Monday, September 10, 2012

inspiration monday: do you know how cool i am?

the inspiration
rachel bilson
megan bird

jeans ~ Marshalls
t-shirt ~ garage sale
jacket ~ garage sale
booties ~ swapped
bracelets ~ garage sale
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt~ b.(a resale shop)
jeans~ b. (a resale shop)
jacket~ Banana Republic, thrifted
boots~ Heartbreaker
bracelet~ garage sale

chris and i went out for a date night on saturday and we ended up at our favorite local bar. while there, we were privy to a few eavesdropped conversations around us. one guy in particular was especially cocky, and therefore, funny to us.

he started off the night by telling every woman he talked to that they should work out "like he does". he kept talking about how fit he was and how he worked out all the time. you would think that this guy was the rock or something, but he was probably 140 pounds soaking wet, no muscle tone at all. i guess confidence is a great thing, but cockiness is a little too much.

near the end of the night, he was trying to hard to get this woman to come home with him. i heard the following things come out of his mouth, and had i seen her make any move to go home with him (she didn't), i would have physically stopped her from doing so.

~ i make $75,000 a year and my boss makes $59,000 (really, dude?). he's always trying to tell me what to do and i'm all, "i make $75,000 a year...shut up."
~ not only do i have one phone, i have two. i have a personal and a work phone. my personal phone is $110 a month and my work pays for it.
~ i'm awesome.

now, maybe all of this was true...doubtful, but maybe. however, as i looked around the bar, i turned to chris and i said, "if i had to choose between this guy and the guy over there with the mullet and the ripped-off-sleeves denim top, i'd choose the mullet." seriously, there is something about excessive pride that is a huge turn off.

but he does have two phones, so i'm sure he will find himself a girlfriend soon.

two birds


  1. I completely agree - ott confidence is laughable. Two phones, watch a catch!
    Megan I think we have the same jacket x

  2. WOW you guys both did a great job with the look recreation!!!

    1. ps: that guy sounds crazy - anyone who carries that much "confidence" around with them is hiding or compensating for something... i'm just saying! hehehee

  3. ease dropping on people's conversations can be so entertaining - that is funny! and both of you copy that outfit perfectly! I Love them both - so perfect for fall!

  4. Ha! He's a loser for even saying that stuff and believing that women actually fall for it. I wonder what he wouldve done is the woman said that she was an exec and made six figures AND worked out with a personal trainer while her chef made dinner...

  5. Eeek, just reading those comments made me cringe! In other news, you guys both nailed that outfit today! So cute and comfortable, perfect for Fall!

  6. Never heard of a job where the workers make more than the boss. What a strange bunch of people you guys overheard

  7. Oh my goodness, people are idiots. And the louder they talk about how awesome they are, the bigger the idiots they usually are.

    Love your versions of the outfit - it feels like fall!

  8. nice outfit! you pulled this of very well <3

  9. You both did a great job recreating the look! I'm amazed by all your garage sale finds. That is pretty pathetic that the guy felt the need to brag about 2 if that would impress a girl?

    The Tiny Heart
    Win a Mint Statement Necklace!

  10. I've never heard any woman say that two phones was a turn-on! Eavesdropping can be pretty entertaining, especially if a restaurant is loud and it's hard to talk to the person you actually came with, but then you can talk about what you picked up on the way home! You guys look great! Yay for jackets and boots!

  11. I've met men like that! Hell, I've been on a date with a man like that. This was in the 90s and he kept dragging his brick of a cellular out to make (fake, I think) phone calls. And then he told me that he used to date models, but he was burned out on them - which is why he was out with someone like me. I politely finished dinner and went home alone. And never returned his phone calls. So he sent me a letter full of insults. He was stunned a girl like me wouldn't be falling all over herself for the chance to be with him. Ewwwwww.

    Sorry for the long comment, I hadn't thought of that awful date in years! :) Maybe it's the same guy - he's just moved to your neck of the woods. Ha!

    You guys look great! Rachel's so cute, and so are you.

  12. Oh man, I don't know I've ever eavesdropped on conversations quite like that! Too funny!!

    Love both of your looks - I used to have a jacket that would have totally worked for today that I totally got rid of last year! I should think twice about things I send out sometimes! LOL

  13. Ah I love both of your jackets, even better than Rachel's! Haha, oh he has 2 phones? Oh well then, he MUST be awesome right? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. yeah. people kind of irk me. that's why i hate going out sometimes because i wanna reach over and slap people like that. ugh!

    but, on the flip side, both of your outfits are adorable and totally rachel blson-worthy. i love her. and i love both takes - all the boots/booties are making me a little more ready for fall

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  15. I love both your looks! I really need a military inspired jacket :)

    as for that guy you overheard: yuck! I'm glad the lady didnt go home with him :P

  16. Eurgh, can't stand arrogance- such a turn-off- I like shy-types who don't realise how lovely they are! Megan, you ARE Rachel Bilson- literally looks like her! Nora, you are looking so amazing and I particularly love that cuff!

  17. Such cute olive green jackets! :)

  18. megan i am seriously drooling over those shoes and nora, that jacket is fabulous!!
    great job with the inspiration look today

  19. Haha wow people watching/listening is seriously the funnest sport!! Classic! And I had fun being able to link up with you stylish ladies today! I wore this on the weekend totally by accident and then realised it would be perfect for Inspiration Monday :)

    Life etc

  20. Might I say you two nailed Rachel's look? I love your jackets and boots! Loving those cropped jeans on Megan and Nora's pretty beaded cuff.

    People watching is the best form of entertainment, too bad that guy doesn't have a lady to call on his two cellphones. :)

  21. I like both of your outfits. That guy sounds pretty funny to listen to.

  22. You've both nailed the inspiration look. The guy just sounds so painfully young to me and like he suffers from "small man" syndrome.

  23. You both look great in your inspiration looks. It's so nice to see the two of you again.

  24. oh you had your baby??? Boy am I out of the blogging loop. COngrats! and you both did your looks very well.

    The House of Shoes

  25. I wish I would have gotten that guy's number. Shoot.

  26. you both look phenomenal! that loser guy needs to shut up. ugh. :P

  27. great match on the outfits! and loved the funny cocky dude story...inspires me to go do some eavesdropping at a bar for laughs!

  28. This guy sounds like a total Dbag! Yuck! Love both of your birds' cute military inspired looks!