Friday, August 31, 2012

is it bad?: prom

shorts ~ Marshalls
tank ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ sister's
earrings ~ F21
necklace ~ Heartbreaker

~ is it bad that i watched the movie Prom yesterday?
~ is it bad that i liked it?
~ is it bad that it made me cry?
~ is it bad that it made me cry more than once?
~ is it bad that it made me cry four times?
~ is it bad that i now have a small crush on one of the actors in Prom? (this guy)
~ is it bad that my house is a mess and all i want to do is watch bad teen movies?

that's all i got...time to clean the house!
megan bird


  1. nope not bad. not even a tiny bit. life too short to scrub a floor!

  2. Haha, no I love watching random movies like that, they are such good distractions! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I LOVE teen movies!! I think I need to watch one. or two. this weekend. LOVE this outfit with those shoes!

  4. Megan, you look super fit and can I just borrow your legs so I can see how it feels to wear shorts like yours and look damn good? Cry all you want, it cleanses the eyes. Also 2 things, I can't put your twobirds button back on my blog, how it got deleted I will never know. Everytime I try to copy and paste it comes up on my side bar??? Also, I have already posted for today so I will make a point to link up next Friday. Enjoy!! dawn suitcase vignettesxo

  5. Teen movies sound a lot more fun than house cleaning!

  6. i have never even heard of that movie! and this color is so cute on you!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Is it bad that I've never heard of that movie? It sounds cute though!

    I love that aqua top, it's pretty!

  8. That top is really cute! I'm loving sleeveless blouses lately. I don't think I've ever seen that movie, hmm. I'm mad I forgot about the link up! Maybe next week I'll join in :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my jewelry giveaway!

  9. Bahaha. I completely understand. Seemingly the only thing I can do on my night off during the week is watch Dance Moms and Project Runway...doesn't make me so productive.

    <3 Cambria

  10. gorgeous outfit!

  11. This simple outfit may be one of my favorites of yours, teal is SO your color and damn, you got some gams, gal!

    Errr Teen Mom made me get misty, I feel like that's on par with Prom-related tears. Have a good weekend!

  12. I could watch Clueless every day! I think I've already seen it about 50 times and know much of the script. So... enjoy your movies!

  13. I don't think that's bad at all :)
    Love that turquoise colour on you

  14. i too am a fan of teen movies, tv, & fiction. i don't think i've heard of that movie. it sounds like a horror flick, like carrie.

  15. Cute tank and I love the shoes!


  16. I still love teen movies! Sometimes I just need a good afternoon of wine and Mean Girls!

  17. Not bad at all! I even watch Disney Channel movies and they get to me lol. Love the color of your top :)