Monday, November 12, 2012

inspiration monday: massage therapy

the inspiration
elizabeth hurley

megan bird

jeggings ~ F21
shirt ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ Kohls
scarf ~ ebay
blazer ~ gift from erin
earrings ~ ??

nora bird

blazer~ vintage, thrifted
shirt~ James Perse, hand-me-down
jeans~ F21
booties~ Heartbreaker
scarf~ H&M
bracelet~ gift

for mother's day, the kids and chris got me a massage. of course i didn't get a chance to use it until this weekend. it was one of those groupons, so it was expiring...and what a better way to make sure you use a coupon, right? so i made an appointment, and was so excited for an hour's worth of relaxation.

i tend to get a little self conscious when it comes to massages. i mean, here you are, naked on a table, having a stranger rub your body, feeling any weird imperfections you may have. of course, the relaxation aspect totally outweighs any insecurities i might have, but those first few minutes for me are always a little uncomfortable.

so when i showed up and they told me tom would be my therapist, i was even more self conscious. because not only is there a stranger rubbing my body, but now it's a man stranger rubbing my body. i was waiting patiently for tom to come get me, and i have to admit, there was a slight sigh of relief when i saw that he
 was blind. i don't know if this sounds bad...but it did take away a little of that, "this stranger is going to see me naked" feeling.

on the other hand, there were a few things that were weird to me. you know that point where you get undressed and under the blanket, and normally the therapist knocks on the door before entering? well, tom didn't do that. instead, he opened the door wide open and said, "may i have permission to enter?" errr, i guess. and then, the point where you flip from your belly to you back, and normally the therapist holds the blanket ever so carefully so as not to show any bits and pieces....well not tom. he just lifted the blanket high in the air while i flipped over. it was at this point that i realized i had put full trust in him, in believing he was truly blind....not that i really think anyone would lie about that just on the off chance that he would get a glimpse of some old lady's boobs.

anyways, tom was the best massage therapist i have ever had. he had an intuitive sense to his therapy that he knew where i was sore and exactly how to fix it. he even knew by touch what position i slept in. it was amazing, not full of oddness or insecurities, and i have already booked my next appointment.

two birds



  1. great inspiration, I love these outfit and style <3

  2. I made it this week (it was a fluke too)!
    Nora your scarf is gorgeous and both your jackets are fabulous. Great week guys x

  3. You both look gorgeous in your blazers! Megan, you're totally glam and Nora, I love the funky blazer and scarf combo! I'm glad the massage was a success :)

  4. You both look so good!
    I am loving that navy blazer with the gold trim - must. see. more!

    Kate xo

  5. Love both your jackets... got serious jacket envy now.
    The massage sounds amazing. I have a hot stone massage every once in a while with a teeny tiny girl called Anna. She looks as though she can barely reach the table but man does she pack a punch!

  6. Wow! I totally get self conscious too but I guess it wouldn't matter if the masseuse was blind. Sounds amazing, nothing like a good massage!

  7. You both look great! I love the blazer with skinny jeans combination. I also love massages, so neat to hear what your experience was like.

  8. Nora, your is my favorite. I love the blue jacket, and I like how you mixed it with the scarf. I am always self conscious as I know what you mean.

  9. I totally went to blind guy for a massage once too! It was a little weird at first for me too, but he was the best masseuse I'd ever had - and then he ended up having to leave his salon because of financial issues. I miss him, lol!

    I love both of your blazers! And I love Nora's scarf!

  10. Megan, I love those elbow patches, and Nora that blazer is gorgeous and fits perfectly! You both always look so cute.

    And I know exactly what you mean about massages. It's almost awkward enough that I avoid them, but once the massage starts I fall into a coma and nothing matters anymore.

  11. both look great! but loving the blazer with the elbow patches xo

  12. Sounds awesome! I had a massage this weekend too. Where did you go? When I was done, my hair looked totally redic... stupid oils. Glad you had a nice massage and you look really cute in my blazer :)

  13. I have never had a massage. Now I am def not having one unless he is blind. I am way too ticklish. You should see me during a pedi...its embarrassing. Good for you megan, what a great situation. You both inspire me to get dressed today. Both blazers are really cute. Megan those patches on the elbows and Nora that scarf color and draping....lovely. dawn suitcase vignettes

  14. I love both outfits! Megan, that blazer is so awesome and Nora, I absolutely love that scarf :) And I have never had a massage but mostly because I am ticklish. like super ticklish.

  15. Megan, the elbow patches on your blazer are so cute! Nora, I love the hounds tooth scarf!

    I've never had a massage before. I think I'd feel WAY too awkward!

    The Tiny Heart

  16. Oh my "massage" fun! As soon as you said he was blind I thought "she is going to end up loving his abilities and go back for more". ...hahaha, right!

    Did you see me? Have you seen my post? oMyGOSH!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Nora's scarf and Megan's shoes!!! Hey, neither one did a purse? hey!?

  17. UGH... I have serious issues wearing blazers... they are so cute, yet I always feel like I'm dressing up like my MOM! But you ladies look gorgeous.
    And that is a fantastic massage experience!

  18. I'm so glad you had a good massage! I had a bad one once and it's made me so thankful for the good ones I had after! Never had a blind guy, though! I can "see" (haha) how he would be more sensitive to your aches and sores!

  19. Yay! You noticed. You noticed I had on sequins! hahahahaha. I should give you a gift/prize or something!

  20. There is definitely something awkward about massages, but they are so awesome that it is worth dealing with some awkwardness!

  21. I love both of these outfits, Megan that jacket with the patches is so cute! Nora I just love your jacket too and your bracelet.. :) THAT story is pretty funny... ha-ha I would be so uncomfortable and feel awkward too!


  22. I totally like both of your blazers better than the inspiration photo. You girls look great!

  23. Love both your blazers! That's an interesting massage story! I've never thought about the possibility of a blind masseuse but I can imagine he would be better than a sighted person because he is more attuned to his sense of touch!

  24. I am jealous of all of this! I want a massage and both your blazers- stat!

  25. I've never been a fan of massages. Not sure why - I just can't fully relax during them. But I am a fan of both of your blazers.:) The elbow patches! The trim! What's not to love?

  26. first off, you both nailed this look. secondly I totally get the whole uncomfortable massage freak out moment. its nerve wrecking to be naked in front of someone you dont know and who is about to put their hands all over you. On the hand, man do massages feel good!

  27. Wow, you both have lovely blazers! The piping on your navy one is really striking Nora and the elbow patches are a favourite of mine Megan! I'm afraid I haven't joined in today, I wasn't at home last night so I forgot to check what the outfit was!x

  28. I always get embarassed with the massage thing too- naked on a bed! Plus, I can't cope with the hole in the table thing- it always makes me clench my jaw, can never get it right and I end up with it aching and I feel like I can't breathe all the way through! Terrible eh!

  29. i am coveting both of your blazers
    the arm patches are calling to me and i love the gold trim on the other blazer

  30. Nice outfits. Nora's blazer is amazing.

  31. I just got a massage today, too. I've had several over the past few years and only one that really rocked my world. I need to hunt that gal down again!

  32. i'm loving BOTH of these jackets ladies!!! hahahaha about the blind masseuse. too funny! i love massages. oh gosh, one time i had this lady and she was wayyyy to rough. you really appreciate the good ones when you go through stuff. glad yours went well though.

  33. Wow sounds like a great massage! And a blind, male masseuse has got to be a rarity! I'm the same, last time I got a massage it took me a good few minutes to get over how weird it was having someone else touch me. But worth it in the end :)

    Life etc

  34. such cute outfits!!! You look lovely gals! Would you maybe like to follow each other??
    xx from Vienna

  35. I definitely know what you mean about feeling awkward...sometimes I just can't get over that part so I'm not a huge fan of massages. Plus, I'm ticklish so that takes away the relaxing part too :) Tom sounds awesome though! And you can't go wrong with a blazer & skinny jeans - you both look fabulous!

    The Other Side of Gray

  36. Ooh I love this inspiration and I want to steal both of your jackets!!! AND YES I hate the massage flip!

    Pearls & Paws

  37. oh my gosh i was smiling and chuckling through that whole tom the massage therapist story. he-he! now onto the sharp dressed birds in blazer, scarves, and shoes i wish were mine outfits. sunshine smiles.

  38. I love getting a nice long massage! Its the best. It does always have an uncomfortable second or two but totally worth it lol.
    Anyway, I want to steal both your blazers!! Seriously they're both insanely adorable. I think I have a blazer obsession.

  39. The massage coupon was for Mother’s day, and you just used it recently? Well, at least, you were able to use it and I can very well say that you were satisfied about your first experience! Yeah, you really have to trust your therapist or else you wouldn’t enjoy fully the massage session. Relax, you are in good hands.

    -Gracie Dew

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