Thursday, October 11, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): foot in mouth

dress ~ H&M
sweatshirt, socks ~ Marshalls
boots ~ thrifted
tights ~ Target
earrings ~ Kohls
jacket ~ thrifted

chris works for a large company that does landscaping. in the summers, he is their irrigation specialist, and in the winters (when there is about a 0% chance of needing irrigation), he is their IT guy. ok, all year long he is their IT guy, but he focuses more on that in the winter. anyways, the fall is when everyone who has an irrigation system needs "irrigation winterization", which in the office, they call a "blow out". no, not a super cute hair style, rather they need to get the water blown out of the pipes so they don't freeze (or at least that's what i think it is). the definition isn't really relevant to the story, just need to know that it is called a blow out.

chris was working one day last week, and he happened to have a customer who is, let's just say, well endowed up top. when she opened her door, he looked at her, and in all a very professional manner, he said to her, "i'm here for your boob out."

oops. luckily, she either didn't catch it, or pretended not to. chris continued to do the blow out, and there was never again a mention of his gaffe.

customers gone wild!!
happy thursday!
megan bird


  1. Hahahahah oh noooo! That's just terrible. Good for him (and her!) for just going with it! Your outfit looks so cozy, I love that scarf!

  2. You look great! Blue is fabulous on you!

    xoxo dear

  3. This outfit is great but I must say......I adore the glasses, WANT them!!!!

    Don't you just hate those slips of the tongue. (when you do it, when someone else does it it's funny)

  4. that is SOOO funny. thank you for the laugh! and LOVE the layering!

  5. That is hilarious, and I am digging the scarf and tights!

  6. Ha! That is a funny slip of the tongue for sure. At least she didn't make it worse by saying anything else about it!

    Love all your layers, fall is the best time for layers!!

  7. Haha that is hilarious!! I love the color palette for your outfit, it's so pretty!

    The Tiny Heart
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  8. Hee hee! Cute story. Love the pretty minty pastels in your outfit.

  9. Love your outfit, love the story! LOL

  10. That's an amazing story, haha! I would have died laughing if I'd been there. Like how you layered so many brights together. It's working for ya!

  11. Oh my goodness, this story made me laugh out loud. (Good thing I'm not in a quiet classroom right now, haha!) I love this cute layered look!

  12. Hahaha that is so funny, I'm glad she didn't say anything otherwise it would have just been so much more awkward! You are SO cute in this outfit, love all the layers.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. That totally reminds me of a time where instead of answering a phone "thank you for calling tech support" I said "thank you for calling SEX support." Everyone around me cracked up, but the customer let it slide. :-)

  14. oh no, i bet he was completely embarrassed! i would have been turning so red. it is funny though. i like your layered outfit. it looks cozy and warm while being fun. :)

  15. Oooh, those tights are brilliant!!!! Poor Chris, I've have made it totally obvious by going luminous red!

  16. Ahhh! YOUR tights! YOUR socks! YOUR boots! SO cute cute cute! :)

    AND HAHA! Boob out, love it :) Funny story, probably good she didn't notice he said that though ;)


  17. This outfit is so cute. These pictures came out great! :)

    Ha-ha and that story. So funny! the funnier part was he told you bout it. True love right there! :)


  18. i am loving the way you wrapped your scarf!
    please come over and wrap mine for me :)

  19. Oh, wow. That story is awesome! And so is your outfit. I need to layer better.

  20. I was laughing and laughing and laughing about that gaffe!!!!! hilarious!!!!! Boob out -- haaaaaaaaa!
    (still giggling)

    Those colors of your layers are fierce! my gosh love, love, love them! Your style sense is wonderful.

  21. Baha love that! Like Austin Powers... mole. Mole. Mole. Moley... super cute tights with socks and boots!

    Pearls & Paws

  22. You look so cozy and warm without looking messy. I'm going to have to study your methods. Is the secret the skirt and leggings?

  23. Love this outfit! You are a master at layering!

  24. Hah! Embaressing stories like that are always the best. I took one of my little brothers school shopping this year and when we were at the mall, we walked by this super cute girl who had on an adorable outfit.
    Soon as she passed by my brother turned to me and very casually said, "She had nice boobs."
    Me: Huh....what?!
    Brother: I said she had nice boots. What did you think I said?

    My mind just goes to the worst places. I love your fall outfit, you do some awesome layering with those tights and the socks and boots! (I love tights, socks and boots, such a cute look.) I think I like how the whole look is color blocked best of all, the blues and the blacks are awesome. :)

  25. Hahah customers gone wild- his company should make a video and use it for fundraising! LOVE the layering and the pastels, very very pretty!

  26. I always know I'll be entertained when I stop by your blog.:)

    By the way, these are some of the best pictures you have ever posted here! Love.

  27. Megan...Nooooo! He didn't!!??? That is so funny! Love the glasses on you! You look are smart so you look even smarter. Love the fun! Have a great weekend. dawn suitcase vignettes xo