Wednesday, October 31, 2012

inspiration picture for november 5: lauren conrad

the inspiration
lauren conrad
i will admit, this week is a completely selfish pick. normally, we try to go with outfits that make us really step out of the box and come up with innovative ways to wear what's in our closets. this week, not so much. it's chilly and my muscles are starting to get a little achey. my head is hurting a little and all i want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. since i can't do that, i opted for the 'up and at 'em' equivalent of snuggling in bed...the big sweater/leggings/boots/scarf look. seriously, i feel a little less achey and a little more awake just thinking about wearing this outfit.

we hope it has the same affect on you. if you want to play along next monday, check out the rules here. and then pop back next week to see how everyone else styled this cozy fall outfit!

in the meantime, snuggle up in bed as much as you can!

two birds



  1. ha! girl, the big sweater/leggings/boots/scarf look IS my "dressed up". i love lauren conrad. so sweet, but always put together, even when "bumming". i too have the "funk". been living off advil cold & sinus. {and cherry coke zero - NOT healthy} ... feel better soon!

  2. Well this outfit is super chic even if it doesn't necessarily push you out of the box! Love it and can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

  3. i'm bookmarking this because i might be able to pull this off. of course, without pants, but yet, i could get inspired by this...the ideas are rolling in my head

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. This is the ultimate comfy outfit. I love it! Great inspiration!

  5. This is such a cute simple outfit :) I love it!


  6. I love this outfit and...hmmmm....I might be able to play as well!

    Get to feeling better, the achies are NO FUN!

  7. This is probably how I chose to dress in winter, love the chunky scarf and boots combo, always chic. Great pick!

  8. i think i have the clothes to do this one!!! :)

  9. Outfits like this are great when you're under the weather - still super comfortable and you don't look like sloppy! Hope you feel better ASAP!

  10. It my favorite to go outfit in the fall!! Hope you feel better!

  11. sad that i missed this monday, but will be back in the game next monday
    i am smiling cuz i actually own a LC white sweater similar to this one!

  12. Yes! This I can do... Black peplum top, not so much... But I have an oversized, cream colored sweater for every day of the week! So excited!

  13. I gotta say, I always look to Lauren Conrad for inspiration. She nails it every time!

    The Glossy Life

  14. That's a classic look. I'm for the crawl into warm cozy tonight.

  15. Hey you two! Great inspiration photo. Perhaps I will get my fashion thinking in gear. I may have to borrow the boots. hahahaha. Again your comments go into my spam file. urghgh! If I don't check it daily I miss you guys coming to share the love. gosh.

  16. ah, this is PERFECT. I can totally do this. The cold is having similar effects on me.... I've been sleeping lots, and wearing lots of layers!