Wednesday, August 22, 2012

inspiration picture for august 27: jessica alba

the inspiration
jessica alba
i feel like we just keep circling back to jessica alba for inspiration monday. i hope no one minds. she just has such great doesn't matter if she's going for dressy or casual, she gets it right just about every time! i'm loving the transitional outfit here....blazer and jeans but still some fun colorblock sandals. this is how i plan on dressing until my naked toes can no longer handle the cold! i fight winter every year....and winter always wins.

join us on monday if you want...naked toes are welcome. if you don't know how to play along with inspiration monday, click here to see how it's done!

two birds

ps. we will also be starting the "is it bad?" link up on friday, august 24. we hope you can join in on that one, too. to see the original post, click here and then come back on friday with your own "is it bad?" thoughts!


  1. Yippee!!! I will actually be home from my holiday and might actually be able to do this one on time...and I have the outfit in my head already xx

  2. Amazing!!!!!!!


  3. Love this outfit, Jessica Alba certainly has the fashion thing down pat!

    Can't wait for Friday!

  4. She has cute outfits, she's a good choice! Hmm, I really want to take part, I have an outfit, but I'm going to be in France on Monday, sans computer- eeek, is there any way round the linkie thing? I can schedule...?!

  5. cracking up at the paparazzi behind her
    is that part of the challenge optional? lol

  6. She really is great for inspiration. Her and Jennifer Aniston seem to know how to do the simple but chic look perfectly.

  7. all i want to do is copy her look!! but it is supposed to be hot here the next two days! not sure i can handle jeans and a blazer yet!

  8. Nice look! Relaxed but stylish. And I loved your Is It Bad post! I'll try to join in!

  9. Her shoes totally make her outfit. I gotta see what I have in the shoe department. dawn xo