Tuesday, July 17, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): don't forget to tip your waitress


 dress ~ garage sale
shoes ~ Target
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted, Dots
earrings ~ hand-me-down from kristin bird

i went to pick the kids up after work on friday from my parents' house and i was welcomed at the door with a chorus of "can we sleep over?" after looking at my mom and not quite being able to decipher the look on her face, i said sure. after all, they hadn't see grandma and grandpa for a month, and i'm sure that after driving for a month throughout much of america and canada, the thing my mom most wanted to do was watch my kids all day and night. 

so, as has come to happen a lot more than we ever expected this summer, chris and i had a night out together. because if you have a sitter, you can't just stay home. am i right? so we threw on our friday best and went to dinner.

the deli we wanted to go to (they serve the best vegetarian pho. yum.) closed at 8:00, and of course we showed up at 7:58. they happen to own a dine-in restaurant right across the street, so we thought we'd test that out.

we were seated right away, which should have been our first indication of how the service and food would go. (after all, it was a friday night in one of the busiest dining districts in minneapolis.) our waitress walked up to us after about 10 minutes of sitting, and she smelled like a cheech and chong movie. it was such a strong scent that we were sure a k-9 dog was going to bust in any minute and quietly sit at her feet. she took our orders and came back with the food about 15 minutes later. at this point, she asked us if we wanted more water (yes, please), and then proceeded to leave us alone for the rest of the (mediocre) dinner. without filling our water, checking in, or asking us if we needed anything else.

i saw her walk by, and when i thought she was back in the kitchen, i looked at chris and said, "we have a horrible waitress". chris gave me the side eye and i looked to my left and there she was. just within ear shot. i'm not sure if she heard me, but i am sure that about 30 seconds later, she came and filled up chris' water glass. just chris' water glass. she then took our leftovers into the kitchen to box them up for us. i'm still scared to eat my leftover fried rice.

we then came home and chris snapped these photos of me. because while most dates end with a kiss, ours usually turns into a late-night blogger photo session.

megan bird


  1. Haha - so true about the night ending with pictures vs a kiss :) I love this look - it's easy breezy beautiful and your arm party is gorgeous too :)


  2. Hmmm, Jasmine 26?

    I still hate myself for not getting those shoes when they were at Target.

  3. HAHA--our dates usually end (or begin!) with a blog photo shoot. Funny story! I would be scared to eat that rice too....

  4. I really don't think you should eat your left overs. Not advisable! And I love the night time photos. I tried once. It didn't work out but yours definitely did!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  5. Haha, I think I'd toss the leftovers!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Aw man, I am so sorry :( We've all had those experiances. At least you looked cute! I love this jumper/dress and those are the perfect summer shoes :)

  7. Ha! I wouldn't go near that rice either!

    Love your stack of bracelets - so pretty:)

  8. Ugh, I hate bad service! Love your arm candy and those shoes!

  9. One time we were out to dinner with my in-laws before we were married (years and years ago, we were a lot younger) and were going to be going to a play, so my husband went across the street to a coffee shop to get a mocha so he wouldn't be tired or something. Meanwhile my MIL had been drinking coffee at the restaurant. My husband was gone the longest time and I said very loudly "How long does it take to get a cup of coffee?" and the waitress came over and totally topped of my MIL's cup and kind of looked at me like "take that rude kid." I was embarrassed.

    Very cute summer outfit though in spite of your less than great night out! Love the arm party!

  10. Sounds like a fun night... I had terrible service last Thursday. Just totally ignored us and then was surprised when we complained.

  11. I love the layered jewelry that compliments the outfit!


  12. Such a cute dress... and those bracelets?! AHHH your arm party is to die for! :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  13. Ha-ha oh man dont you hate when things like that happen? BUT how rude she just filled up Chris water, blah her! I love this dress and the bracelets!


  14. ha ha, I wouldn't eat the rice if I was you!! Hope you had a wonderful evening despite everything


  15. What a horrible story. Sorry you had to endure it. Your bracelets are really cute.

  16. She smelled like a cheech and chong movie- hahahahahaha! Hilarious! I wouldn't eat my leftovers either! You look lovely in this dress and I'm crazy about your leafy bracelet- soooo pretty! And thanks for the tip about the Salvation Army- I had no idea! They're not on my regular thrifting list, but now they're not on it at all! Have a great day!

  17. Gorgeous dress and lovely atmospheric snaps..




  18. I like so much what you are doing here.

  19. WOW! I would not eat that rice at all! Sounds like a date for the record books, you and Chris will laugh for years to come about this one. LOL

    You look great, stripes suit you!

  20. cute dress and LOVE those bracelets!!! i'm laughing because i feel the same way. whenever someone babysits (even if they just watch the girls and we have the baby) we are out the door ASAP looking for a place to eat! i have some friends who will stay at home and relax but i can do that when they go to bed. even if the hubby and i are just wandering around aimlessly looking for things.


  21. I don't blame you for voicing your opinion of the waitress and I wouldn't blame you for not eating the rice.

  22. Your dress is so cute and perfect for warmer weather. I love the arm candy!

  23. I love this outfit! You look so cute all the time. AND I love your personality. It's a win-win!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. Looove this stunning look, wearable but still super elegant! And bad servers are the worst...as someone who served all through uni (even as a lounge server, which REALLY sucked...think lots of creepos) I can sympathize with servers when you can tell they're really busy, but someone who truly doesn't care irritates me. Anything involving food should be treated with a certain level of respect!

    Alexandra xo


  25. adorable dress! that dress looks amazing :)

    xo, samantha

  26. I LOVE that last paragraph - so true and so cute.

    Ugh, I hate bad food service. It's the worst. I love that you called her a bad waitress within earshot and then she blatantly didn't refill your water! Haha! And I also love your description of how she smelled - I can totally picture her now.

    On the bright side, you looked cute :)

  27. Uh, you guys didnt happen to be in Whittier that night, did you? If so, I am pretty sure I know exactly what restaurant you are talking about. Sounds like you were still able to enjoy your night together, though!

  28. Megan that last photo is angelic and gorgeous. I love this garage sale dress. Yes, I read where you get your loot. Love your shoes, they go with everything and of course your story...ooops. Don't eat the rice...DO NOT EAT THE RICE. Did you watch the movie called "Waiting"? Scary, gross and funny. Have a great day, I am including something in my package for you too. dawn xoxo

  29. Too funny girl! Don't eat that leftover rice.. I can't stand bad service at restaurants it's a big pet peeve of mine. No tip for her imo or at least not a good one.