Wednesday, September 12, 2012

love*birds: 09.12.12

things i am loving this week:
~ we are starting to get a little taste of fall weather here. it makes me excited for hoodies and boots and fall layers!
~ a couple of my favorite shows have started up again. The Voice and Parenthood, i have missed you!
~ i am getting my haircut tomorrow! so so so excited. i am ready for a little change!
~ tomatoes! we got a ton in our CSA box last week and i have been having fun coming up with different recipes for them every night.
~ megan and i are hosting a mn blogger meetup this weekend and we are getting so excited! it is sure to be a blast!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

this dress! amazing. i want to wear to every party ever.

this wallet is so cute! there are so many awesome fabric prints to choose from, it was hard to pick a favorite. but i love this modern print and the cool, muted colors.

how do i not have any striped heels? i think i need to change that by purchasing these hot shoes! the neon yellow heel is the cherry on top. love!

this rugged, sturdy bag would be perfect for lugging around all my baby and toddler gear while still looking cool and collected. in. love.

i think what my home is missing is a couple of these babies hanging around. seriously, how cool is this plant hanger?

i cannot look at this picture without cracking up. she is such a ham. i just love her so much.

this is a super old post from A Dress A Day that i happened to stumble across when a friend posted a link to it on facebook the other day. there is such a great message here and it is definitely a must-read! check it out!

megan bird
black and white chevron skirt
i thought i was over all things chevron, but who was i kidding? i adore this skirt. the pattern, the fullness, i want to wear it all the time!

wake up and run sweatshirt
i have a slight obsession with sweatshirts. i have to tell myself no more all the time. (myself never listens.) if i ever see a cozy, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, i usually buy it. add to it some motivational words that actually ring true in my life, i usually need it.

keyhole bracelet
i love the vintage feel of this bracelet, and the little added touch of the one pearl. plus she is a local seller, and who doesn't love shopping local?

embroidered red cowgirl boots
i think every gal needs a fuun pair of cowgirl boots 9or two or three) (or four). red might be a fun new color to try, no?

pink bridesmaid dress
i keep finding gorgeous pink dresses that i feel i must have. i think the world is trying to tell me to schedule a romantic date night and buy a pink dress.

my man
i snapped this pic of chris the night we overheard the stud at the bar. there is something about this picture...he looks so cute and so young. i say it's the coconut oil that he has started using, he says it's the beer.

christine from FutureLint has the cutest style. i love her mix of vintage and thrifted and new and kid's clothes. she also has a massively amazing shoe collection! and she's another local blogger. go minnesota! i love this yellow dress that she is wearing. it's so pretty on her!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. Love the first dress and the bracelet! I MUST have that bracelet!

    That is the cutest wee face ever!

    Stuff I'm loving this week? All things girly.

  2. I'm pretty excited about the blogger get together too:)

    And that chevron skirt? Yes, please!

  3. that chevron skirt and those red boots are my fave! and i'm so excited that fall is almost here. it's starting to cool down a LITTLE finally!!!

  4. parenthood is one of my favorite shows and I'm so glad it is back on! and I want a pair of cowboy boots!!!

  5. Love the striped platform shoes and chevron skirt, so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I love Parenthood too, I'm so glad it's back!

    And I am so excited for the blogger get together too!!

    My friend got a pair of red boots when we went thrift shopping on Labor Day and I'm super jealous, I think I might need to find some for myself!

  7. I'm psyched that The Voice is back and the other shows will be coming back soon. Summer tv is the worst! Those red boots reminded me of my pink cowboy boots...happy I'll get to wear them soon when the temps drop. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. I think I'd just make every day a party and wear that first dress everywhere. It's gorgeous!

  9. Woo! Thanks for the blog shout-out! I'm insanely flattered! OMG, I have been eating nothing but tomatoes from the garden for like 2months and they just keep coming! I'm running out of ideas to use them all! Also - Jack in the box in a beer box? Sooo funny!

  10. That party dress is super amazing! And love the pale pink bridesmaid dress too!


  11. Hooray for the keyhole bracelet! That girl is my cousin, and she has such gorgeous jewelry :)

    <3 Cambria

  12. the insta love pics melt my heart! :) the red cowboy boots remind me of ariel on footloose. i would so wear the pink bridesmaid fairy dress, but i don't know where. parenthood is one of my fave TV shows. i even did a blog post about it in 2010. below's the link, if you feel like taking a peek.

  13. love that chevron skirt
    saw that pic and instagram and instantly fell in love with it

  14. I think I might have to fight you for that first dress Nora! GORGEOUS! Megan, you Chris has amazingly blue eyes, doesn't he! He does look very young there! The chevron skirt is fab too!

  15. I love getting haircuts. I am way overdue for one right now!

  16. Megan that pink dress would look so cute on you! And it goes with that sweet bracelet! I think I need that chevron skirt...

  17. loving those red boots! i'm loving too much to post this week! i'd really like a pair of oxblood booties though...i'm eyeing the fringe ones from minnetonka! can't wait to see the haircut!!!

  18. That dress is adorable & I LOVE those striped heels!
    I wish tomatoes were in season here, they are super expensive at the moment :(

  19. Sorry I missed this post. I would have known you were hosting if I had read it. Striped heels, romantic dresses, what' s not to love. That is a great photo of Chris and I love the pic of Mimi in the box. I will never grow weary of the chev. Have a great day! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo