Monday, October 22, 2012

inspiration monday: i don't think you're ready for that jelly

the inspiration
leslie bibb
megan bird

pants, earrings ~ F21
blazer ~ TJ Maxx
shirt ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ thrifted
sunglasses ~ ?

nora bird

jacket~ vintage, thrifted
shirt~ thrifted
pants~ Dylan George, swapped
shoes~ Ebay
necklace~ hand-me-down from sister, kristin

i have always had a big shelf booty. since i can remember. i'm sure as a baby, i wasn't quite as stacked in the back end as i am now, but honestly, since i can remember, i have had some junk in the trunk. i didn't always love it, in fact, for the majority of my school-age years, including college, i hated it. i was embarrassed by it, tried to get rid of it (yeah right), and in the end, usually ended up covering it some way...flannel shirts, oversized sweaters, extra large esprit sweatshirts. ok, not extra large esprit sweatshirts...we were never that fancy as kids.

but, as i've grown up and matured (ok, just grown up), i have grown to, if not love, at least appreciate my derriere. leggings never fall off or slide down, i can easily rest a baby or bag of groceries on my hip, and i never look like the scarecrow from wizard of oz when i wear jeans – all good things, in my opinion! anyways, the other day, when i was looking in the mirror, it kind of looked like my butt was a little smaller. i immediately ran downstairs. the kids were playing chutes and ladders and chris was reading. i turned to the side and said, "chris, am i losing my butt?" and all at once, all three of them said "no!"

the kids then continued their little rant. henry with, "i don't like big butts because they're squishy" and eva with, "me either, they jiggle". ok, all true...and i looked them both in the eyes and said, "well kids, i have a big butt, papa has a big butt, so chances are pretty good that you will both have big butts. so you better start loving them because they are glorious."

i proudly walked back upstairs, looked in the mirror again, and realized that in fact, i was not losing my butt.


two birds


  1. You really made me laugh :)
    Both outfits are gorgeous! I kind of overlooked taking part this week. I'll try and get myself organised for next week...

  2. So pretty!

  3. Haha - I love the butt story...and I think having a butt is awesome! Love both of your blazers...such cute outfits :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. such a cute blog~


  5. i should probably start excepting my butt too! :) megan - I have the same blazer -love how you styled it! and nora adorable as always!

  6. Haha, love it! It's funny, growing up I always wished my butt was bigger... grass is always greener, right?! I love that striped blazer more each time I see it - so cute :)

  7. Oh thank goodness! Hahha I'm so glad your whole family was so emphatic that your butt was still, in fact, there. What a relief. Hahah love it!

  8. Ha! I like big butts too. Just like Sir Mixalot. I LOVE both of those blazers. You both look great! So good to hang yesterday. I can't wait to see all the pieces you got!

  9. LOL! I have a big booty too, I don't mind! I have learned to love mine too!

    Both of your blazers are fantastic! And I love your rope necklace Nora!

  10. You two look great! I'm so glad you've grown to love your booty! We really need to love ourselves and appreciate what we have more instead of obsessing about the "imperfections"!

  11. Aaaaand now I have "Bootylicious" in my head.

  12. I was all ready to do this look and then the unthinkable happened. My blazer was too big and my pants were too tight...argh! Anyhow, you both did a great job with your interpretations. Fabulous ladies!

  13. Haha, work it girl! I think Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have both proved that having a big butt is IN!

    The Tiny Heart
    1000 Followers Giveaway Extravaganza!

  14. SOOO that booty off!!!!!! Big butts are the best ;) :) Cute take on the inspiration photo both of you :)

  15. hahah i'm the same way! you guys are owning it, great post :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style

  16. LMAO well played mom! I have always had the same junk in the trunk situation too. My best friend used to say (lovingly) that my ass needed its own zip code. I have also learned to love my butt though. I consider it one of my better ASSetts now yaknowwhatimean??? Love both of you ladies' looks today! The blazers are awesome!

    Also I totally laughed out loud at the Esprit comment because ALL the kids had Esprit sweatshirts when I was younger, but we had some weird knock off brand. :-(

  17. Nora, glad you are loving what you have! Megan, those F21 pants are amazing on you--great take on the inspiration look.

  18. I like both of your jackets! I kind of have a flat butt, so my pants always need a belt.

  19. I always like having that kind of I love your pants Megan..they fit you well. I would like a pair. Nora I like yours as well, and I have the same pair. Both of you look nice.

  20. whew glad to hear your backside is not deflating. You certainly dodge a bullet there ;) You both look fantastic once again but I expect nothing less from either of you.

  21. You both look gorgeous, butts included! Check out your legs in those leather trousers Megan! Wow! Nora, love that gorgeous blouse and jacket combo!
    My butt is on the larger side in comparison with my top half! I didn't mind until my friend Thomas (Philippino) in Indonesia, as we walked up a cliff said, "OOOh, I can't see, your butt is blocking out the sun!" to me! Humph!!!

  22. Ok, after seeing these photos I decided I need some skinny leather pants and some skinny cargos! They're both awesome! I have the opposite problem - I have no butt! My roommates used to call it my BBRD (Boob-Butt Reversal Disease because my boobs are bigger than my butt!)

  23. Ohmygoodness, you both look great! Thanks for the chuckle as well!

    I've always envied those with booty since I suffer from noassatall.

  24. Love this. I can totally relate to having a booty! Y'all both look fabulous, and now I'm lusting after that striped blazer!

    Fizz and Frosting

  25. i love both blazers! i want them both. love love love. and we all have aspects we'll pass down like that - i think my family it's the chest! seriously big chests are kind of a pain and i would like for dresses that fit me in the waist to fit in the chest more often

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  26. ha-ha-ha! you tell great stories. i thought i had to wear a patterned blazer to play this week, but i guess i was wrong. yet again. looking good, sister birds!

  27. You girls look so cute!! I love both your blazers. I had the perfect blazer for this, but I never got around to dressing it up! Ugh. Oh well, I'll be back next week!

  28. Love both of these outfits, and that inspiration pic.

    Your bootie story made me giggle. A lot. I can definitely relate as I've always had more than enough junk in my trunk, even at my skinniest.

  29. Hooray for big butts! Not that I have one but I sure wish I did lol

    I love both of your blazers!

  30. You are so so funny! Great outfits you two, you both look HAUTE! <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  31. this was a hard challenge for me
    you two did a great job, jealous of the leather pants and those cargos are fantastic

  32. Those cargo pants are all sorts of awesome. Love the looks ladies!

  33. Both of these outfits are great but I am especially loving the blue and black!

  34. hilarious post gal. Your kids are always going to tell you the truth, don't cha know? Btw, Megan, your jacket is adorable and I love those thrifted heels. I WANT/ENVY them! Nora, I love your pants that you swapped, cool! and ...your hair is so cute every time!

    both of your outfits/ensembles rocked the site! lol

  35. hi girls you two look amazign! I love the blazer from look 1:) Thx for the nice comment! Would you like to follow each other? Just followed you on gfc and bloglovin/103, kisses chris

  36. Love your striped blazer!

    Kate xo