Tuesday, October 9, 2012

megan's bird house: part one

i have mentioned before on the blog that one thing that i really (really) (just ask chris) love doing is decorating our house. or anyone's house for that matter. i love looking at other people's houses, even if the only legal way of doing that is via home decor blogs and better homes and gardens magazines. ok, maybe i have driven around the lakes peeking in people's windows at night. don't get the wrong idea – i stay in my car...it's not like i'm outside their window in a hamburglar outfit or anything. but if you're going to leave your curtains open at night, and i'm driving by, i'm gonna look in your windows. sorry. 

i do decorate my house all the time. i get in these moods...moods where i feel the need to overhaul the whole house. and pretty much everything in my house is thrifted, so i don't feel too bad about redecorating (and redecorating) (and redecorating) all the time. for now, though, i am pretty happy with how it all looks. ask me again in a few months. or better yet, i might have all new pictures for you. in the meantime, i decided to snap a few pics to share while my house was clean. i took a ton, so i'm just going to stick with the main floor for today. stay tuned for the second floor next week!

this is our living room (as seen from the landing of the stairs leading upstairs). everything in this picture, aside from the striped rug, the ikea pillow on the right chair, and mirror (behind the suitcases) is thrifted. the books in the fireplace are my mom's childhood books. they consist mostly of nancy drew and hardy boys. i can't wait for my kids to read them when they get a bit older.

i know that looks like dust in the tile, but it's just the way the sun is hitting it. next week it will be dust.

i have a small collection of suitcases. i love them. the bottom two i got for $1 each at a garage sale held by two 80+ year old men. there is a sticker on one that says, "thank you for not smoking". i decided to leave it on. there are also a ton of anti-smoking pins inside one, along with a travel tag with (what i'm assuming is) one of the man's wife's name and address. the top one i got in my neighbor's alley. there were three total (the other two are in our bedroom) with a huge sign that said, "free", so why wouldn't i take them?

i think one of the best ways to decorate a room is with a cozy blanket. along with the suitcases, i have a huge collection of vintage blankets and afghans.

you can't go wrong with a horse tray on a table, right?

we have more throw pillows in our house than a pottery barn. seriously...i have to stop myself from buying more. these are two of my favorites. to be fair, i have about 15 favorites.

i love our mantle. you are starting to see a trend, i bet – i like to collect things – suitcases, blankets, milk glass (and as you might already know, or as you will see soon, globes). i painted these silhouettes of our family (including desi) on the wall myself. i took pictures of the kids and chris when they were sleeping one day and worked from there. my own was the hardest, but i think it's a pretty good rendition.

one of my favorite things about our house is the built-in nooks. if not for the nooks, where would i put my kitschy collection of woodland animals, radios and sequined squirrels? and can you see the cutest picture of henry and eva holding hands in the woods?

as the alphabet blocks say, this is the top of our bar. i like to say this represents us pretty well...because we like to party and we are pretty worldly. ok, maybe we just like to party.

this is our entryway, aka a place to hang some of my favorite art pieces, including bucky. i have always wanted a deer head, but never wanted a real one. so when i saw him at a garage sale, i had to have him!

this is a corner in our living room. oddly enough, no one ever sits on this chair (except desi when we're not home). but, i figure people have to have a place to throw their jacket when we have a party, right? (plus the chair was only $5.)

this is our sun room. see all the pillows? i wasn't lying when i told you we had a lot. this is where we have family movie night and watch american idol with the family. it's also where i take naps when i have the time! and that "bear skin" rug is desi's favorite place to lay.

this is where i write most of my blog posts! it's a corner in our dining room. see the aforementioned globes? yep...i told you so. oh, and a blanket and a throw pillow. they are all over. i'm not ashamed. also, the farm aid is one of my favorite pictures. chris' mom gave that to him for christmas one year. we have seen willie nelson live countless times, but never at farm aid. how cool would that be?

chris actually found this dining room table. it's a depression era library table. he drove by a garage sale one day, saw it and immediately called me. the woman told me to make an offer, which i'm horrible at (i don't want to insult anyone with a too-low offer) (i'm great at counter offering once i know what they want). so i offered $100 (way too low) and she said yes. we were happy!! the chairs and rug were also thrifted ($20 for all the chairs and $5 for the rug).

this is a frame from target that i filled with fabric. the rosemary i just brought in from outside, and i'm waiting to see how long it lasts. i'm that weird lady who touches it all the time and then smells my hands. rosemary is one of my favorite smells.

this is one of my favorite walls. i have done and redone this dining room wall so many times. i never truly loved it until now. my embroidery ring hoarding has paid off!!

these are our "eating" themed pictures in the kitchen. the eat at home one is actually a vintage flour sack that i framed. the eat real food glitter picture we won at an auction for our kids' school. we had a few drinks and spent a ton of money that night!

and this is the other side of the kitchen nook. chris built the storage benches, where we keep our recycling (and a lot of other crap that we don't know what to do with). i bought that awesome historical map for $4 at a garage sale.

so there you have it. our main floor. it's not always this clean. in fact, it's rarely this clean. and when it is, it literally only lasts a few hours. but that's ok with me. that means we're having a good time!!

happy tuesday!!
megan bird


  1. Yup cutest house ever... and I can say that since I've been there :)


  2. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! Hahah I also love the idea of you in a Hamburglar suit creeping on other people's houses, not that you need to because your decor rocks and I love all your little thrifty touches! Definitely can't wait to start decorating me and Ian's new place in a month!

  3. i want to hang out in your house! i love all your things! especially those suitcases - and what a great deal you found them for!

  4. i love this! the couch reminds me of my granny, which is so sweet! and the books in the fireplace!! i'm dying!! love it.

  5. I totally look in people's windows when I'm driving at night!! It's so fun to see how other people have decorated.

    I love love love your living room furniture (the couch is to die for), the repurposed fireplace, and the deer hanging on your wall.

    Thanks for the peek into your home! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us! I love the suitcases and the silhouettes of the whole family are so cute.

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  7. Your home should be featured in a magazine for truly unique style. I have never pictured where you blog from...what an amazing space...mag. worthy for sure. That pink desk and globes make for a picture perfect cozy nook. Love it all, shoot, you've inspired my decor many times and I thank you. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  8. Your house is totally cute and SO you! Love all the bright, cheery colours and that pink desk rocks!

  9. I love your house - it's adorable and everything I wish my house was! I should seriously hire you to decorate my house!

  10. OK, I think we have the same rug and I ALSO drive around at night creeping on other people's houses. I think if we lived even remotely close to each other we'd have to hang out.

    You've done a beautiful job decorating!

  11. I'm so glad you did this! Your house was so insanely charming in person, I couldn't believe you'd never featured it on the blog before! I'm constantly changing around my little condo but I can't wait to get a bigger house and have room to put out all my collections of vintage crap!

  12. I ABSOLUTELY love your decor :) I know I mentioned that at the meet up but it is SO amazing :) So glad you shared the photos! Now I will always have inspiration :) I am the same way with decor though, I go to Home Goods or Goodwill or Craigslist and find new ways to redo the place! Not anywhere close to as amazing as this!

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  13. Megan you did so good at decorating your house! I am pretty much IN love with that chair (aka coat rack ;)) I cant believe you snagged that for 5 bucks!!! I love all your carpets too!


  14. There is so much about this that I want to say and simply don't have the space. Just know that if several of these items go missing when you host a future MN blogger get together, it may or may not be helpful to look my way to place some blame.

    By the way, I thought of you the other day - I found these awesome globe decorative balls on super clearance and bought a bunch. If I could figure out a way to package it up, I'd mail one your way:)

  15. You have the cutest house! I am just in love with your hardwood floors and I really like how you turned the old fireplace into a bookshelf, that's so clever and creative.

    I've been working on redecorated our home and now you've given me so great ideas, I love your embroidery rings and how you used them with fabric as decorations. (Hahah and I can always find tons of those at the thrift store of garage sales.)

  16. I love the books inside the fireplace - genius idea!! Everything looks so cozy and that desk is fab!!

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  17. very nicely done! I am your newest follower.


  18. intrigued by your decorating style! you really do have a knack. completely clever ideas that are unique, & look great. your mom's childhood books in the fire place is a treasure. i like how you incorporated the personal silhouettes too. also i dig the patterned pillows on the patterned couch.

  19. You have the most quirky, kitschy, fun, amazing, totally incredible sense of decorating...really fun to see what your house looks like, and I've fallen in love!

    <3 Cambria

  20. Wow! You have such cool, interesting style! Love all the colorful and quirky vintage elements. I'm actually posting about my living room tomorrow - Haha! I'll be sure to give you a shoutout so readers can see your great style too!

  21. LOVE your house - the books in the fireplace is so perfect!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  22. Your home is so adorable! I just want to curl up in one of your chairs with a book and a cup of hot coffee or tea! Oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog- it was a while ago, but I've been busy! -Jessica L


  23. Oh, and I just have to add, that I am completely enamored with that pink desk! Oh, how I would enjoy blogging even more if I had a pink desk like that! -Jessica L


  24. I love your decorating taste! The pink desk and the fireplace full of books are my favorite things :)


  25. Oh my gosh, when I saw the first photo, I thought it was a dollhouse picture because it's so adorable! The pink desk and the sunroom photo look like dollhouse rooms to me too! (This is a serious compliment.)

  26. Aw I love all your knickknacks! The globe collection and old suitcases are awesome. I'm also kind of in love with the silhouette pictures of your family. I definitely want to do that someday in the future when I have a family of my own!

  27. You are amazing at decorating! I just love EVERYTHING. Seriously. I can't even pick a couple things to gush over, I love it all! Your house is just gorgeous!


  28. Interesting place to keep books! I never thought of that!

  29. Wow, your home is fantastic! I adore it, it's so quirky! I'd love to explore it (vlog, vlog, vlog!!!!!) love the squirrel pillow and the globes are fab (is that one on the floor secretly a drinks cabinet? Even though I don't drink, I always wanted one of those!)! Thanks for sharing!

  30. The husband and I are totally stealing the books in the fireplace idea.

  31. Amazing! You've collected so many cool things!

  32. your home is beautiful! its got so many wonderful things i love all round! I can see its totally a reflection of you and thats so great! Thank you for showing us round, i too love looking in peoples houses, just consider me as your nosey neighbour from afar!ha xxx