Friday, November 30, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): senior discount

sweater ~ Dots
jeans ~ Target
boots ~ vintage, thrited (covertly)
head scarf ~ vintage, thrifted
ring ~ F21

i went to Savers (a thrift store) on tuesday evening because i wanted to stock up on mitt
ens for the kids. they are always losing theirs at school, and instead of paying $20 for a new pair that i know they will probably lose, i spend $3 on a gently used pair (or two or three) so we have back-up. you can't not have back-up during a minnesota winter. but i digress...

i was at savers, looking at boots...because before i even get to the mittens section, i have to see if there are any vintage boots (there were). i was quietly browsing the boot section when an older woman came over to me and inquired about the exchange policy...
"do you know what their exchange policy is?"
"no, i'm sorry, i don't."
"well i do. and they won't give you have to buy an equal or larger amount than what you are exchanging. and i have $20 to exchange, but only $12 worth of merchandise to buy."
"oh that's too bad."
"so here's what i'm thinking. it's senior discount day, so why don't you shop for a bit and find what you're looking for, and you can pretend to be my granddaughter, and i will buy all of your items at a discount."

so off she sent me to shop a bit more. i browsed the shoe section, and happened upon these boots in the men's section. (it turns out i am a size 6 men's. holla!) i didn't want to keep her waiting too long, because normally i can wander that store for at least an hour, so i just grabbed what was in my cart, plus the cowboy boots, and she and i went to hide behind a rack to count money.

there we were, very bond-like, adding up my merch and figuring out the discount. cash exchanged hands and off we went to the register. she was so cute at the register, whispering to me like we were school girls breaking all the rules. she giggled a few times and sshh-ed me a few more. in the end, i got my $25 worth of stuff for $15 and she exchanged all of her items with no trouble.

of course i ruined the covert mission when she hugged me goodbye and i said, "it was nice to meet you".

i would be a horrible spy.

have a great weekend, everyone!!
megan bird

Thursday, November 29, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): grumpy

dress~ TJ Maxx
cardigan/boots~ Heartbreaker
scarf~ ???
leggings~ Target

i am having a really grumpy week. i can't shake it. i am sleepy and fighting off a cold. my house is a mess and i am overwhelmed thinking about cleaning. our dishwasher broke and needs to be replaced. and i hate (like, really hate) doing dishes. but i hate even more having dirty dishes sitting on my counter, so dishes must be done. and the worst thing...i've been having one of those moments where you compare yourself to everyone else and everyone else seems to have it all together and i seem to be such a mess. this is a really awful and completely unproductive way to treat yourself yourself, i know. and as teddy roosevelt said (and my friend, krista, often reminds me), "comparison is the thief of joy." so very true. and so, instead of complaining about my grumpy disposition, i will share a few things that are making me happy this week...
~ hearing my kids' laughter. ben has been super giggly lately. it is so sweet. and i made up this ridiculous song last night while getting mimi ready for bed that had her cracking up. she was laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her face. best ever.
~ watching my kids sleep. sounds creepy, i know. but seriously, no matter how bad a day was had, no matter how naughty or difficult your kids had been that day, that can all be erased by seeing those sweet, serene, sleepy faces. and hearing those cute little snores.
~ my husband. he works so hard all day to bring home the (fake) bacon (yum!)...and, no matter what kind of day he had, he always walks in with that gorgeous smile and a big bear hug for everyone. and he is always ready to play with the kids and give me a few minutes to myself. i love him so much.
~ emails from my sisters. they seriously having me laughing all day long. best friends ever.
~ the gym. nothing like a great yoga or cycle or zumba class to make you feel good!
~ the seven hours of straight sleep that ben allowed me on tuesday night. amazing.
~ maternity comfy pants. no, i am not pregnant again. they are just. so. comfy.
~ the regina spektor station on pandora. check it out. so good!
~ jim, again, for doing most of the dishes this week.
~ this blog. being able to write out my thoughts and stories and read all of your sweet comments really makes a girl's day. so, thank you!

there. i am feeling better already!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

inspiration picture for december 3: kate moss

the inspiration
this week's inspiration is the ever stylish kate moss in a gorgeous leopard print coat. i wish this coat were mine. i love leopard print. i don't think it will ever go out of style. and if it does, i don't care. i will still wear it! we hope you are as inspired by this simple yet bold look as we are! and we hope you play along on monday! don't know the rules? click here.

xoxo, two birds

love*birds: 11.28.12

things i am loving this week
~ quinoa. i have been making it almost every night this week. i feel like it's a carb that you don't have to feel guilty about because it's really a protein. (not that i ever feel guilty about carbs.)
~ clean rooms. as i type this, the kids' rooms are still clean!!
~ days off. i somehow forgot to use a bunch of my vacation time this year, so i am being "forced" to take a bunch of days off in december. i don't think i am working a full week the whole month!
~ cosmic reminders. i read a blog this morning that reminded me that we need to get our save the dates out soon. of course then i freaked out that we are getting married in seven months and i'm nowhere close to being ready!
~ i'm getting married in seven months!

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
crossbody satchel
seriously, this is like my dream bag. it's roomy and durable and cute and did i mention roomy?

kelsi dagger karson boots
i need a new pair of boots. (haha!) but really, one of my favorite pairs went kaput, and i saw these and fell in love. unfortunately, i don't buy new leather, so these will not be mine. don't think that i didn't think of a loophole (like have my sister buy them, wear them once and then give them to me).

polka dot dress
a peter pan collar and polka dots? yes please!! (now if i could just have those long legs, too!)

vintage rhinestone collar necklace
have i ever told you all how much i love rhinestone necklaces? especially blue rhinestone necklaces. especially especially blue collar rhinestone necklaces. (blue collar...haha.)

pink cape coat
i am so in love with this coat. the collar and color are gorgeous!

i love annie's (The Other Side of Gray) whole outfit in this post. i mean, it's floral mixed with fur mixed with booties. and she talks to her clothes, which i love!


i know i keep posting stuff that eva has written, but how could i not post this? for those of you who don't speak kindergartner, it says, "i love you with all my heart. love, eva." seriously, it brought tears to my eyes.

nora bird
vintage military coat

i was totally inspired by megan's post yesterday. so inspired that i have been using almost all my free time to search for a military style jacket. and i think i found the perfect one! and yes, i am inspired by my own blog, but only by megan's posts, so it's okay.

mini initial charm necklace

there was a period of time when i gave all my friends initial necklaces as gifts because i secretly really wanted one of my own. well, i never got one. but now i really want one with both my kids' initials on it. this charm one would be perfect! so in love.

sequin bow shirt

seriously, how cute is this? so cute! it is fun and festive and would be perfect for a night out, but i kind of feel like i could wear it with comfy pants around the house, too! is that weird?

kitchen print

i love this simple, fun print. it would be so adorable hanging in my kitchen!

vintage floral dress

love love love this. if it were mine, i seriously might wear it every day. which might make for a boring fashion blog...

jenn of The Suburb Experiment is one of the best dressed pregnant women i have ever seen. it almost makes me want to be pregnant again (no. no it doesn't. that was a lie.) but seriously, i love everything about this outfit...especially the bow she stole from her daughter! too cute!

jim's family is huge into making pie during the holidays. lots and lots of pie. and mimi made her first one this year, with the help of jim! it was a most adorable sight. and she had so much fun!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): deep cleaning

dress, jacket, belt ~ thrifted
tights ~ Kohls
boots ~ Urban Original
earrings ~ F21

we had a super lazy weekend last weekend. the kids wanted to go play in the kidzone at ikea on friday, but i hate going to ikea on any regular day, much less black friday. so instead, we stayed home, watched a movie, played jenga and ate a ton of food. saturday, we did more of the same. come sunday, we actually did go to ikea, but that was the extent of us getting out of the house. every once in a while, i give us license to be very lazy, and this weekend, we were...and i didn't feel guilty about it at all. until sunday evening. i started to feel really lazy and decided that i needed to deep clean at least part of the house. so i chose the bedrooms. unfortunately.

here's what i learned from deep cleaning all three of our rooms:

~ eva is a hoarder. seriously. she collects seashells, beads, old paper drawings, mint tins, shoe laces, pearls from broken necklaces, pretty rocks, and a lot more that i can't remember. if she thinks it's pretty, she saves it. she thinks that some day she will have the best and craftiest idea of what to do with said items. i threw most of it away, and she will probably never know. i saved some beads and seashells...maybe even a few stray pearls. everything else went in the garbage.
~ eva is sneaky and cleans her room by throwing everything under the bed. on the plus side, i found my winter boots that i have been searching for high and low. somehow they ended up in her room, and then of course, under her bed. also under the bed: colored pencils, more old paper drawings, a few candy wrappers from halloween, some doll clothes, and a lot of glitter. just random glitter.
~ henry has a lot of legos. we bought him a dresser just to store his toys, and one drawer is literally full of legos. and he also has one of those huge under-the-bed plastic bins that is also full of legos.
~ henry doesn't like to clean up all of his legos.
~ henry lost a lot of legos to the broom and garbage.
~ there was also a surprising amount of glitter under henry's bed, too. i'm starting to believe in the tooth fairy.
~ i have a lot of clothes. a lot. i got rid of almost two racks of clothing (nora and i are having a garage sale this weekend), and i still didn't make a dent in my closet.
~ see above, and replace "clothes" with shoes".
~ see above and replace "shoes" with "purses".
~ the glitter transcended to our room, too...which is odd because i lost all of my teeth as a child. maybe there is more than one fairy in our house. or maybe desi likes to have doggy glitter parties while we are at work. i wouldn't be surprised.

so our rooms are clean, like super clean. i even went through the kids' clothes and got rid of a ton of stuff. i am quite proud of myself and determined to make them keep them clean. i guess that means we have to keep our room clean, as well. we'll see how long that lasts...i mean, the five outfits i try on every morning before deciding on the right one don't always hang themselves back up.

megan bird

Monday, November 26, 2012

inspiration monday: holiday card, take two

the inspiration
mary kate olsen
megan bird

flannel ~ thrifted
leggings ~ TJ Maxx
booties ~ Target
earrings ~ F21
necklaces, vintage, thirifted and gift from sister

nora bird

plaid shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
blue shirt ~ F21
jeans ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Sam Edelman, gift
necklaces ~ assorted

we took our holiday card picture this weekend. we try every year, both on april fool's day and christmas, to make fun and original cards. and by every year, i mean the last two years. last year, we did a mad men sort of card (you can see it here) and the kids did funny pictures for april fool's day (you can see them here and here). anyways, this year, we tried to outdo last year's card. i don't think we did, but as soon as we send them out, i will post it here and you can all be the judge.

the point of my story isn't whether or not we outdid last year's card (we didn't), but to tell you how ridiculous i was while making this card. you see, on thursday morning, we knew it was going to be warm for most of the day, and then would get cold for the rest of the weekend year, so i wanted to get the card done on thursday. i got everyone dressed, all of our hair and makeup done, the whole shebang set up outside, and we snapped about 20 pictures. i could tell as we were taking the pictures that i wasn't going to love them, and i didn't. but, it was starting to get cold, and i chose the best of the 20 and sent it to my sisters for comments. my youngest sister emailed back and said, "bjorn (her husband) looked at the pic and said, 'daaaaammn, megan's got a booty!'" and i knew, that coming from him, that was a compliment, but by the time i read this, we were just coming off two thanksgiving dinners, and i wasn't feeling so great about my booty. so saturday morning, we braved the cold, redid all of our hair and makeup, i changed my outfit, and we took 20 more pictures. thankfully, i liked these ones a lot better, and i sent them off to target for printing. 

i know it sounds crazy, but sometimes i'm a bit crazy. i know i can't be the only one....right?


two birds

Friday, November 23, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): thankful and just plain full

shirt~ hand-me-down from megan
necklace~ gift
leggings~ F21, gift
booties~ Sam Edelman, gift
cuff~ gift
(can you tell i just had a birthday???)

if you follow me on instagram (@mrsbeyers), then you might know i had a rare date night with jim on tuesday. and this is what i wore. i am so glad i had outfit some photos saved up from before the thanksgiviing holiday because i am pretty sure none of my clothes fit me today! i. ate. so. much. yum! so it's comfy pants and a loose top for me today! all the better for stuffing my face with leftovers and lazing around the in-law's house. we will be back to our regularly scheduled program (and hopefully back into our skinny jeans) on monday! if you celebrated, i hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! and i hope you all have a happy friday!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, November 22, 2012


happy thanksgiving, everyone!! we are thankful to all of you for visiting our little corner of the web each day. we are thankful for the friendships that this blog has brought us, both in real life and online. we are thankful for getting to read your blogs everyday, getting little snippets into your lives, getting inspiration from you, and getting a smile or giggle from your posts. thanks for checking in with us each day, and enjoy your day. regardless of whether or not you are celebrating thanksgiving today, we bet there is at least one thing to be thankful for!

here are a few things we are thankful for!

xoxo, two birds