Wednesday, October 31, 2012

love*birds: 10.31.12

things i am loving this week:
~ it's halloween!! who doesn't love happy kids, fun costumes, and an excuse to eat candy all day? happy halloween, everyone!!
~ it's warm(ish). it's always a bummer when it snows on halloween, or when it's below 0. a princess or a power ranger just don't look quite as good with a down coat!
~ my little sister colored my hair. i haven't had time to see the full effect of the color yet, but i know i'm not gray anymore.
~ girls' weekend is this weekend. we have apparently started an annual "thunder from down under" tradition. the only difference this year is that we got "VIP" seating. oy!
~ did i mention it's halloween? did i mention you can recklessly eat candy all day? did i mention i found a recipe for homemade butterfingers? my.favorite. i will share that with you soon!

and here are a few other things we are loving today.

megan bird

vintage mint slouch shrug
i have no other words for this shrug other than amazing. ok maybe a few, i want it, i love it, i might need to have it. it's unique and beautiful, and one-of-a-kind!

long tan vest
can we talk about this vest? can we actually talk about this whole outfit? and while we're at it, can we talk about everything else in her shop? i'm in love!

vintage peter pan collar blouse
i not only love the color of this blouse, but i absolutely love the fact that there is not just one, but two peter pan collars. who knew you could have two??

uggs celestina
i didn't know i needed these shoes until i saw them. now it is my mission to make them my own.

vintage maxi dress/nightgown
i know this is a nightgown, but i think it pulls off pretty well as a dress. i love the color and the shoulder detailing. and bonus, everything is 30% off today!

i love leah's perfectly simple and beautiful hepburn-ish outfit in this post. it's chic and simple, and if i thought i could pull off a leotard and rust colored cigarette pants, i'd be wearing this outfit in an instant! check out her blog, We Live Upstairs, for more great outfits!!


flying princess kitty (@meglets)
i let the kids pick out a costume for another party i went to last week. they decided to choose a flying princess kitty, because, why not?? of course, we happened to have everything in the house to make the costume!

nora bird

i love pieces that are cozy and warm but still super chic. and this is all of that. i love it and i want to wear it all winter long.

i have never seen a pair of boots like these. they have cutouts and gold inlay, for goodness sake! i think i am in love.

i love how simple and dainty this necklace is. such a pretty piece. i would wear this a lot!

i love a good pom pom hat. and this adorable and super warm-looking hat is topped with quite the pom pom. how fun!

this is such a fun and unique sweater. perfect for adding a bit of quirkiness to my winter wardrobe!

i am just loving this bright, fun outfit that catherine of not dressed as a lamb is wearing in this post. each piece is so unique and fun...and when all put together it makes such a great ensemble. i am especially digging the boots and gorgeous blue hat!

these pictures of mimi crack me up because they were taken within approximately three seconds of one another. mad one second, happy the next. the moods of a two-year-old!

have a fabulous halloween, everyone. eat as much candy as you want...guilt free!
two birds


  1. Haha... two year old moods :) OH YES :) Not that I know for sure, but I've heard stories... what a cutie! And LOVED your costume Megan :)

  2. You have found many things I'm drooling over once again!!

    I still love your costume Megan! And the many moods of Mimi crack me up!

    Happy Halloween Birdies!

  3. Those are Uggs????? I cant believe it! They are gorgeous :)

    Nora- That scottie dog sweater made me want my boobs to instantly shrink lol. My chest would make that poor scottie a wiener dog smh

    Hey Mimi! Kids are nuts lol

  4. I love Halloween, but I'm dreading November 1, since that means everyone will bring their leftover candy to work.

  5. Great flying princess outfit and I love those Uggs!

  6. Gold inlay boots? What's not to love? Yes please!
    I've spent all of Halloween in bed with a bug. No goodies for me today but I will more than make up for it when I'm feeling better !

  7. that last picture is too funny. i remember enjoying it when you posted it on instagram! love the cream sweater and i'd wear that nightgown as a dress for sure!

  8. happy halloween dolls! you look so cute! wearing a coat over a costume does put a damper on everything. but you have to do what you have to do! love that shrug and maxi gown/dress. it would definitely work as a dress! nice things! enjoy the holiday.

  9. This is probably one of my favorite posts you girls do. I love everything! I am excited its Halloween as well! NORMALLY I am more excited... idk what it is about this year, I barley decorated! :(


  10. I am looking forward to the candy eating too. I've actually stashed some of the reese's pieces in a drawer to eat by myself later. :)

  11. The flying kitty princess is perfection. And I need that Scottie dog vest.:)

  12. scotty dog sweater!!! so cute! and i loveee those heels so much. and i love that halloween isn't too cold there - i hateee when halloween is a freezing cold day

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  13. Flying kitty princesses rock! Love the pics of Mimi; I remember the sudden mood swings and she has the perfect wee face to express them.

    All of your picks are super but I'm lusting after that shrug...

  14. Haha, hilarious costume Megan! I think I'd like that tan vest as well and that crocheted dresss! Poor Mimi- she looks so miserable in that one!!!;-)

  15. I love that orange maxi dress. The many moods of mimi just cracks me up! She's a cutie even when she's not smiling! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. Thanks so much for featuring me, girls! That's so sweet of you!
    xo, Leah

  17. There is no such thing as eating candy guilt free. You are the devil!!!!

    Candy is for children and people with fast metabolisms. Candy is not for anyone else. ok?