Wednesday, August 8, 2012

love*birds: 8.8.12

things i am loving this week:
~ our little sister is coming into town this weekend! family time!!
~ hopefully that family time will include one more member!
~ i looked and looked and looked, and i think i finally found all the cozy cushions i need for our patio furniture!
~ the weather is cooling down just a that cozy patio furniture will be put to good use.
~ icy hot. i don't know exactly what this stuff is, but i put it on my sore back at night before going to bed. it might not cure my pain, but it sure does numb it enough for me to sleep at night!
~ ginger ale. with my belly issues this week, i have been drinking this stuff like crazy. and it helps (plus it's delicious)! i just bought some fresh ginger to make my own little treats.

and here are some other things we love this week.

megan bird
peter pan collar heart dress
i'm sure i have expressed my love of all things with hearts on them. at least all clothing items. maybe i dress like a five-year old...i don't care. this dress is so cute, with the hearts and the peter pan collar. and if you look close enough, there are the cutest little bows underneath that collar!

heart cut-out shirt
i just want to make sure that you all knew i was serious about loving all heart clothing. and cut-outs (provided the cut-outs are nowhere near fat pockets on my body). this shirt is adorable!

woodland bangle bracelet set
i love this set! the feather is gorgeous and the two stones are such perfect colors to match it!

vintage fringe cowboy boots
by the time you read this blog, these boots may be sold....and on their way to my house. that's how much i love them. i'm thinking of rationalizations as i type.

chevron infiniti scarf
i think this scarf would be perfect for any season, and with any outfit. i love the simple black and white, and who doesn't love a chevron?

jen of 'Filling up my cup' wrote a great post called 'In Defense of a Princess'. she basically articulated my feelings about little girls loving pink and princesses. as the mother of a five-year old girl, i can certainly relate to all that she has to say!

go usa!
there is nothing i love more than a picture of my kids in the midst of a natural belly laugh. add to that the fact that they are wearing the same shirt, and you've got instant cuteness!

nora bird

vintage. gold. oxfords. amazing.

1970s day dress

i love the pretty hydrangea print on this chic vintage dress. plus, it looks so comfy!

horseshoe vintage resin pendant

a gorgeous vintage horseshoe pendant embedded in a clear, handmade resin bead. such a pretty and unique piece!

black cat dress

such a sweet little dress! the black cat print is so cool. i think any little girl would love to wear this.

70s wooden platform heels

i know...another pair of shoes. but i have been searching for the perfect pair of vintage sandals and i think i may have found them. i love these!

how gorgeous does corinne of Life Etc. look in this adorable summer outfit? this may be the perfect ensemble for wandering the streets of italy!

my sister, izzy, painted mimi's nails (fingers and toes!) for the first time yesterday. needless to say, mimi was overjoyed! and it was pretty dang cute!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. yeah for family time!! Enjoy!! and I want that leaf bracelet!!

  2. anthro has an adult cat dress made from the same fabric! i really want it. and i love that chevron scarf. and i like stuff with hearts and animals and 'childish' things because being an adult is overrated and i want to wear jelly flats to the office (and do.)

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. Ohhhh I love IcyHot! And hooray for cooler weather (send some our way?) and putting the patio furniture to use.

    Those gold oxfords are really cool - so fun for fall.

  4. You are adorable (so are your kids :)
    I love how you pour out your heart in your blogging and make us all feel we know you.

    Your style is adorable and I want so much of what you post. Fabulous choices here!!

    Glad I found you,

  5. So many great finds! Thank you for featuring my vintage high heel sandals.

  6. The Peter Pan dress..... ohhh that dress is lovely! I adore it! I want it! :) cute choice.

    xoxo, Amy

  7. I don't know what is in Icy Hot either but my hubby and I both love that stuff when we have a sore back! Also - we've made alcoholic ginger ale before, which I realize may not help with tummy troubles but instead cause them, but still, quite good I must say!

  8. I'm loving all things with hearts on them too. That peter pan collar dress is just so cute. And I totally want to get the cat dress for my niece!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Wow, thanks for the shout out! And I'm loving that scarf, must go check it out now!

  10. Aw loving all of these! going to have to check out Filling up my cup. That scarf is amazing, and that black cat dress is to die for. :) have fun with sister coming!


  11. Im lovin that chevron scarf and also the heart cut out! In my life, Im lovin my little dog and knowing I get to see my mr. this weekend!

  12. Megan, icy hot is the bomb! I am feeling so uninspired that it is actually pathetic so I am glad to have dropped by for inspiration. My house is clean so that accounts for something, right? Anyway, loving the mimi hands which are darling and made me smile. Also loving just about everything you've posted...checking out some of the sites. Love the USA tshirts on your kiddos...very big happy smiles on them. Go USA! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  13. I love that feather bracelet with those gorgeous aqua stones! Beautiful! And I love those baby hands!!

  14. So excited I found your site! Such great stuff! Now following along!

  15. What a beautiful collection! Thank you so much for featuring my black and white chevron infinity scarf!

  16. Nothing better than the gold/turquoise combination for jewelry! And what cute bitty fingernails :)

    <3 Cambria

  17. I am loving muffins this week... lots and lots of muffins! and nail polish!

  18. thanks for including me in the post! xx

  19. That heart cut-out shirt is the cutest thing! I'm in love with the gold oxfords!

  20. Aside from Inspiration Monday, I always look forward to your finds on Etsy. I love the vintage dress!

  21. Fat pockets- hahahahaha! It's awesome because it's true. That chevron scarf and oxfords are great!

  22. who doesn't love a chevron? Have a huge chevron crush going on right now...

  23. that bangle bracelet set is sooo me. Love the chevron too!!!! xO!