Thursday, September 20, 2012

new loves and old friends: humble pie

new loves
shoes ~ Marshalls
ring ~kayd design
earrings ~hand-me-down

old friends
dress ~ c/o once vintage 
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted

as a parent, i am finding it hard to teach my kids the perfect mix of humility and confidence. i realized recently that i can't say things like, "you're the prettiest girl in the world" to eva, because she repeats it at school. i honestly harbor no feelings of hostility towards other girls in the world, but of course i think eva is the cutest. i imagine every parent feels that way about their children. the other day, henry told me that he told all of his friends that he was made of pure muscle, because that is something i have said to him before (it's true, he's like baby hercules). however, when he told his friends this, they all laughed at him and told him he wasn't as strong as they were. i'm sure that's a normal reaction for seven-year old boys to have...but i didn't like that kids were making fun of my boy. especially over something that i said.

so now i have to be ultra aware of how i pay compliments to my children. i suppose i shouldn't be comparing them to other children anyways (even if i do think they are both the smartest, best-looking kids around)...but how do you teach your child to be confident without being cocky? it's a tough one.

we must be doing something right, though, because i overheard henry say to chris the other day, "well, i am the most handsome boy in the second grade, but there are more handsome boys than me in the fourth grade." i took that to mean that he is both confident and humble. who knows???

i think you are all the best bloggers in the world (really, i do)!!

megan bird

ps. this is what i wore to the blogger meet-up last saturday.


  1. Awwww. I don't like the feeling of knowing my kids are being teased either. There is nothing wrong with feeling like you babies are the bees knees. As a matter of fact, its the perfect thing to feel and express. We are all flying by the seat of our pants with this parenting thing, ha! If you learn how to give the perfect balance, please let us know!! =D

    I love the colors in that dress! And the back of it is super cute!

    PS, thanks for providing the MN Google doc for me to add my info!! I didn't know there was so many of us!

  2. I LOVE that dress! So colourful!

    As far as parenting, what Ticka said. You are a great, caring, parent and a bee's knees blogger.

  3. I love that dress! it looks amazing on you! and I didn't really think much about finding that balance - that seems hard!

  4. What a pretty dress! Love all the fun colors.

    I've never really thought about it, but that's such a great point - how do you teach someone so young to be both humble and confident? I remember my parents giving me a lot of compliments as a kid, but they would also say "Oh, your friend (so and so) is so cute!" Or funny, or whatever. I think that was a good way to go about it because I thought EVERYONE was awesome (including myself... on most days).

  5. That dress looks amazing on you! It's gotta be hard to find the right balance with the compliments, but I think if you're humble then that hopefully will rub off on the kids :)

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  6. I don't remember my parents saying stuff like that too much, but they tried to balance pretty well since I was an only child, they didn't want to spoil me.

    Maybe encourage your kids to say one nice thing about someone else when you compliment them? Pay it forward or something?

    I loved that dress on you, looks even more awesome in person!

  7. Love your cute dress! Ahh, I bet it is hard trying to find that balance. You want your kids to know how wonderful they are, but you also want them to be humble. My mom used to tell me random things like "eat this and it will make you pretty", "do this and it will make you smart"... haha all LIES! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. You look so fresh and pretty in that dress! The colors are great.
    And finding a balance with kids can be tricky... But keep on loving them the way you do, and you'll find your way.

  9. That is a tough one. But I think that giving your kids confidence in themselves is VERY important. As long as you keep them grounded and allow them to be polite and compliment others as well (which I'm sure you do), I think you're gonna raise some kick ass kiddos! I love your pretty rainbow dress!!!

  10. I get what you mean. It is hard to teach confidence but humbleness too so they don't get teased. I couldn't imagine the feeling of knowing some kids teased my son. I guess it's a trial and error or learn as you go type thing I'll find out when I'm a mom.

    P.S. Love the post title :)

  11. You are so funny. I always tell my daughter that she is my FAVORITE daughter in the WHOLE world. She always looks at me and says, but mom, I'm your ONLY daughter. And then she either ROLLS her eyes at me or we spend the next 5 minutes giggling about it!

    So glad I found another fellow Minnesotan blogger!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  12. It's a hard balance to get, I find that as a teacher- you get the hugely boastful ones, then the ones who just lack confidence totally and then some in the middle. I try to be really sincere and honest when I give them compliments about their work at school and say it like it is, not dress is up too much but through voice, gesture, face so they know that they've done well. I guess I would try to avoid using superlatives so I'd say you are a very pretty girl or you are very strong rather than you are the prettiest in the world- maybe then that might get the balance! Anyway, but as you say, you seem to be doing a great job and love, support, and instilling confidence are the most important things!

    Pretty pretty dress Megan!

  13. This dress was so pretty on you - I didn't realize it was vintage! Amazing!

  14. Megan I have no advice bout that but you sure do look gorgeous in this dress. Great collar bones, shoulders and cleave. I am certain that your lids are completely well adjusted. I don't like that they laughed at Henry either. Have a great weekend

  15. that's one of the reasons i think parenthood is the hardest jobs in the world, & you are a brave woman.

  16. Well, I can't offer any words about the kiddies but I do think you are one of the best dress gals on the internet! Love this dress and the new shoes are so cute, love the color of them! :)

  17. Great match, the colorful dress and the nude shoes!

  18. how gorgeous are you? you look so pretty in stripes. btw, thank u for the sweet comment on my blog. xO!

  19. Oh thats tough! I always tell my baby niece she's the prettiest, sweetest, best baby in the whole world :) I think thats normal! This is such a pretty, colorful, dress, and so flattering!

  20. Love all the colors, and so fun for the last bit of summer! I can't even imagine how hard that is going to be with kids, teaching them those attributes. You sound like you are doing a great job with it though!

  21. Why didn't you show everyone your bandaids?

  22. that's a tough one, and it's hard to get that balance. i try to praise and compliment what my kids do as opposed to praising them (on the simplest level, good job vs. good boy or i really like the way you did your hair today vs. you're so pretty), and hope that the confidence they gain in themselves and their abilities is enough to let them know how awesome they are to me. not sure how this all works out in the end tho, lol!

    pretty dress, too!