Wednesday, October 24, 2012

love*birds: 10.24.12

things i am loving this week:
~ both of my kids had to get shots this week (which i do not love...shots are almost harder for the mama) and they were both so brave! mimi didn't even shed one tear (which may have had to do with the fact that she was promised a princess sticker, a dora sticker, and a cool band aid). and baby ben smiled at the nurse as she was giving him his first shot, then cried for about ten seconds during the second before he was back to his usual smiley self.
~ we have had a bit of a heat wave here the past few days, which is super great because it is supposed to start getting really cold this weekend.
~ clothing swaps. erin hosted one on sunday and i walked away with some really great items. plus, i got rid of a big pile of my own stuff that hadn't been worn in a while, which is always nice.
~ halloween costumes. megan, chris, jim, and i have been busy getting ours ready for this weekend. it is going to be so awesome! (look for a post on that next week! and if you'd like to see previous year's costumes, click here and here.)

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
vintage cape

with the impending cold weather, i have been searching for some cool items to keep me warm. it doesn't get much cooler than this vintage, hooded cape with faux fur trim. gorgeous!

knuckle ring

i have never seen anything like this ring. it is most certainly a statement piece!

vintage frye boots

i am the last person in the world that needs another pair of riding, campus, or cowboy boots. i have entirely too many pairs as it is. but these are pretty amazing. and my size. just saying...

 black collar necklace

i am a sucker for a collar necklace. and this one is no exception. the vintage beads are so pretty!

vintage gingham bell bottoms

oh. my. gosh. i love these. that is all.

cate of Wild Ruffle is rocking the preppy look in this post. she is preppy without looking too buttoned up and while still retaining her signature style! super cute!


mimi was a part of a halloween photo shoot this weekend, shot by our friend chey (check our her website here). it was so much fun and i am excited to see the photos!

megan bird
mint blue geometric necklace
i love the shape and color of this necklace. i also love that it's made of wood and not metal. it's so pretty!!

southwest blazer
after monday's post, i decided that i really want an ikat/southwestern style blazer. this one has the perfect fall colors and three-quarter length sleeves.

vintage black and white maxi dress
i have honestly been searching and searching for a long sleeved maxi dress to buy. they are nowhere, unless you like yards and yards of vintage polyester! i like how she took this 80s dress and belted it for a more modern look. maybe that's what i need to start searching for. or maybe we need to demand more long sleeved maxi dresses. who's with me???

faux fur cuffed bootie
and wouldn't these be so cute with the striped maxi dress???

loving you card
for some reason, instead of saying "i love you" to each other, chris and mostly just say "loving you", so clearly i have a soft spot for this simple and darling card.

sara of Sideburns & Bangs is always adorable and funny and quirky in the best possible way...and now she is adorable and funny and quirky with a brand new haircut. and i don't think she could be any cuter.

loving you
chris and i caught ourselves in a moment of laughter and smiles...this might be one of my favorite pictures of the two of us.

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. great line up girlie! love that vintage cape :)


  2. great picks! love Lil Riding hood :) and that knuckle ring but i feel like i would get caught on everything LOL xo

  3. can't wait to see your halloween costumes!! and I love those black booties!

  4. Wow - this is a great list! I love so many items you shared. And I had a swap last night - so much fun!!

  5. And how did I scroll through without realizing you had featured my post from yesterday?! Thanks ladies!!

  6. Ooh Nora, those gingham pants - I'll fight you for them. They are SO cute!! I was sad to miss Erin's swap, but I had a fun time on a boat ride on Sunday afternoon, such a beautiful day!

    Megan I love the blazer! I know I want one in a fun pattern now after this past Monday too!

  7. That picture of you and Chris is SO cute and happy! Frame it! I love hearing what phrases and terms of endearment couples use with each other, 'loving you' is so cute... Kev and I always just say 'loves' when we're leaving the house or hanging up the phone.

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. Your have a great blog. This week I am in love with my new sheets :) Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  9. haha! so glad everyone got through their shots :) these items are lovely. there's so many things I want. red coat, new handbag etc! i just make a list and hope money falls from the sky! HAHAHAHA

  10. Great post! I love all your fabulous finds:) Thank you so much for the feature!!!!

  11. UHHH LOVE that knuckle ring! And hello amazing blazer! Great picks :) AND MEGAN I LOVE THIS PIC OF YOU AND CHRIS! So freakin' adorable you two are :)

  12. I think you should get the Frye boots anyway...they're gorgeous! I can't wait to see all the Halloween costumes!

    The Tiny Heart

  13. Good for your babies! GBear looks fearful if we so much as MENTION a doctor's appointment and implores "Will I get a shot?!?!"

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one fighting the urge to get more boots I don't need. I was THISCLOSE to picking up another pair last night, but I did restrain myself. Being a responsible adult sucks.

  14. Nora that Instagram photo is SO adorable!! :) And Megan I love that photo too!! So cute!!


  15. Oooh, that cape......!!!!!!
    Mimi is adorable! What great pics of her! Loving the picture of Megan and Chris, you can tell you're in love (loving!)x

  16. Great picks! Love the cape and the maxi dress! (Not to mention Miss Little Red Riding adorable! And the love birds!)

    You're right, shots are harder on the parents. Well, most of the time. Be glad you don't have a fainter, catching them is hard on the back.....yes, the kidling was a fainter. Still is, poor thing.

  17. congrats about mimi! i mean the photo shoot NOT the shots. :P i'll take the southwest/boho outfit please. i can't wait to see what you'll be for halloween. how will you top abba & kiss?