Wednesday, September 19, 2012

love*birds: 9.19.12

things i am loving this week:
~ cool mornings. i love sleeping with the windows open when it's a tad chilly outside. while it's harder to get out of bed, there is something so snuggly about being under the covers with the sound of a fall breeze outside.
~ boots. i have worn boots every day this week. i'm not ready for cooler cold weather yet, but i do love being able to pull the boots out!
~ fall festivals. we went to one last weekend, and plan on attending another this weekend. i love crappy fair rides, even crappier candy, and the smiles on the kids' faces when they are running freely through the church parking lot!
~ our new patio. seriously, i love it. especially in this weather, when we can throw a fire on, turn some good tunes on and sit outside all night.

and here are some more things we are loving.

megan bird
vintage frye boots
these.are.gorgeous. i wish i was a size 6. i love the detailing up the sides.

hand knit oversized sweater
to me, this sweater just screams cozy weekend wear. i love the color, the collar and the loose knit. gorgeous!

vintage pink dress
another week, another pink dress that i love. i just need to buy myself a pink dress already, right?

you're my favorite heart sweatshirt
i honestly just plain need this sweatshirt.

feather necklace
i love how this necklace is so delicate, but also makes such a big statement. it's gorgeous!

i love the vintage vibe of roni's (Roni feels nostalgic) dress in this post. i love the bow, the color, and the fact that she paired it with those adorable yellow shoes.

sleeping beauty
like i said, it's so nice to sleep with the windows open this time of year...but it's also so hard to get everyone out of bed!

nora bird
linen blouse

this blouse is so cool. i love the loose fit and the tunic length. it looks so comfy yet so chic at the same time.

spiderweb ballet flats

spiders and their webs totally creep me out...unless they are on a pair of cute flats. these are so great for fall. especially right around halloween!

paper airplane necklace

how cute is this little paper airplane charm? love it! whimsical and fun.

hand knit hat

one way to make wintertime a little more fun...a pixie hat! seriously. cutest winter hat ever.

vintage pullover

this pullover looks so comfy. perfect for fall layering!

emmett of Hippie Lace is seriously the queen of proven perfectly in this post. i never would have thought to put these pieces together in this way, but it totally works!

not so sure
mimi's face in this picture cracks me up. she is still not so sure about her brother...

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Those boots! Remind me to bind my feet tonight so I can fit into them.

  2. I am loving cool mornings too!! and I love that feather necklace!

  3. love those boots and the heart sweatshirt! how cute is the insta*love pic xo

  4. Ha ha. Mimi's face in that last picture reminds me of this:

  5. Having the windows open at night is my favorite on a cool night - when you wake up snuggled under the covers and everything is warm except your nose. I love fall! But why is it that every pair of vintage boots is in an eeny weeny size?!

  6. I've been loving having the windows open at night too! It's been the best sleeping weather! I love those boots! I need to get some more boots, can never have enough!

  7. Oh my, now I can't stop thinking about those Frye boots! The last picture is just too cute. Mimi's face is precious! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Ahh those boots are gorgeous! Also wish I wore a size 6! It's been cooler here but still too warm to wear boots.

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my scarf giveaway! (open internationally)

  9. love those frye boots! and i am totally loving all the heart sweaters this year!

  10. heart sweater is so soo adorable! x

  11. The purple heart sweatshirt is wonderful, and I would love to have that floaty linen blouse, too. :) That's a priceless photo of Mimi - it's clear she's thinking, "what have I gotten myself into?!??"

  12. Oooh, the hat is brilliant!!!! Love it and don't have one like that in my collection! Mimi is so cute! By the way, something weird is happening with your coments- I get an e-mail saying that you've left a comment (and what it says) but strangely it never actually registers on my blog in the comments on that post! Like I got the one yesterday in my e-mail but it doesn't show on the blog when I click- weird! It's been doing this for some weeks now and it's only you!

  13. I want that sweatshirt, and i love sleeping with open windows right now too.

  14. Megan those frye boots are my size. I want them. I checked the price. 158.00 is a bit too much for me right now but I know they won't last. What to do!! omg everything you have picked this week is too darling. I love the pixie hat, the airplane necklace, feather necklace, and purple sweatshirt. I need to go to the church thrift store now. Have a great day! Inspired. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  15. Those Frye boots!! Thanks for the shouting guys :) made my day!

  16. i swear it is the law of the universe that all super awesome broken in delicious leather vintage boots must be a size 6. unless of course, they are a size 5. :(