Wednesday, August 15, 2012

love*birds: 8.15.12

things i am loving this week:
~ thai food. the whole family got together this week and ordered a crap-ton of thai food. you can't go wrong with coconut anything.
~ family time. i know, we used this one last week. but our baby sister is in town and we have filled our week with laziness and laughter.
~ i love that our families are all friends. by that, i mean that all of our in-laws get along.
~ we went to visit a few stores this week. they will be sponsoring the blogger meet-up we are having next month. if you live in minnesota, you need to check these stores out. seriously, i couldn't be more impressed with their service and product.*

here are some other things we are loving this week.

nora bird
vintage cropped plaid jacket
i know that it's still summer, but fall is just around the corner. and you can't get much better than these fall colors. this jacket is perfect for layering...i can see it with a skirt and riding boots or jeans and a t-shirt!

time travel print
they couldn't have said it better in their description:  "frame and hang this illustration on your wall as a reminder to be adventurous and try new things! It's time to travel people ♥ ". perfect, right?

owl dreamcatcher
with baby on the way, i can't stop thinking of ways to decorate the room. this plush dreamcatcher is perfect for boys and girls the same!

          vintage tan flat sandals          
hopefully my feet will go back to normal soon, but in the meantime, and even not in the meantime, these are the perfect summer shoe!

60s tangerine babydoll dress
ok, maybe i don't want fall to come too quickly. i have been loving babydoll dresses a lot lately, and the color and collar of this dress are so perfect!

speaking of darling dresses, check out kezzie of kezziag in her gorgeous polka dot dress. seriously, i need this dress!

hug your brother
mimi is excited to meet her little brother. let's all hope it happens soon!!

megan bird
birds and bow dress
i love the vintage feel of this dress, not to mention the bow collar and the little birds on a wire pattern. so adorable!!

vintage riding boots
are riding boots a good birthing present? because these are nora's size. while i wish they were my size, she is definitely a close second on who i would rather have these boots!

square dancin' vintage skirt
what a fun skirt! it would go great with the boots above! or with any boots in my closet. no?

silhouette clutch
i think this little purse would make the cutest bridesmaid's gift. or any kind of cute!

spiked beaded statement necklace
i love this necklace. it's so unique and would make any outfit stand out!

callie of Coffee and Cardigans has the cutest ideas for trasforming plain white t-shirts. check out her fab tee makeovers here and here. and if you need more embellishment on your tees, check out the cute katie from for Lauren and Lauren and her cute sailboat tee diy.

take one, leave one library
these little libraries are popping up all over minneapolis. they are basically a small little outdoor library that people put in their yards. the idea is that if you want a book, you take one and if you have a book, you give one. there are both adult and children's books inside. we plan on taking the kids to this one tonight (it's two blocks from our house) to drop off a few books.

what are you loving today?
two birds

* ethique nouveau
* little bird on grand
* sweet bakeshop


  1. I LOVE thai food!! it's been too long since I've had some! and that dreamcatcher is so cute!

  2. That birds and bow dress is so cute! I think Nora would LOVE those boots as a push present :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Aw, gotta love family time! Makes me miss hanging out with mine.

    Love the vintage flat sandals - so cute :)

    Annnnnd now I want Thai food.

  4. Okay Nora that picture is SO cute.... :) Megan I pretty much love everything... I pretty much need those boots in my life. :)


  5. I'm super excited for the blogger meet up! Can't wait to see all the giveaway goodies in person. And I'm totally in love with that blue spiked necklace!!

  6. REALLY digging that travel map and those riding boots. And super psyched for the blogger meet up!!! I can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby, have that little one soon!

    <3 Cambria

  7. "Crap-ton" is to be my new favourite word - I can't get enough of it!

  8. Adorable picture of Mimi and baby, and I like the idea of the take one, leave one library. :)

  9. OOOO, I love the little library idea! And, while I enjoyed the whole post, the best picture ever award has to go to the picture of Mimi and baby brother bump!

  10. Getting so excited for that blogger meet up!!

  11. I read about a few of those mini libraries in Seattle and I am crazy about that idea! It's just so friendly! Also- birthing presents? Is that a thing? Because it's a great idea! The silhouette clutch is so cute, too!

  12. Love the library idea! And yes, yum to anything coconut...Thai is awesome :)

  13. Nora I love thai food too! And that babydoll dress is darling!! Megan, that sillouette purse is so perfect!


  14. OMG! I so totally LOVE the idea of that Library! Such a neat idea incorporating so many valuable lessons for today, like trust, sharing etc.
    Wish this catches on and travels WEST!
    Have a wonderful day!

    XOXO Dana

  15. Wish that skirt was my size! They have lots of great vintage in that etsy store! <3

    Running a give-a-way to win your choice in a piece of clothing from eshakti!

    You should stop by!

    <3 emma

  16. Ah, thanks for the blog-love: That's really sweet of you!
    That library idea is brilliant!

  17. love all of this, great inspiration!

    I would love if you could check out my blog :)

  18. thank you for sharing my post!!! that made me so happy!! and I also really liked molly's post!!