Monday, August 27, 2012

inspiration monday: stadium

the inspiration
jessica alba
megan bird

jeggings ~ H&M
blazer ~ Target
tank ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ Kohls

on saturday morning, i woke up earlier than the rest of the family and decided it was a good day to try a new workout. i had read a blog post earlier in the week about stadium workouts, and decided that i needed to try it myself (actually ever since jack met desmond in the stadium on Lost, i have wanted to try this type of workout. "see you in another life, brother.") anyways, i digress. 

i got out of bed and told chris i was headed to the local high school to work out. he laughed at me and told me there was no way i was going to be able to get in. i had seen people running the tracks there before, so i just assumed he was wrong. he wasn't. i got to the school, looked at the 10-foot fence, circled the perimeter, and tried to see if i could squeeze through a small crack (i couldn't), before finally deciding that i would scale the fence. (cue julia roberts in Pretty Woman, "big mistake!")

i started climbing and realized, a little too late, that the holes in the fence were a little too small for my feet. but i kept going (and slipping), and once i was over the top, there was no going back. i made it over (with minimal damage to my crotch), jumped to the ground and walked toward the track...only to see another fence. i was literally trapped under the bleachers, and all i could think was that they sure have made things more secure since i was in high school. i had a couple options. 1. i could scale the fence again (crotch be damned) and find another way to get in that wasn't under the bleachers. 2. i could leave. I chose #2. it was way too much work, and at this point, i imagined that all the people in their houses drinking coffee across the street were probably laughing at me. so i scaled the fence again, cell phone and car keys tucked into my sports bra, nearly tearing my pants at the top of the fence, and left.

in the end, i realized that all i really needed was a tall set of stairs and a running path, which are all on the parkway near my house. so i did the same workout, legally, which is a good thing, because it after this workout*, i would not have produced a pretty mugshot**.

megan bird

*if you're looking for a good workout, check this out. you may feel like throwing up a little on the 8th double stair run, but it's worth it!
** as i was running steps on the parkway, i did hear police sirens and silently said a quick thanks to myself for choosing option #2.


  1. love the blazer with the jeans! and that is so funny. I'm impressed you still went to work out! :)

  2. Lol the things we do to stay in shape...I wonder if men would be that daring... You look cute..good job on pulling off the Jessica Alba look. I hope that your sister and her new son are doing well.

  3. Haha! I would have left too - that sounds intense. I haven't climbed a fence in forever, and I probably couldn't even get over one at this point. Glad your crotch was ok and you weren't taken to jail :D

    Lovin' the blazer/jeans/sandals combo - I will need to try this when it's a little cooler.

  4. Haha! This is hilarious! I can just picture the whole thing in my head. Well done for going to work out elsewhere. I think I would have gone home totally defeated!
    Love the outfit, I'm sporting mine today although it is a tad chilly but can't post until Thursday...

  5. Love your interpretation! Haha, I would have stopped at the sight of the fence and turned right around! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Your story cracked me up--that's a very secure high school track! I bet you got a good workout scaling that fence though, I probably wouldn't have even made it that far. I loved this week's inspiration photo and your take on it!

  7. I can't believe how secure that school is! I don't think my local high school (which happens to be my alma mater) is that secure! Then again, I've never been there to try the track. I would have chose option 2 as well I think!

    I love the fun print on your top! The jacket is cute too. I wish it would get cooler so we can start wearing jackets all the time!

  8. Love what you've done with this look; the fun print on the top and your earrings in particular.

    You crack me up lady...but, um, could you be a little less funny when I'm drinking coffee? My monitor needs cleaning now. Again. =)

  9. Oh my god, that moment of horror when you realized you were under the bleachers must have been horrible! I'm so glad you got out of there! You look great in this blazer!

  10. You are hilarious. I would've given up after the fence and just gone home.:)

    Love that printed tank! It's great with the blazer.

  11. HAHAH! I would have loved to been peeking in on you scaling the fences!


  12. Haha! I don't think I've ever scaled a fence before, let alone scale one to workout! You are hardcore, Megan!

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  13. Love the blazer/jeans's such a relaxed but classy way to wear a blazer! Your posts are also such fun to always bring a smile to my face :)

    <3 Cambria

  14. Oh the things we do just to stay fit and in shape. hehehe... I love the blazer as well. I have been on the lookout for black blazer so hoping I can score me a good one. I hope to participate next time. My blazers are all back in our old house and all I have here in our new house are all summery clothes. Anyway, you are looking good.

  15. Love your take on this outfit! I love your blazer :)


  16. love that printed top and those earrings are just too fabulous!

  17. Sounds like quite the weekend adventure! I'm sure scaling that fence counts as a workout all in itself! Thanks for sharing - this post definitely made me laugh! Also loving today's outfit! I have that same blazer from Target and really adore it!


  18. love this! and wow - sounds like you had quite a weekend!!! i can barely climb stairs let alone a fence!! lol

  19. Megan, you have the kinda crazy spirit in you that I love about people. Love your dedication to working out. Love your jeans rolled up with those adorable shoes. I am so glad you picked something like this. Just perfect for today. We are changing to work depressing. I need to get a new job that allows for a creative wardrobe. I will be wearing chinos, dickies no less, and a polo shirt that is sunflower yellow. WTH? Such a crappy look. Anyway, is that house for sale behind you? I am moving in next week so I can stalk your closet and borrow your clothing. Have a great day, i am impressed with your fence climbing skills. thanks for hosting today. Hey to Nora bird!! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  20. omg megan, you're crazy! ;) i'm so glad you didn't seriously hurt yourself or get busted. totally fun outfit, & i so am digging those earrings.

  21. Haha so funny! You look great! The magic of a blazer right?

  22. Love your version of the look even better, the printed top makes it more interesting !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  23. Haha! Climbing that fence took some serious determination! I've always loved that scene from Lost too...
    I've been walking these crazy steps at Baldwin Hills here in LA. Climbing stairs is a crazy-good workout!


  24. That tank is SO pretty I love the color! It looks so chic with your blazer! Love the outfit and your story ha. I can totally see myself doing that. I run on the track at the high school near our apartment but ours isnt so...high tec? Anyway, that workout looks hardcore!


    P.S. You can go ahead and delete that first link I posted (PLEASE) I somehow managed to link to the wrong site...

  25. Love your color combo of black and pink together!

    Sounds like scaling the fence twice would be workout enough! Wow that's a crazy story. I'm going to check out that workout though.

  26. Hey Megan! Thanks for linking me up! You look lovely in this outfit- the blazer is great! I'm back from France- just!
    You are crazy with the fence! I had the most horrendous dream a couple of weeks ago where my sister and I were stuck two sides of a fence which was an 'anti-climb' one and she tried to climb it and somehow sliced all her fingers open or slit them off or something (I woke up at the point she was screaming hysterically) so please please please don't climb one again for my sense of peace!!!
    Love all the other posts this week- don't worry too much about your daughter, she'll be fine and that's perfectly natural to be upset about it- it's all new isn't it!