Wednesday, November 7, 2012

inspiration picture for november 12: elizabeth hurley

elizabeth hurley
for me, this outfit would be a really cute date-night outfit. for elizabeth hurley, apparently, it's a plane-riding, no brainer outfit. and this is why i would make a horrible star. i would be the one on the cover of the enquirer, headliner to all of the "stars without makeup" and "caught in her sweatpants" sort of articles. it's real life people, i don't want to wear a pair of extra tight skinny jeans and heels while taking an 11-hour trip across the ocean. i want to wear my baggy pink sweatpants (the kind with the elastic on the bottom) and a man's flannel shirt, while reading about stars without makeup and cellulite. this is the only reason i'm not famous. the only reason.

play along with us next monday for inspiration monday. don't know how? here are the rules. join in, it's fun!!

two birds


  1. mannn, i love that scarf and that blazer!!!

  2. This is a cute every day sort of outfit, the accessories really play it up!

  3. Love the blazer and the scarf! I agree though, wouldn't want to wear this on a long flight! Obviously why im not famous either haha!

  4. I suspect that stars take of their pants for the actual plane ride. She probably has some leggings in that big ass bag of hers. Well, if she's smart she does. ;-)

  5. Lol, i enjoyed reading your do the stars always look so good after getting off an airplane? Its a mystery to me. I do love her blazer though.

  6. Super chic! I love her style! Fabulous outfit for flying! I am following you on bloglovin! Follow me back there if you like too! xxoo


  7. Hurley is GORG! I want to be like her!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  8. So going to do one of these link up when I work on a Monday.

  9. Why is it that I never arrive at an airport looking like that? Oh yes... I travel cattle class... arriving looking crumpled, tired and grumpy is par for the course!
    Love this look, got is sussed in my head all bar the jacket...

  10. love this post, i am forever saying to myself...what would a celeb wear on the plane
    sometimes i hit the mark and sometimes i know i would be on the she wore it worst list
    looking forward to recreating this look somehow

  11. You are frigging honesty funny. Love this post. Dawn