Friday, September 28, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): the amazing coconut oil

cardigan~ H&M
necklace~ petit oiseau
shirt/booties~ F21
belt~ thrifted
jeans~ thrifted

warning: this post is about potty training. i apologize.

jim and i have been attempting to potty train mimi for the last few months (yeah, it is not going that well). we have been trying to teach her to recognize when she has to go and to tell us when she feels the need. lately, when she has to go, she will say one of two things. she will tell us that her tummy hurts or she will say, "mama, there is a poop in my body!" and then we will know to get her on the potty straight away. so, yesterday when she yelled, "mama. my bottom hurts!" i immediately asked if she needed to go which she replied, "no mama, i just need some coconut oil." apparently, even mimi knows about the magic of coconut oil and it's ability to cure diaper rash. megan's praise for the stuff has spread far and wide and reached all the way to the two-year-old set! pretty amazing. but when your kid can tell you she has diaper rash she is clearly too old to be in diapers, right? i know, i know. we're working on it...

again, i am sorry for all this potty talk. these are the exciting stories in my life these days...

happy friday!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, September 27, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): what do you want to do with your life?

jeggings ~ Marshalls
shirt ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Original
earrings ~ hand-me-down
sunglasses ~ ?
necklace* ~ sora designs

i'm sure you have all done some sort of team-building exercises either at work or school before. you know the ones, the ones where you fall into your coworker's arms with your eyes closed, or where you tell everyone your deepest aspirations and get motivated by each other's words. i know i have. and i quite enjoy things that like...i'm a bit of a sap after all. 

my little sister told me of a meeting that she overheard at her work. it was such a meeting...everyone was going around in a circle saying something that they would like to do with their life. in her words, here is what she overheard...not even kidding.

woman 1: i'd like to sit down and be able to play the piano.
group: oh yeah nice.
woman 2: i'd like to have sex with a woman.
group: oh yeah I could see you doing that. odd is that? sure, if that's what you want to do, go for it, but is it really something you share with your coworkers in a team-building meeting? to each her own...some people are more free with their coworkers than i would be.

so, how about you. what is something that you have always wanted to do in your life?

me? i'd love to take our scamp cross country and camp in every state in america.

megan bird

*i loved this necklace on a love*birds post last week, and a few days ago it showed up on my doorstep with no explanation. i am utterly confused, but love the necklace!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

inspiration picture for october 1: busy philipps

the inspiration
busy philipps
let's get down to busy-ness and check out next monday's inspiration. we hope you're not too busy to join in on the fun! we will be busy the rest of the week looking for cute booties so we can dress like busy next monday!
and now i'm dizzy from typing busy so many times.
want to join in on inspiration monday next week? check out how to play here.
have a great day!
two birds.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

love*birds: 9.26.12

things i am loving this week:
~ my baby boy is six weeks old today! that is exciting enough on it's own...but it also means i can start taking him to the gym daycare and can get back to working out again! so excited!
~ with the help of my mom, i took both kids thrifting yesterday and got some pretty sweet stuff. i haven't been thrifting in a little while so it was really fun.
~ The New Girl started last night. man, that show is freakin' hilarious.
~ big salads. i had one for lunch and dinner yesterday. i love me a big salad.
~ my sisters. they are constantly making me laugh. i am so lucky to have those four amazing ladies in my life. they are seriously the best.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

simple. beautiful. want it.

gorgeous! the colors, the stripes! and like the description says, it is a great piece to transition into fall!

loooooooooooove these! who doesn't need a pair of green, fringe wedge booties? (don't answer that.)

seriously? pretty sure ben needs to be a cowboy for halloween. so cute!

i want to wear this next time i go out for a night on the town! or maybe every time. i rarely get to go out on the town so you have to make it special, right?

erin of "Babes in Thriftlland" posted this super fun DIY post the other day. what a fun idea! inspired!

how cute is this kid and his new hat? love. him.

megan bird
giraffe bracelet
who doesn't love a whimsical piece of jewelry? it's a giraffe, and it's cute, and guess what? it's $1.99! buy one for yourself and for your mom. she'll love it!

vintage chambray wide leg pants
it's like jeans and sweats went to woodstock, had a baby, and made these perfect pants. i love them!!

arrow cardigan
i love the cozy feel and cute arrow screen print of this boyfriend cardigan. plus, chris and i could share it!

two-way crossbody bag
i love how roomy this bag is. and i love that you can wear it two ways...over the body when running to work and over the arm after a grocery haul! more bang for your buck!

vintage boots
people were complaining last week that they only made cute vintage boots in teensy weensy i found a bigger size this week. and they are just as cute!!

i love the whole outfit that katherine of "Of Corgis and Cocktails" is wearing in this post. the dress, the tights (the tights!), the's all so perfect! and then she topped it all off with a sparkler!

sorry, i couldn't just pick one this week. when you have two cute pictures of two cute kids loving up the swing ride at the local church fair, you can't just choose one!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds

outfit of the day(bird): a glimpse into my brain

jeggings ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Target
shirt, necklace ~ Kohls
bracelets ~ garage sale
sunglasses ~ ?

i'm going to give you a small glimpse into my crazy crazy, crazy, rationalizing brain.

chris and i began this morning tradition a few weeks ago where he drives me to work and we stop to get a coffee. i love this tradition ~ we get to spend a little alone time together, we get to have a great cup of coffee, i get to see my kids off to school, and i don't have to take the bus every morning. the only problem is that even though i only order a regular coffee (which is still over $2), chris gets some fancy hot press with white chocolate every time; so in total, every morning, we are spending at least $7 on just coffee. that doesn't seem like a lot, but over the course of a month, that can get expensive. plus, keep in mind that i am the person who thinks $5 is a lot of money to spend on any item of clothing (thrift shopping will get you in that mindset), so $7 for coffee seems quite ridiculous to me.

anyways, we decided that if we were going to buy good coffee every morning, we should just bite the bullet and get a really good coffee maker. when you think about it, for a month's worth of coffee shop coffee, we could buy a nice coffee maker. so on sunday, i packed the kids up and we went to kohls to look for a coffee maker. i found the one i wanted, and it was on sale for $130. great deal, no? and then as i was walking around, i saw a bissell easy sweep that i wanted on clearance, so i grabbed that as well. then i started thinking to myself, "self, why not open a kohls charge card and save 20% on all of these items?" so i decided right then and there that i would open a charge card. 

as soon as i decided that, i also decided that i should walk around the store just to take a peek at what kinds of cute clothes and jewelry i could find (i literally left the line we were waiting in to pay). because if i'm opening a card and i am getting 20% off everything, i might as well buy a few more things. i mean, i was prepared to spend $130 on this coffee maker, and since that will only be $104 after the discount, i really have $26 free money to spend. you see how i did that? i talked myself into thinking it was ok to buy more clothes. 

so i headed to the clearance section, found two shirts and a cute new necklace ($8, $6, and $7, respectively) (see shirt and necklace above), which after their discount, would only be $17...really i'm still ahead. so i bought them, guilt free. because if you're going to save 20%, it's better to save 20% on more, rather than less, right?

all in all, i got the coffee maker, the easy sweep, the shirts and necklace all for $130.42...which is $.42 more than i was going to buy the coffee maker for. in my head, everything else i bought besides the coffee maker was free....crazy right? but i'm willing to bet that i am not the only one who thinks this way. am i right? i'd love to hear your rationalizations for buying new things!

megan bird

ps. as i'm writing this, i am thinking to myself that since i was fully prepared to spend at least $200 on a coffee maker, that means i still have $70 to spend...right?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

inspiration monday: key pads and break-ins

the inspiration
olivia palermo

megan bird

jeans ~ Marshalls
blazer ~ vintage, thrifted
sweater ~ b. (a resale shop)
necklace ~ vintage, garage sale
earrings ~ hand-me-down
shoes ~ TJ Maxx

nora bird

blazer~ vintage, thrifted
sweater~ vintage, thrifted
brooch~ vintage
jeans~ F21
booties~ b. (a resale shop)
bracelet~ garage sale

chris is really into electronics. it's kind of awesome for me because i get to reap the benefits of music that can be heard from every room in the house, an eight-foot movie screen in our basement, and assurance that if anything computer related goes wrong, chris can for sure fix it. so when he installed the key pad lock on our front door, i thought it would be great...and it was. it is. you can never lock yourself out of the house (unless you forget the code), if someone needs to get in your house and you're not home, they just need the code, and most importantly, if anyone does go into our house, chris is notified via email that the door was opened. all great things, right?

well, the other day, chris called me at work, a little freaked out. he asked me if anyone i knew was in the house. he said that they door had been unlocked at 9:48 and was then locked at 10:18. someone was in our house, and we didn't know who. so i started calling everyone that knew our code asking if they had been in our house. they all said no. so then i began calling people that didn't know the code, and i asked them, too. no one had been in our house.

and then i got home...and the patio door was unlocked and our front gate was open. and i freaked out. i had thoughts of a man hiding in our basement until nightfall, knife in hand, just waiting. i searched the whole house (except the basement) (i was too scared) and realized that nothing was missing. i was perplexed. so i waited for chris to get home so he could bravely check the basement.

and when he got home, he walked through the door and said, "i figured it out." i relaxed a little, knowing that freddie krueger was probably not in the basement. "who was it?" i asked? and do you know what he said? "me." he had forgotten that he came home earlier in the day.

tech savvie he is...but his memory may not be as great!

two birds

ps we did not plan our outfits to be almost exactly the same. sometimes sisters just work that way without meaning to!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

new loves and old friends: humble pie

new loves
shoes ~ Marshalls
ring ~kayd design
earrings ~hand-me-down

old friends
dress ~ c/o once vintage 
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted

as a parent, i am finding it hard to teach my kids the perfect mix of humility and confidence. i realized recently that i can't say things like, "you're the prettiest girl in the world" to eva, because she repeats it at school. i honestly harbor no feelings of hostility towards other girls in the world, but of course i think eva is the cutest. i imagine every parent feels that way about their children. the other day, henry told me that he told all of his friends that he was made of pure muscle, because that is something i have said to him before (it's true, he's like baby hercules). however, when he told his friends this, they all laughed at him and told him he wasn't as strong as they were. i'm sure that's a normal reaction for seven-year old boys to have...but i didn't like that kids were making fun of my boy. especially over something that i said.

so now i have to be ultra aware of how i pay compliments to my children. i suppose i shouldn't be comparing them to other children anyways (even if i do think they are both the smartest, best-looking kids around)...but how do you teach your child to be confident without being cocky? it's a tough one.

we must be doing something right, though, because i overheard henry say to chris the other day, "well, i am the most handsome boy in the second grade, but there are more handsome boys than me in the fourth grade." i took that to mean that he is both confident and humble. who knows???

i think you are all the best bloggers in the world (really, i do)!!

megan bird

ps. this is what i wore to the blogger meet-up last saturday.

outfit of the day(bird): writers block and gossip girl

vest~ vintage, thrifted
tank~ H&M
jeans~ thrifted
shoes~ F21
necklaces~ vintage and F21
sunglasses~ Target

i am having major writers block right now. i don't know if it is the lack of sleep or the episodes of Gossip Girl i have been watching during late night ben feedings or what...but my brain isn't quite functioning at it's highest level. and for that, i apologize. if only i had been born into the manhattan elite, like one of the characters in the addictive show that is Gossip Girl, i would have some amazing tales to tell of backstabbing best friends and cheating boyfriends and fabulous parties and underage drinking at the city's hottest clubs and my new chanel bag. but alas, my life is not nearly that exciting. and that is just fine with me. i love my life just the way it is. although, i would totally take a new chanel bag...

this is the outfit i wore to the mn blogger meet-up which was so much fun! thanks again to all the ladies that attended. it was amazing to hang out with all of you! i hope we do it again very soon!

xoxo, gossip girl nora bird

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

inspiration picture for september 24: olivia palermo

blazer! colorful skinny jeans! cozy sweater! chunky accessories! layers! bold fall colors! olivia just might be wearing the perfect fall ensemble. and while i have almost nothing like this in my closet i was too inspired by this look to not use it for inspiration monday. but that's what it's all about, right? being inspired! and we hope you are, too. if you don't know how to play, click here. we will see you on monday!
xoxo, two birds

love*birds: 9.19.12

things i am loving this week:
~ cool mornings. i love sleeping with the windows open when it's a tad chilly outside. while it's harder to get out of bed, there is something so snuggly about being under the covers with the sound of a fall breeze outside.
~ boots. i have worn boots every day this week. i'm not ready for cooler cold weather yet, but i do love being able to pull the boots out!
~ fall festivals. we went to one last weekend, and plan on attending another this weekend. i love crappy fair rides, even crappier candy, and the smiles on the kids' faces when they are running freely through the church parking lot!
~ our new patio. seriously, i love it. especially in this weather, when we can throw a fire on, turn some good tunes on and sit outside all night.

and here are some more things we are loving.

megan bird
vintage frye boots
these.are.gorgeous. i wish i was a size 6. i love the detailing up the sides.

hand knit oversized sweater
to me, this sweater just screams cozy weekend wear. i love the color, the collar and the loose knit. gorgeous!

vintage pink dress
another week, another pink dress that i love. i just need to buy myself a pink dress already, right?

you're my favorite heart sweatshirt
i honestly just plain need this sweatshirt.

feather necklace
i love how this necklace is so delicate, but also makes such a big statement. it's gorgeous!

i love the vintage vibe of roni's (Roni feels nostalgic) dress in this post. i love the bow, the color, and the fact that she paired it with those adorable yellow shoes.

sleeping beauty
like i said, it's so nice to sleep with the windows open this time of year...but it's also so hard to get everyone out of bed!

nora bird
linen blouse

this blouse is so cool. i love the loose fit and the tunic length. it looks so comfy yet so chic at the same time.

spiderweb ballet flats

spiders and their webs totally creep me out...unless they are on a pair of cute flats. these are so great for fall. especially right around halloween!

paper airplane necklace

how cute is this little paper airplane charm? love it! whimsical and fun.

hand knit hat

one way to make wintertime a little more fun...a pixie hat! seriously. cutest winter hat ever.

vintage pullover

this pullover looks so comfy. perfect for fall layering!

emmett of Hippie Lace is seriously the queen of proven perfectly in this post. i never would have thought to put these pieces together in this way, but it totally works!

not so sure
mimi's face in this picture cracks me up. she is still not so sure about her brother...

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds