Tuesday, October 16, 2012

megan's bird house: part two

if you saw part one of my house tour last week, you will know that i have very eclectic taste. i don't know that there is just one way to describe my particular decorating style. all i know is that i happen to love it, which i guess is most important, seeing as i live here!! anyhow, you already saw the main floor of our house, so here is the second story...aka the bedrooms. if i were on mtv cribs, i would say, "this is where the magic happens..." but i'm not, so i won't!

ok, this isn't where the magic happens...this is where other stuff that we don't talk about happens. i also call this the room where you have no privacy. a closed door means nothing to a child. also, we really don't charge people 5¢ to use the bathroom. this sign was from years ago....we charge 15¢ now. duh.

this little number is right outside our bathroom. we have limited closet/drawer space in our house – and clearly i needed a spot to showcase my "save a buck" bank – so i bought this shelf. it houses toiletries such as q-tips and cotton balls, towels, my huge collection of perfumes, and lipstick. it also houses the "world's best mom" and "world's best dad" statues. true story.

some more hallway shots...also known as my etsy showcase. both the pictures and the clock were gifts for chris. the two little dishes on each side of the clock are penny dishes for the kids. we do drugstore parenting...if you're bad, we take a penny. if you're good, you get a penny.

this is our dear henry's room. chris thinks it's too girly, i think it's just right. it has two globes, a vintage quilt, a giant map of the world, and various paintings by my dad (see the tree above his bed...yep, my dad painted that). not seen in these pictures: the thousands of legos that i am constantly stepping on. torture, i tell you.

this is sweet eva's room. on the bed is her beloved monkey named candy cane, and on the radiator is her favorite little bust. it's her favorite because she uses it to slam against the door when she's mad at us. remember yesterday when i said i try not to yell? sometimes that's hard...

so this is where the magic happens. and by magic, i mean a lot of 3 am law & order viewings, and many nights of falling asleep watching the voice. magical. (here is the diy post on how i made the headboard)

our bedroom has four windows...and minneapolis houses are about eight feet apart. mostly we keep the shades clothes.

here's a little close-up of my "side table": the requisite "m", a bowl full of floss and nail clippers, my favorite pic of the kids, and a little statue that i think looks like them.

and that's about it. our second floor. we love it up here – it's the reason we bought this house...so we could all sleep on the same floor. good idea? most days.

have a great day!
megan bird

ps. today i linked up with thrifty decor chick for her "show us your bedroom" edition!


  1. You can so many cool things in your house! I love the newspaper frames and the suitcases!

  2. Ummm... Very cool, but is it bad that I was totally hoping to see pictures of your closet(s)? You know, just enough to totally get the envy flowing. :)

  3. Your home is lovely. I especially like your suitcase side table.

  4. Your home is so FUN! Bright, airy, colourful....just like you! Btw, I posted a couple of recipes for you.

  5. The suitcases are my favorite, they are just too cute. I just love your house Miss Megan!!

  6. Awwww lovely pictures, your home is really pretty!


  7. Awesome, I didn't see the second floor of your house (except the bathroom and I TOTALLY didn't pay to use it!) You do have the most charming house!

  8. I LOVE the suitcases side table, so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Love the sign 5cents!! If I remember correctly from stories from people at work some places in Europe and Asia still do that for public bathrooms, I actually saw one in Maine... bonkers I tell you. Bonkers. Love your kids rooms! AND that "side table" is awesome!


  10. Love all the details! Your bedside table out of suitcases is awesome!

  11. SOOOO much to love :) I love the globe and the world map and I remember that sign freaked me out in the bathroom when I had to use it at the meet up LOL I didn't have any change with me ;)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  12. son2 has that same map on his bedroom wall with pins stuck in every place he has traveled

  13. Love the prints in the teal frames. So fun!

    The Glossy Life

  14. the bedrooms are adorable! your dad is quite the tree painter. :) the statue by the bed really does look like your children in the photo beside it.

  15. Your kids' rooms are so sweet, and I like the wall decor.

  16. I love it! So many adorable details. And how cute are the kid's rooms!

  17. I really like your decorating style. I like unusual pieces that you don't see everywhere. It makes things interesting :) Love your toilet sign!

  18. Your place is so cute! I love your decorating style, definitely eclectic and vintage which I am obsessed with :) I literally laughed out loud at 'we charge 15cents now, duh'.

  19. Dying over your bedside vignette! TOO CUTE! Love that shelf outside the bathroom too!

  20. Oh my gosh, I want to live in Henry's room! It looks like someplace I could definitely hang out in!

  21. What a beautiful space! I can't help but love the stacked vintage suitcases as a side table! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace