Monday, October 1, 2012

inspiration monday:DIWHY?

the inspiration
busy philipps
megan bird

skirt ~ F21
shirt ~ garage sale
boots ~ vintage, thrifted
belt ~ vintage, thrifted
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ H&M

nora bird

shirt~ vintage, swapped
skirt~ F21
belt~ thrifted
boots~ vintage, thrifted

have you ever done something so dumb and you realize that you are doing it just as it's too late? i was working on a little project the other day. we have this cabinet in our front entryway that houses the kids' shoes and winter hats/mittens. there are two drawers in it that were really hard to open, so i decided to take out the drawers, cover the opening with a cute curtain and call it a day. i tore out all the wood that didn't need to be there, grabbed an electric stapler and held the fabric in place. i used my other hand to steady the stapler, since i was in an odd position to staple. as i was pressing the handle of the stapler, i looked at where my other hand was and read the word "exit" next to a huge arrow pointing right at my hand. it was too late, though...i had already released the giant staple...into my hand. i sat there in shock as i looked at this huge staple stuck in my hand ~ and i almost fainted ~  not because it hurt, because surprisingly it didn't, but because i had this huge piece of metal sticking out of my hand. so i pulled it out, threw it on the floor, put the stapler away and waited a few more days to finish my project.

proof that i'm not that dumb. doesn't it look like the staple would come out of the end where my finger is pointing? i mean, aside from the huge arrow on the other side!

have you ever done something like that? i'd love to know that i'm not the only one!!

two birds

ps. once again, we have inadvertently worn the same thing. i think this might mean it's time to bring the tuesday remix posts back. and yes, nora and i do have the same skirt. sometimes that happens, too.


  1. I probably wouldn't have noticed the giant arrow next to the multi-view illustration of a staple either.

  2. I stapled myself once too and agree - the horror of having a staple hanging off your hand far outweighs any pain!
    Love that you both own the same skirt, oops! x

  3. You both look awesome in this skirt- I can't believe it's F21 - I love it! A skirt with boots is such a sexy look :)


  4. both of you are so cute! LOVE the skirt! and I'm glad that didn't hurt - it sure sounds like it would!

  5. I love that skirt and it looks cute with white and teal - it actually seems like it would go with any color under the sun!

    That is so funny, and intuitively I would think the staple would come out the opposite end as well... how weird! I've stapled my hand before and had a similar reaction, the weirdest part is seeing it sticking in there. Ugh :/

  6. At least it was a staple gun, and not a nail gun! I can't believe you stapled yourself!!

    So funny that you wore the same skirt - looks great on both of you!

  7. I love that you both wore the same skirt - and I don't blame you, it's adorable! Looks fantastic on both of you too, I can see so many ways to style it! Excited if you bring back re-mix posts!

    Oh man, I could see myself stapling myself too. I do those kind of things all the time. I tend to burn myself in stupid ways - with my iron, on a toaster oven, all because I'm just not paying attention! It happens! Glad you were ok after the staple incident!

  8. You guys look great! I have definitely done dumb things to myself. Nothing too major recently, though! Hope your hand heals quickly!

  9. owwwwwww! i hope you are ok? that is funny about the skirt. sometimes it's like you are twins. ;)

  10. I completely agree about the way that staple is designed. The arrow should be red! I've done that exact thing except I didn't shoot it into my hand just had the other end tight to the surface. I love that skirt! Love the multiple colors.

  11. ohmygosh i love that skirt on you both! and i love how you both styled it differently - i really need to try and participate in one of these but i usually take my photos like 3-7 days in advance of when my post is going to actually post and link ups never work out in my favor :(

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  12. I have done similar things in the past so now I'm super duper careful about staple guns. I was helping a friend stretch canvas a few weeks ago and checked like 3 times which end the staple came out of so I didn't stab myself. I have a feeling you will now too!

    I love that you two have the same skirt and both wore it!

  13. I like that you are both wearing the same skirt! They look like completely different outfits, who knew a change of the top could make that big of a difference. Hope your hand is ok!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Both of you have such cute boots!

    I'm glad your hand didn't looks like it would from that massive staple gun!

    The Tiny Heart
    Win a chain link necklace + Chanel print!

  15. Ouch!! Your poor hand! You both look adorable in that skirt, and it's perfect for today's IM look. I saved this week's IM picture, meaning to participate and somehow I totally spaced it out. One of these days I'll get back into joining in, I do love it!

  16. aw... hope your feeling better! Thats funny you have the same skirt, I guess great minds think alike. It looks great on the both of you!


  17. OMG! I'm so sorry that happened to your hand! :( I know I have done similar things so don't feel bad! Also, same skirt?! :) Sister vibes, love it :) IT is suppppppper cute so I can see why you both have it!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  18. Haaaa oh no!!!! Yes, you're right, I would've thought the same thing about the stapler. Both outfits are great. Inspiration outfit achieved!

  19. you nailed this look (pun intended), you both did really :)

  20. This is soooo cute. Both of you really look awesome and nailed it. Thank God you didn't hurt a bit. I have not stapled my fingers yet so let you know, lol. Have a great day !xo


  21. OH NO! How's your hand??? Ok, and yes I must admit I am guilty of the same thing. I think its mommy brain though< not sure?~
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  22. LOL Aw that sucks! Funny enough, this EXACT thing happened to my son at the beginning of school last year as he was helping a teacher get her bulletin board up, so you're not the only one. He thought it was actually pretty cool until he had to get a tetnus shot and a numbing needle to take it out. Really, though I do this stuff all the time. Cute skirts ladies!

  23. I would TOTALLY have done the same thing!!! In fact, I stapled my finger fairly recently except mine was a normal stapler, not a trick one- I was trying to unclog a blockage and it unclogged into my finger! Poor you!
    The skirt is really pretty, very arty and nice- I like the contrast between your two shirts!

  24. HAHA!!! OMG!!! That's crazyyyy!!! Im glad it did not hurt :) It totally looks that would be the exit!!!
    Lovely look ^^ loved the skirts :D

  25. OK - you guys NAILED it - love your boots! Both pairs!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  26. OMG §§ I love the second style !!
    Good inspiration :)

    New post - Kisses from Paris

  27. Cute looks guys! I like how you shared the same the blue blouse with it Nora,

  28. My first thought was "are they wearing the same skirt?" lol that is just awesome. You're definitely sisters. Its a cute skirt too! Love both your takes! I can totally see how you made the mistake with that staple gov I would have thought the exact same thing!! Yikes! That is so scary I probably would have nearly fainted too!


  29. Ouch! Hope your hand is ok :) LOVE love love the skirt/ankle boot combo - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  30. I love that skirt, I can see why you both bought it.
    I once glued my jeans to my leg, I now have a hole where the glue set and snapped off. Looking at the staple gun I wouldn't have thought the staples would have come out where they did. Which reminds me, my brother, somehow, managed to shot a staple under his big toe nail. That wasn't pretty.
    Loved Busy's outfit inspiration today but I had nothing to match to it ( not since I donated all my floral skirts to charity). I hope to join in again next week.

  31. lol, that you own the same skirt, i just figured ya'll borrowed and took pics the same day of yourself.

  32. Hahah same with Brett I thought you borrowed each other's skirt! YOWZA on the staple gun but I'm with you, looks like it comes out where the stapes are visible! Love both of your belts, I realized recently that I'm a belt hoarder!

  33. You both look so fabulous in your skirts. I love the different styling.

    And oh my goodness about the staple gun! That is crazy. But, you're absolutely right, it does look like the staple would come from the other end!

  34. you both look fab in that skirt! i really love both of your booties too. i love a short skirt and boots together!