Friday, September 14, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): take a hint

tunic~ b. (a resale shop)
leggings and belt~ Target
boots~ Steve Madden
bracelet~ H&M
watch~ vintage, from Mom

mimi has been acting out quite a bit lately. understandably, of course. she has had all of my and jim's attention for the past two years and now, suddenly, she has to share us with her new brother. that's got to be hard, right? so, we have been cutting her a little slack, but we have had to implement quite a few time outs, take away many a toy and have a few serious talks with yesterday, for example. she was acting super naughty and doing every single thing jim and i were asking her not to do. finally, jim sat down with her to have a little talk. he asked her if she would like to tell him why she was being so naughty. she kept saying no, dad, i don't. and he kept asking. finally, she pointed her finger right into his face and said, "no dad. take a hint. take a hint." what??? seriously, this kid is two years old! where did she learn this phrase and when to use it? neither jim nor i remember ever saying this...let alone saying it in front of mimi. so strange. she is too smart for her own good, that one...

if any of you have advice about dealing with the new sibling situation, please, feel free to share! i would love to hear it!

xoxo, nora bird

p.s. i chopped off my hair! what do you think? i love it. my stylist, zoe, is amazing. thank you, zoe!


  1. Your hair is absolutely adorable and I love the outfit.

    Ouch on the sibling situation; whilst you know it's normal it doesn't help in dealing with it, does it? There are a couple of things I can recommend but keep in mind that it IS normal and you are doing fine.

    1. Wear her out. Think it's impossible? Get a rigid plastic kiddie pool and set it on plastic somewhere (inside with autumn coming in) you can keep an eye on her. Half-fill it with warm water then toss in funnels, spoons, bowls, etc... and let her play in it for a while. When she comes out she'll likely be ready for a good, long nap; I know it always worked on mine!

    2. Change when you give her attention. Attention is a reward; if she's getting more attention when she's behaving in ways you don't want then she's getting rewarded for those behaviors. Instead, deal with it quietly and move on quickly then, when she's behaving in ways you DO want give her lots of hugs, attention, and praise. As smart as your wee lass is, it won't take her long to figure out.

    *hugs* You are a great mom doing a fabulous, and exhausting, job; believe it!

  2. Nora you know that i have no advice for you because I would ruin a child by spoiling them to death. You and Jim are amazing parents. I loved this outfit as soon as i clicked on. You could not have chosen a better belt to go with that top. I love the contrast. Great print and color on you. Love the hair. Have a great weekend and get a hint will ya? Haha! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  3. Oh Mimi! That is kind of funny that she said it and used it in correct context though! I have a friend going through what you are right now, though her son is a little older than Mimi, but I'll see if she has any pearls of wisdom to share!

    Your hair looks fantastic!!

  4. SOOOOOO PRETTY! I love this tunic, great vibrant colors with a black ensemble... so chic!!!!! Love your belt and boots too! Happy Friday!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  5. Nora, I love your hair and you look amazing! I think it's Mimi's behavior is just one of those things that will go away in time after she adjusts to being a sister.

    The Tiny Heart
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  6. I love your new haircut! you look fabulous!! hope you have a great weekend!

  7. your hair looks SO GOOD and i love those boots!!! i wish i had sibling advice... but sadly the only kids i have are dogs!

  8. I think your new haircut looks great! Very chic.

    I don't really have any advice, once Andi (the younger one) started getting a little more, uh, interactive Arlie's jealousy faded away. I think we'll have more problems when #3 gets here though, since Andi is waaaay less laid back. :)

  9. You look gorgeous and I LOVE the new hair. Hmm, I don't really have any advice on siblings that I can give... but maybe you should just emphasize how she's now a big sister and how wonderful that is. I bet this is just a phase that she'll get over soon! Good luck! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Eeek, I don't know what to suggest- just praising good behaviour! A chart for behaviour? You look incredible- great dress choice and the hair is fab- well done Zoe!

  11. I really like the new do. It suits you nicely :) I dont have kiddos so I dont have any advice for you but I can say that the story did make me chuckle. Kids say the darnedest things right?

  12. I like the new 'do. I don't have any tips, but I think it is adorable that Mimi knows 'take a hint'.

  13. I love the new hair! I think Mimi will move past the behavior soon. Every kid goes through it when somebody new comes into the mix (not that it makes it easy for you!).

  14. Tough stuff! I'm so nervous about being a parent...hope that settles in for you guys. And LOVE YOUR HAIR, it's really perfect for you.

    <3 Cambria

  15. I don't know if it's the hair, the tunic, or the boots, but you are looking pretty rock'n'roll today! Ugh, terrible twos combined with new sibling must be a nightmare! Goood luck!

  16. Love the hair, and you look SO fabulous! Good luck with Mimi...I'm sure she'll get used to the babe soon :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. adore the boots and love that you paired them with a camel colored belt

  18. nora, the hair looks superb! :) i noticed it immediately. i like sassy mimi stories. maybe you and jim can each plan special alone time with mimi, and let her choose what she wants to do? maybe 30 mins. or whatever? thus giving her a little one one one attention. or maybe you can tell me to stuff it because i don't have kids & don't know what the ef i'm talking about? ;)

  19. Take a hint, really? Funny but I understand the acting out...she will get used to having to share the love :)

    You look lovely. The haircut is really cute. ps. its crazy that its safe to pull out the boots! The weather changed so quickly!

  20. HAHAH! Your stories always crack me up. I have no parenting advice to spare so I'm worthless. Just thought I'd let you know I got a chuckle out of this. :)

  21. oh my GOSH, what a mini adult you have there! so sassy and independent so young! that must be fun :) you look lovely with that short dark hair and the happy floral pring, I have to say!

  22. you look sooooo good! i love the hair. and i can't believe you just had a baby! and i'm sorry you're dealing with that. it's so hard. it took my kiddos a little while to adjust. sometimes you have to take some time out and spend time with just the older one. sometimes you also have to "pretend" and tell the baby, "you have to wait now because it's mimi's turn for mommy's attention." that way the baby doesn't know and then mimi feels special. it's really tough. good luck! it'll get better :)

  23. OMG I feel so identified with your daughter! My brother was born when I was about 2 and I kept asking my mom if we could take him back--to the factory where babies come from, obviously--My mom let me hold him once and I put him (gently!)on a shelf in the closet I was able to reach and then closed the door haha. My mom never took him back of course, much to my dismay at that age.
    It'll get better :)

    you look wonderful btw!

  24. I thought you had a new do! i like it.

    as far as new sibling rivalry - i guess you had better take a hint - she is ticked! thats the hint! lol.

    my two daughters, to this day, have not been happy with the fact that one gets attention over the other. it is just how it is. my best advice would be to ask Megan what she has done or what she had to do, cuz she is the closest in blood relations that would have a 'hint' at the best approach.

    have a good weekend?

  25. You look stunning in these photos! Loving the hair and those bright florals!
    I have no idea what to tell you with the new sibling thing. I was the first born and when my mom was expecting my sister I told her if it was a boy I would "throw him in the garbage" ha! Luckily she was a girl but about a week after she was born I told my mom "we can share daddy but she has to get her own mommy" LOL I obviously didn't do well with the whole thing. I was 3.


  26. My goodness, you look phenomenal! I love the new 'do and you have legs for miles in this outfit. Good luck with mimi, all I can say is 'kids say the darndest things!'

  27. You've bounced back beautifully. Love the asymmetrical hair!

    "Proactive Parenting" by the pros at Tufts University has been really enlightening when dealing with my 4yo versus his new sister. It's been great for general raising-a-good-kid-while-remaining-sane advice. The bottom line: make little pockets of Mimi-only time every day and a big one-on-one outing once a week. Concentrating on her and her "big girl-ness" versus the weak, useless baby will help, too. ;) Good luck! I'm wishing you endless patience. :)

    P.S. Take care of yourselves first so you'll have the resources to be saint-like the rest of the time.

  28. Your hair looks great! Actually, from haircut to boots, you look perfect! Good luck with Mimi, I got nothin' advice-wise!

  29. You look so great! I'm not a parent so I can't offer any sage advice. I hope you ladies and a marvelous time yesterday! I was so sorry to miss out!

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  31. Your hair looks freaking incredible, I absolutely LOVE it!

  32. Your hair looms amazing, it's the first thing I notice when the page loaded!! Also how is you just ja a baby yet you don't look like you just had a baby?? Cute outfit, look comfy and pulled together. Outfit win!

    I don't have any advice but I will say I'm sure it'll work out with time. Good luck you guys are great parents.

  33. LOL Aw kids. I remember my younger son getting frustrated when he was about two because he couldn't get his pants on and got all in a huff and I walked over and said "Conner, what is going on dude?" and he exhales loudly, crosses his arms and says "my pants are all discombobulated!!!!"

    Sibling rivalry is really hard to deal with. It is hard to give both kids attention. It is even harder when the older one is too little to understand these things. My oldest was almost 5 when my second one was born, so he was able to understand a bit better. I hope it improves.

    By the way--you do not look at all like you just had a baby you gorgeous mama!