Thursday, August 23, 2012

frugal feathers: run for your life

tank ~ F21, thrifted
shorts ~ COlumbia, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
necklace ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ $9.98 store

i am a morning exerciser. i wake up at 5am every week day and work out. in the summer, i typically run outside, and in the winter, i watch bad tv and use the elliptical in our basement. i really don't mind waking up that early most days. sure, there are a few times i would prefer to stay in bed, and there are a few times that i actually do stay in bed...but then i have to work out after work and i lose out on precious family (and me) time.

in the summer, when i run, i run with one or two friends every day. we run from spring to fall, and for part of that time, it's light out by 5am. but, early spring, and then starting right about now, it's darker and darker in the mornings. luckily, i know the lake path that we run around. i know where it dips, where it curves and where i might need to watch out for errant acorns on the ground. my friend also will often wear a miner's lamp on her head to guide us along. it works is what i'm saying. there is safety in numbers, and her big black lab helps, too.

the other morning, though, our texts didn't cross paths. she thought i wasn't running, i thought she was. so i waited for her on our corner. she didn't show, and i made the creepy decision to run by myself.

 the beautiful thing about minneapolis is that it is covered with trees, bushes, lakes and flowers in the summer. i love it that i live so close to a lake and a creek parkway that i can run/bike/walk on. but, with that beauty comes lots of places for scary people to hide and lots of shadows in the dark. and if you remember this post, you will know that i am afraid of the dark.

needless to say, the whole run, i was thinking to myself that at any given moment, some crazy man was going to come at me from behind a tree. every branch that was moving in the wind was a man walking towards me. every squirrel that ran by was a chainsaw-wielding freak. so i sprinted. i ran so fast around the lake that i might have beat usain bolt's time*. i ran so fast that about halfway through i realized that if someone did in fact start chasing me, i wouldn't have the energy to outrun them. so i walked for a bit to catch my breath. and then a real man did start walking towards me, so i ran again. it turns out he was a friendly old man just getting some exercise.

so i think i will stick to the elliptical from now on if my friends are unavailable. because while i do have the energy for a 30-minute run every morning at 5am, i don't have the energy to deal with my crazy morning drama brain.

megan bird

* definitely not true.

once again, don't forget that tomorrow will be the first link up for "is it bad?". play along if you want!! my original post is here if you want to see what it's all about.


  1. When I was growing up I would disappear for days at a time on the family farm, just camping out and relaxing and usually by myself. Now? No way would I do that!

  2. first of all serious kudos to you for running that early! second that is so great that you can normally do it with a friend!! and I hate running by myself when it's dark or in any kind of forest/park!

  3. I get up to work out in the morning too, my hubby used to go with me, but doesn't right now so I've been on my own this summer and yeah, now that it is getting darker I'm feeling the elliptical calling my name! I let my mind wander too much too in those dark morning shadows!

  4. Love the colors in your outfit! No matter what I try to do, I can never pull myself out of bed to work good for you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I give you so much credit for waking up that early AND running! I do neither :) I'd be terrified to run in the dark by myself too!

    The Tiny Heart
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  6. I would have been totally creeped out. I watch too much Law and Order SVU to feel comfortable running in a city park by myself. I really admire your early rising and running. I really want to retrain my brain to be a morning person. I'm hoping after my move I can settle into a routine like that.

  7. I can totally relate! When I was training for my marathons I'd run early on Saturday mornings through these quiet trails near my house and I'd always wonder if it was a good idea. Leave your route and start time with your husband, that's what I started doing and felt slightly better about it.

    In other news you look marvelous in pink!

  8. Love this combo! You look super cute :) And yes, I am kind of scared for you that you ran by yourself! There are some really creepy people in Minneapolis! Hopefully you won't have to run by yourself again. Also, I wish I could wake up at 5 a.m. to work out... you are a trooper and an inspiration!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  9. I love this simple look!

    I couldn't run in the semi-darkness. I can't believe you wake up that early every day to do it! I feel good about myself when I get it in before 7 am.:) Good for you!

  10. always in awe of runners. i probably rather do anything else in the world beside run!
    love those earrings you are sporting

  11. I love how you mix and match everything here! Great blog dear! I am now following you! Please follow me back!

    Blow A Rainbow

  12. LOL! I would have been spooked a bit too :) Love this look! You have awesome legs lady

  13. I had not realized that you were such a dedicated early morning runner and I'm impressed. Even in my little town, I'm not sure I would have the courage to run so early.

  14. wow im in awe of you getting up at 5 to run, i so wish i had the will power to do that.can i ask, what time do you go to bed to get up at 5? i go to bed a bout midnight most nights and dont think i can function on 5hrs of sleep :( anyway, it totally works for you as your leggies are amazing! i've always thought you had killer legs (in a non stalker wierdo way i assure you). This outfit is super cute, im a huge pink and teal lover! :)xxx have a great weekend hun xx

  15. I love the belt paired with that top!

  16. Megan, I admire your drive. I can see that you exercise regularly with your figure. Love this casual cool outfit and the colors go great together. I am so with you about the dark. It sucks but I deal with it. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  17. I wish I could do that at 5am, at 5am I'm good for nothing!
    I freak myself out about dark places all the time, I'm such a wimp.