Monday, October 1, 2012

is it bad?: messes, races, and weddings

leggings, tank, vest ~ Kohls
boots ~ thrifted
cardigan ~ J. Crew, thrifted
earrings ~ hand-me-down

~ is it bad that when i set out to clean my house, i end up fixating on decorating and organizing, and my house ends up dirtier than it was to begin with?
~ is it bad that i cry at almost literally everything on tv, including most sitcoms? this, however, is a real tear jerker.
~ is it bad that my kids made me breakfast in bed, part of which included a i let them also have brownies for breakfast?
~ is it bad that i am thinking about making soft pretzels for dinner?
~ is it bad that i am thinking of running the monster dash 10 mile without training?
~ is it bad that i am running it with friends who have trained?
~ is it bad that i haven't done anything for the wedding recently?
~ is it bad that my basement is full of wedding stuff? (literally full)
~ is it bad that i have no idea what we will do with it all after the wedding?
~ is it bad that i want to keep it all?
have a not bad day!!
megan bird


  1. Girl, brownies in bed aren't bad! That's the life! :)

  2. do it even though you didn't train! I'm sure you'll do great! I cry all the time at shows! and I want that vest! Is it new?

  3. Ha! The cleaning thing is me too! Love this outfit! Everything about it!

  4. I'll run the Monster Dash with you!!!!!! If my injury from the last race heals by then... I tried running last night and only made it a half mile before giving up in pain.

    Also, your extreme empathy is one of the most endearing things about you! Keep on crying with your bad self.

  5. I LOVE that Google Chrome commercial!

    I still have all my wedding stuff in boxes..I can't bring myself to sell it or throw it out!

    The Tiny Heart
    Chicnova Giveaway!

  6. Crying is good for the soul, it cleanses it! So there is nothing wrong with that! And good for you on the Monster Dash - having never done more than one mile at a time I know I couldn't handle it! But I know you'll do great!

    LOVE that vest. Second fur vest I've seen today and I'm officially coveting one.

  7. Brownies can be eaten at any time of day. At least that's what I tell myself. I LOVE your furry vest!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Sometimes you have to eat brownies for breakfast.

    Love those boots!

  9. Love the stripes/fuzzy/boots combo - you look so warm and fall-ish! I eat soft pretzels for dinner whenever I make them - they're so good!

  10. Brownies for breakfast and pretzels for dinner sound like winners to me! I love the layering in your look today! Great for fall! Also, I had wedding crap EVERYWHERE for months leading up to my wedding day. You will end up keeping most of it. Whether you want it or not. Trust.

  11. I'm not a chocolate girl, so I'd skip the brownie. But I'd be all over that pretzel for dinner - yum!

  12. What brand are those boots! I want a pair in that color and just can't find the right ones!! Love them!

    1. these boots are old and thrifted. they are 9 west.

  13. no, none of it's bad! it's human and real. rock on megan bird.

  14. Megan, your awesome! None of this is bad! :) Your wedding is going to be kick ass as well, and I love the good man project? Do you read that alot? I want to try to start reading all of it. OH and love our outfit, those boots and coat are awesome!


  15. First of all, this outfit, too freaking cute. I so just want to be able to look so effortlessly cool. Also, pretty sure none of this is bad, in fact, I think it's just all normal, or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself?

  16. I had popcorn for dinner last night and I'm having soft pretzels for dinner tonight because I have to make them for a taste test :)

  17. HAHA I have the same issue when I try to clean... then I end up trying to put stuff away in storage and end up with this large mess! Too funny!

    Also, it is okay that your basement is full of wedding stuff :) It is only expected!

    Love your vest and thrifted cardi... what a find!

  18. LOVE stripes, LOVE that vest and your boots - such a classic staple!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  19. That vest is so beautiful and looks really warm too! Great look ^^


  20. I absolutely love you in glasses! your cardigan and fur vest are awesome too. Very fall! And I totally do the same thing everytime I think im going to clean. Its a bad spiral!


  21. Love the mix of textures and colour, the fur vest, stripes and camel boots, a winner!

  22. This fur vest is fantastic...and good for the cooler weather we've been having lately :)

    <3 Cambria

  23. hi! no none of those things were bad but your outfit is spot on gorgeous! i love it!!! sharp blog hop button ya got there. hahahaha.

  24. Love these posts, so cute and funny. And you look so cute! Your fur vest is amazing!

  25. oh my, i love this furry vest! i have an obsession with furry vests myself. i was cleaning through my closet and discovered i have 6 i think. and i seriously didn't wanna get rid of any of them!!!

  26. None of those things are bad. Especially brownies for breakfast! YUM!! Love your boots!

  27. Oh Megan, good luck with that run! You're brave!