Wednesday, November 14, 2012

inspiration picture for november 19: jenna dewan-tatum

the inspiration
jenna dewan-tatum

in honor of her "people's sexiest man alive" husband, we thought we'd choose the lovely jenna dewan-tatum for next week's picture. of course, both of us birds believe that our men are the sexiest men alive, so perhaps the verdict will have to be decided based on a dance off. jim, chris, channing...who's in?

regardless of who you think it the sexiest man alive (leave your answer in the comments section), we hope you will play along with us next monday. if you don't know how to play, click here to find out!

have a good one!
two birds


  1. I love her boots! SO cute.. Xo-Jewel

  2. oh. my. gyaaawwwwwd! i mean, her husband was somewhat attractive, right? duh. then, i saw him dance, and i was like holyyyyyyyy smokes. my heart is racin just thinkin about him.
    and, i like her boots, and the black and white stripes.

  3. Would love to see that dance off. :-) Those boots so fab! I love the colour!

  4. If you sell tickets to the dance off, I promise I'll fly out to watch. As long as the men have their shirts off, that is. I have no use for Channing Tatum in a shirt.

  5. ^lol no use for Channing Tatum in a shirt ;) love it. Wish I had some stripes for this!

  6. Channing Tatum is a good choice for sexiest man alive, but I have a thing for Jason Statham! Maybe it's the accent? haha, I just can't help it! :) Either way, I'm excited about re-creating this look - good choice!

    Jess - J's Style

  7. Love the boots; however, I'm more of a Ryan Gosling kinda gal.

    1. I second Lauren...that's just who I was going to say! I am not a huge fan of Channing Tatum or big muscle-y actors in general (except Joe Mangianello from True Blood!).

  8. Mark Wahlberg!! This outfit is great! Dawn suitcase vignettes