Monday, August 6, 2012

inspiration monday: don't be afraid of the dark

the inspiration
katie holmes

megan bird

dress ~ two birds
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ F21
bracelets ~ F21, Dots

nora bird

dress~ H&M, thrifted
leggings~ Simply Vera, Kohls
shoes~ vintage, thrifted

friday night, i spent the whole night in front of the computer. well, first the kids and i went on a city-wide search for patio cushions, then we went to goodwill and did some thrifting, and then after we got home and they went to bed, i spent the whole night in front of the computer (searching for the patio cushions we never found on the city-wide search).

the only reason i tell you this is because when chris told me he was going out with a friend on friday, i was kind of excited to just sit in front of the tv and watch law & order until i fell asleep. i needed a lazy night. and i guess i had one, it just didn't go as planned.

so that very long introduction leads me to this....i stayed up later than i wanted searching on the computer, and not joking, literally as i was walking up the stairs to go to bed to watch a little l&o, the wind started blowing like crazy outside and our power went out. at the time it went out, i was just hitting the remote to lock all of our doors..and the alarm started ringing, just two rings and then it went silent. so my first irrational thought was that someone had cut our power to break into the house. clearly i watch too many law & order reruns. my second thought was that my phone was almost dead and chris wasn't home. i wanted to bring the kids into the bedroom with me, not because they were scared (they were sound asleep still), but because i wanted to have people near me. i settled for the dog. (it's amazing how safe a dog can make you feel. he often accompanies me into the basement when i do laundry at night.) 

at this point, i realized that all of our flashlights were in the scamp outside, and there was no way in hell i was walking outside into a pitch black, windy horror movie set. so i settled for a candle. but that meant i had to walk downstairs. as i worked up the courage to get out of bed and walk downstairs by myself (wait, get the dog), lighting struck and i swear i saw a scary little girl in braids and a nightgown smiling at me from the hallway.

i risked what little power i had left in my phone and texted chris saying, "our power is out. my phone is dying. i am scared." to his credit, he hopped in a cab and came home to comfort me.

i know, i am a grown woman. i should not be scared of the dark. but i am. the lights go out, the thunder's booming, the wind is blowing, and suddenly i am a five-year old terrified to let my arm hang from the bed in fear of a monster grabbing it.

are you scared of the dark?

happy monday!
two birds


  1. This would have scared me too! I live in a rural area and sometimes the smallest thing can spook me when I'm home alone. One night I noticed that the loft hatch was open. We never go up there and as I was downstairs texting my other half I heard a thump. It was one of my cats jumping down from the wardrobe but, of course, I thought it was an maniac dropping through he loft hatch to get me. I froze and remained that way until my other half came home. Luckily he was back in a flash after my 'I'm scared' text... aren't men wonderful?
    Love both of your outfits this week. I think I need to get me a chambray dress (once my spending ban is over of course).

  2. You both look stunning and, in my opinion, outdid the original outfit by a country mile.

    That would be very scary; way back when I was a single mom living far out in the country I would not sleep when the power went out. Not a wink! Instead, I would sit outside my daughter's bedroom with a torch (flashlight) and a book, standing guard until the power came back on. Don't we feel silly when power comes back on though!

  3. Megan I love your look so much with that cute dress (its a great shape) and the matching belt and earrings. I get freaked out so easily. Such a wuss! x

  4. I love your description of being alone in the dark... and YES, I am terrified of darkness (and storms too like a 6 yr old). I leap into bed in case there is something living underneath, and I check behind the shower curtain when I use the bathroom in the middle of the night (because clearly a man with a knife could be standing inside).

    Love the outfits! That mint green belt is really cute. And is it terrible that I grinned when I saw Katie Holmes' cellulite above her knee? Stars...they're just like us!

  5. Eeek! The scary girl in pigtails part creeped me out, and I wasn't even there. I completely agree - my dog definitely makes me feel safer when my husband isn't around. I know that if someone actually came in, my dog would probably just jump up on the person and try to lick their face, but at least she would bark first and warn me. Even the cat is comforting because I can blame any noise I hear on her knocking something off a counter.

    As for the outfits, I agree with a previous commenter - you both look great and definitely outdid Katie Holmes' original outfit!

  6. First of all megan - I love your outfit better than Katie's, and norah I love your cute shoes! and I hate being home alone during the night. I like the evening part (being alone, watching what I want, etc.) but as soon as I get in bed I hate it. I now sleep at my parents when my husband is out of town!

  7. Lol, you described your experience so well that I almost saw that little girl in pigtails! She had bare feet, right?!

    Both nice outfits and great interpretations of the inspiration picture.


  8. You had me laughing at this story Megan. I am and have always been afraid to be alone in the dark. I busted out laughing when you said scary movie set. This is really how my imagination works too...especially living in a wooded setting. The imagery of me in a long white nightgown running thru the woods in a storm as I trip and fall while someone is chasing me. Anyway, you look beautiful and your hair looks voluminous and gorgeous. Love the dress, I may have bought something similar yesterday while thrifting. Nora, I guess you are not afraid of the dark. Love your shoes, color is so vibrant and I think your dress is closer to what I bought yesterday. Love this color on you, hugs you perfectly in all the right spots...just adorable. Where's Mimi and Eva your mini me?

  9. Oh the dark is not my favorite! Your story reminds me of a friend of mine's story - she was alone at her family cabin during a storm when the power went out and a creepy person actually came to the door too! Eeek.

    Love your dress Megan and your shoes! And Nora I love that tunic and your shoes as well and I hope you're hanging in all right! Come on baby boy!

  10. You both look SO cute in those outfits - love it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. I'm not afraid of the dark... though I must admit, whenever I have to go outside late at night by myself in my yard it freaks me out a bit. I never know what creatures might be lurking out there. Love the blue on both of you!

  12. You both look great -- love the pops of teal and green! :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life Style

  13. great inspirations. love both! i saw this look by katie holmes on another person's blog, too. :)

    Adam ❤ Alex Mommy

  14. I still get a little freaked out when the power goes out. Something about dark houses can be unsettling - especially when you're dealing with thunder, lightening, and things that may or may not be there in the dark. On a happier note, both of these outfits are darling! I love the bright pops of green and blue from the shoes/accessories. Thanks for hosting another fun inspiration Monday, ladies!


  15. SUCH great interpretations from both of you - you look gorgeous!!and yeah... i am TERRIFIED of the dark. don't judge :(

  16. I love how you paired yours with fun accessories, definitely made the dress stand out. I used to be afraid of the dark, but now, I'm like what's the worse that can happen. As long as I have my phone and car keys in reach, I'm good.. lol

  17. I love both of these outfits! :) Um and yes, I am awful as well, and would probably make my boyfriend come home as well. Ha-ha. Last night I thought I heard someone go into my car in my driveway.. got a little spooked then ignored it. So then later on I go to find my keys that I thought I left in the car, and at first I couldn't find them. MY rational thought was that someone broke into my car to steal my keys to be able to break into the house later... LOL.... I like reading blogs that tell those stories because it makes me feel less crazy! :)

  18. You both nailed it! Lovely inspiration too, casual but chic :)

    Indie by heart

  19. You both nailed it! Wow. I absolutely love both of your outfits!


  20. I like the turquoise belt much better than Katie Holmes' brown one! The color of the dress is gorgeous and it looks so good on you both!

    I am totally, utterly terrified of the dark. So is my little shepherd mix. It's actually quite sad. While we're cuddling together shaking, screaming at every shadow and noise, our pit bull and my husband are running around completely unfazed. Hmmmph.

  21. Nice blogg!!
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  22. I always find here ideas to inspire me and tips to look better.

  23. Katie Holmes always looks great. I am not really afraid of the dark, but since we have had a few trees in the neighborhood fall down this summer, I am a little nervous about storms.

  24. I would have been the same way! When my husband is out of town, I sleep with so many lights on throughout the house, it's ridiculous! Even then I get nervous about every creak or noise I hear. I had high hopes of participating in today's IM, but my outfit was one of those that I thought looked good until I saw the photos. Oh well!

  25. I love the touches of color you two added - Megan's bright belt and Nora's shoes are lovely. :)
    I would freak out too if I thought I saw a little girl standing in my hallway. Whenever I get home and my boyfriend's not there, I immediately turn on all the lights and look around ... silly, I know, but I can't relax until I've checked the place out.

  26. You two look so great! I especially like Megan's belt and Nora's shoes! And I just realized that's what the comment ahead of mine just said. Great minds... I'm not usually scared of the dark, but heights get me pretty good...

  27. Gee whiz these two outfits are some of my favourite inspirations yet...I love the chambray tunic and leggings, looks so adorably vintage...and that blue dress pairs so well with the turquoise belt!

    <3 Cambria

  28. I think I like both of your outfits more than Katie's! You both look so pretty, love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  29. Yep, I just cackled out loud! Awesome.

    Thanks for dropping by the blog. New follower here!!!

  30. Perfect inspiration recreation!! And I a HUGE scaredy cat too!!! I hate staying alone...

  31. LOL Megan! Im afraid least your dog was there to keep you company :)

  32. Megan - your replica is pretty dang right on! great job!

    Nora - I love the posing along with the bump. You rock!

    Thanks to both of you for encouraging my bracelet efforts instead of my 59+ year old full body posing. I will get brave -- soon -- I will. :D

  33. I love the replicas! Such great interpretations.

    As for being afraid of the dark, I think everyone has irrational fears - for me, it's bugs. And I don't mean any particular one, just all bugs.. I still scream haha

  34. you two did a great job with the inspiration look
    i especially like the chambray and neon

    i noticed neither of you is sporting a small child as an accessory either. oops wait, maybe a small child in utero counts. :)

    have a great week

  35. Back in Britain, the power only ever cut out once in 20 years, but when I visited my partner in America it cut out twice in 3 weeks- imagine how spooked out I was!

    On another note though, I love the way the earrings 'pop' against your hair- I get frustrated because I feel like my black hair is 'dull' & hard to work with, but this gives me inspiration (so thanks)! =]

  36. O jesus. I would text Matt the same exact thing. I am not afraid of the dark but occasionally decide to flip myself out with "weird" sounds that I definitely made up. Also- Megan. That color combo is gorgeous and I am obsessed with your hair in these pictures!!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  37. Love both the looks! Morgan, that mint belt looks fab on the chambray dress and Nora I love your green flats!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  38. love how the teal-ish/green belt makes the blue pop more than the nude that katie wears. great translated look.

  39. Love the chambray shirt dresses! You both look dress! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Style-Delights on Bloglovin

  40. Hey! Lovely dress, and I like Katie's but what IS chambray? I'm working on getting a IM post up but battery issues as usual so am trying to tidy today in hope I find the missing article! By the way, I am having a giveaway, which is for international also, so please feel free to enter! :-)

  41. Okay, first of all? Nora is pregnant?? Where in the world have I been? Apparently too self absorbed to hop on over here and say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're absolutely adorable with your cute little belly!

    And yes, I most certainly am afraid of the dark. Your little story could have easily been a page out of my own book of life. =)

  42. Soooo cute! You both nailed it! :) Love the blue dress and those heels!


  43. the birds are rocking the blue dresses! what's a scamp, & why is it outside? i really don't know. maybe i should google it.

  44. Finally linked up! Sorry, photo uploading issues! Please come and visit!!!!!!!!!!x