies picked some great things. I love the moustache sweatshirt and the arrow pillows. Heather

  13. Velvet skirt -LOVE ... Peplum top -LOVE !!

    great picks!! ... PS baby is too cute!!

  14. that gold piercing arrow necklace is so pretty Megan!! AND that skirt, it is perfect for the holidays and I want those leggings you are wearing in your insta love. Thank you for for choosing me for your blog love, I am honored! :)


  15. A heated mattress pad sounds awesome. I also like the arrow necklace.

  16. Super awesome feature - thank you so much for including my nerdy print!

    xoxo - Brandi/Sweet Harvey

  17. I love all of your picks! Peplum is so in right now!! Adorable :) Fantastic blogger. And that heated mattress pad idea is perfect!

    Gotta get shopping :)

  18. I was going to say that I just loved that burgundy skirt and it was my fave pick but then I saw the last picture and my heart melted

  19. I lurv those tights. So sexy and fun. Just not sure how they would look on cottage cheese thighs! ;-)

  20. I want that burgundy velvet skirt so bad!! Its on my wish list :) those arrow pillows are adorable too!!

  21. i hope you feel better soon! yaaaa for the clean basement. ok, we need an ac mattress here in new orleans. hahaha someone needs to make that!

  22. Aw hope you feel better soon! Your little one is such a cutie!!

  23. WHAT?! HEATED MATTRESS PADS? Those exist?! That sounds like some kind of gift from the heavens.. I definitely need to buy some.

    PS thank you for including our velvet skirt + hope you feel better soon, Megan!

  24. I cleaned out my basement last week, and it was absolutely mortifying as well. Our washer/dryer is down there, and I think that I sucked up at least three canisters worth of just lint and cobwebs.

  25. Birds, I read this post 2 days ago and as soon as I saw those boot warmers I jumped up and ran, yes ran to my closet to cut up my vintage blazer for a diy. Now I have a sleeveless blazer (vest)and two arms sleeves just sitting there. I need a friend who will sew for me like, right now. The arrow necklace and pillows are adorable, what is it about arrows now? Dawn suitcase vignettes xo