Monday, August 27, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): clean your room

 dress ~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings ~ Kohls
bracelet ~ thrifted

 i have come to a realization that my house may never be clean. i have two kids, a super hairy dog and a fiance who likes to take his socks off and leave them wherever he takes them off (and this can be anywhere). i am also, at times, lazy when it comes to cleaning up after myself. there are some days when i look at the dishes and think to myself, "these can wait until tomorrow, tonight i need to relax." i am ok with this for the most part, but there are some days when all i want is a clean house and more free time. is this even possible???

when i was a kid, my mom stayed at home with us. all of us. there were five girls within a 13-year age range, so my mom had to deal with all kinds of different messes, from diapers to 30 pairs of shoes in the entryway. i never understood her frustration about it then, but i do now. at the time, i just thought to myself, "that's where shoes belong", but now, every time i trip over my kids' shoes in our entryway, i think of my mom and say a 30-year old silent sorry to her.

however, i also chuckle to myself, because my mom's way of getting us to clean our rooms and the entryway was very unorthodox. you see, when she would get really fed up with the mess, she would just throw it all outside. it wasn't uncommon for us to come home to find piles of shoes, clothes, school notes and cassette tapes spewed along the front lawn. the worst was in the's sometimes hard to find those things in three feet of snow. and oddly enough, it never taught us to stop. we never thought to ourselves, "hey, if i don't pick this up, mom will – and she'll throw it outside." instead, we continued to be the slobs that we were, and she continued to throw it all outside. kids never learn.

i like to think that the act of throwing our stuff outside was somewhat therapeutic to my mom – so we were really doing her a service, right? i'm sure she always looked at it that way.

so sorry mom, for not doing what you asked. i know now what i didn't then...looking at two kids' pairs of shoes in my entryway drives me crazy, i can't even imagine what it was like to see five girls' worth of shoes in yours. and for the regular readers of this blog, you all know how much we birds like our once again, sorry mom. 

megan bird


  1. hahaha love it. i am much better at keeping a clean room now that i live with my husband than when i lived by myself. you look fab by the way!

  2. LOL! I was just having this conversation with my husband. It seems that no matter what I do, the house will NEVER be clean... I may have to borrow your moms method lol.


  3. enjoy the mess and embrace it
    as a new empty nester i can say my house has never looked better, but the quiet and non-activity are high prices to pay
    ps... i want to come rob your earring collection

  4. I think I will start doing this in my house! Shoes are left all over my hallway daily:)

  5. you look beautiful! and what a funny way to get kids to clean! i've called my mom many times since being married to apologize for not cleaning up after myself when I was younger!

  6. What an interesting dress. There is a lot of interest in this dress, and how unique it is.

  7. Ha! My hubby leaves his socks wherever too. It drives me crazy! It seems our house is never clean either and we don't even have kids! But we have a beer making hobby and drum equipment and two cats and yeah. It just doesn't happen some days!

    What a beautiful dress that is! I love it!

    Kudos to your mom staying home with all those girls! My mom stayed home with me - but it was just me! And I give her a lot of credit even with just one, so I give your mom big props man!

  8. WOWZERS!! You look simply beautiful. I love the dress! Moms rock!! Go clean your room. LOL

  9. Oh my gosh, that is so funny that she'd throw your stuff outside! I hate when things are disorganized, but I'm also lazy about cleaning. So my stuff is organized but slightly dirty :)

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  10. I lived alone until I was 28. Everything was tidy, organized, and where I put it. Sometimes I DREAM about that time. I'm overall much happier now, but that doesn't stop me from longing for those cleaner days sometimes. :)

    What IS it with guys and their socks? Andrew's pretty neat, with that exception!


  11. I'm a neat freak and I really hope I stay that way with kinds but I'm not sure that's even possible. I had a roommate that used to "clean" by stacking things she thought were yours in the entry to your was lousy but at least it wasn't outside!

    Gorgeous dress, it looks like origami!

  12. Ha-ha I hear you! :) I am the same way right now. With everything... like when my mom would ask us what we wanted for dinner and we would say "I dont know" and she would get annoyed that she has to come up with something every single time.... yeah... I am feeling that with a BOYFRIEND and no kids. Scary future I have lol. ANYWAY this dress is so pretty on you!


  13. This dress is seriously amazing!!!!!! You look fantastic! And no worries... I am in the same boat. My boyfriend and I are so busy and especially with the puppy, I can't seem to keep our place clean for more than a couple hours!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  14. Megan, I love your stories. I don't have kids but I have 5 pets and a job that enables me to clean all day but my house is still not acceptable by my own standards. My mom stayed home too but we were made to clean our rooms for fear of being yelled at and possibly punished. I shared a room with 2 sisters my entire childhood which was tight so there was no room for a mess. Anyway, I gasped for the 2nd time today, the first time was when I heard about tammy's hip and 2nd time was when I saw you in this dress...gasping for different reason but all because I was so surprised. Your dress is magnificent and you look truly gorgeous in it. dawn suitcase vignttes xo

  15. Aagh, this is a great post because I definitely know where you are coming from. My place is a huge mess with three littles and a hubby who doesn't pick up his own socks. It's sad to say but one of the reasons I'm looking forward to back-to-school is more time for me during the day to clean.

  16. This is such a unique dress - I really like the print. You look great! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  17. Sigh, I do remember the days of picking up after everyone...and actively defend any woman's housekeeping if she is dealing with a house full of children. I like your mother's solution.

    On a very different note, this dress is simply GORGEOUS on you.

  18. First off, that dress is so unique and so stunning, what a beautiful find! Secondly, I am with you and I don't have the kids (just two hairy cats and a hairy boyfriend!) I am very messy and as much as I'd love a clean house, it's just not for me, I like to think that messiness is a sign of creativity!

  19. Okay, first of all.... I cannot get over how STUNNING you look in that dress!! Seriously... amazing! Second of all... LOVE the fact your mom would just throw the mess outside... sorta genius!
    Want to get together for coffee/happy hour one of these days???


  20. That story about your mom is hilarious- and it's even funnier that you think back on it now and wonder why you didn't learn! My HH is very tidy, but I'm not and neither are the cat nor dog. I've been spending a lot of time picking up loose dog fur. Ugh. Anyway... your dress is SO cool!

  21. That dress is so pretty and the shape is so unique!! What an awesome find. My mom had similar problems having 3 girls that were all teenagers at once, just the other night she was threatening to throw my sisters mess outside! Haha


  22. You look stunning in this dress! It's gorgeous!

  23. You look great in that dress! Love your blog, I can relate to way too many of your stories.
    One Chic Mom

  24. I has the same realisation last week. My boyfriend is a farmer and constantly covered in mud, grease or worse! And I have cats. Two of them that bring in all kinds of wildlife (dead and alive). I try to keep a clean house but I am always playing a losing game, I also apologise to my Mum, sometimes in person. She just laughs at me and says 'what goes around comes around' and I think she's rather enjoying it!