Wednesday, October 24, 2012

inspiration picture for october 29: ashley madekwe

the inspiration
ashley madekwe
once again, we have picked an inspiration from an actress that i don't know. that is getting more common as i get older. i'm turning into that lady. "kids these days, i don't even know who half of them are." "you call that music?" "back when i was a kid, a loaf of bread only cost $.75!" ok, those last two aren't true. well, maybe i have made a comment about certain "music" these days...but i never bought bread as a kid, so i have no idea how much it cost.

anyways, ashley madekwe (from Revenge) is rocking a few trends here that we have the urge to try: peplum (don't own any), sparkles (own a lot) and skinny jeans (is there even any other kind of jean?)...we hope you'll play along with us, too!! don't know how to play? click here and then check back on monday to see how everyone wears their inspired outfit!

two birds


  1. I love peplums! Ashley looks amazing!


  2. Im loving peplum and jeans too!!

    xo Rach

  3. Hee hee. Turning in to that lady! You made lol! She is British and is currently in "Revenge" a surprisingly entertaining show.

    Ali of:

  4. i found the inspiration, i swear i always miss it! And i would have no idea how to style this into ANYTHING in my closet. i dont wear pants, let alone own jeans right now! But i do love thissss

    <3 katherine
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  5. This will be a fun one to see. I still get a thrill when I see your new official buttons, esp, the inspiration monday one. I told my daughter,who is more your age that I did that and she was IMPRESSED!

  6. Can't wait to see this one in action - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. i am with you on owning the sparkles and skinnies
    the peplum...not so much

  8. Oooo, this is going to be so fun! I like the look of peplums but wouldn't dare wear one.....I'd look like a beachball with an umbrella ruffle!

  9. have you heard of the show "all on the line with joe zee?" he's the creative fashion director for ELLE magazine. in the newest episode, that was on monday, the featured fashion designer created an outfit for ashley.

  10. I just started watching revenge! So I got super excited when I recognized who the actress was lol Love sparkly fashion!

  11. I have no idea who she is but I love her peplum top!


  12. Oooh cute! I am definitely obsessed with the peplum lately. I wish I were on top of things enough to participate haha, maybe one day!!!

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  13. peplum is love. One of the most chic trends

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  14. I'm turning into that lady too. Every time I see Jaime Chung (I think that's her name) in People Style Watch, I yell at my sister "Who is Jaime Chung!!!" She doesn't know either.

  15. I'm in. I have no peplum shirt though. I do have a peplum skirt. We'll see. Can't seem to find the right peplum shirt. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  16. I really like "Revenge"! When I first started watching, I was like..."Doesn't she have a fashion blog?!" It was kinda funny, because she does. I think it's called Ring My Bell. :)