Wednesday, July 18, 2012

love*birds: 7.18.12

things i am loving this week:
~ White Collar. ever seen it? lately, i have been super good about keeping up with the laundry during mimi's naps just so i have an excuse to sit, fold laundry and watch the show on netflix! it is definitely not the best show on tv, but it is entertaining. and matt bomer is the lead actor. 'nuff said.
~ our dear dear friends, the mchughs, just moved to minneapolis from santa barbara. we seriously couldn't be more excited to have them here!
~ we have picked a name for our boy!!! i won't announce it here until he is born, but i love it and am so happy.
~ speaking of our baby boy, i will officially be full term on saturday! the countdown has begun. we will get to meet him soon!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
slouchy horse tee

i love this slouchy, oversized tee. the painted horse print is awesome. this is something i would wear almost every day if it were mine. in fact, i would like quite a few of the tees in this shop! (one for each day of the week, perhaps?)

statement cocktail ring

this retro orange is one of my favorite colors. and i love the size and shape of this statement piece. so cool.

crochet headband

i am growing out my hair and have been wearing a lot of scarves and headbands. i would love to add this adorable crocheted one to my collection. and i just might have to!

metallic accent wedge

gojane is having a sale on all of their wedges right now. i definitely don't need any new shoes, but these might be hard to pass up!

retro toucan lamp

seriously, with this lamp? so awesome.

vivienne really got me thinking with this post about ethical shopping. i think i am doing pretty well, according to her scale, but i will definitely try to be more mindful now when i shop. and doing some research of my own about ethical shopping.

megan and chris came over on saturday to help us christen our new patio! i am excited for when i can enjoy my very own adult beverage out there! soon!

megan bird
mint chocolate chip dress
i am a sucker for a unique dress. if it has a fun print, a cute cut-out or a unique silhouette, i am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. add a name that has one of my favorite ice cream flavors in it and i'm sold!

betsey johnson vintage dress
the 70s might be my favorite decade for clothing. and this dress doesn't disappoint. the gold, the wrap feel, the full skirt...i love it all!

gnome plush toys
i know these are technically called toys or dolls, but i want to line them up on my couch and call them pillows. they are too cute!

canvas cork wedges
i am not sure that i own any pink shoes. ok, maybe i do...but not this color pink. that's enough of a reason to by these beauties, right?

three baubles necklace
i love tassels. i love them on shoes, clothing, jewelry. and then add some layering, some pretty stone and've won me over, beautiful necklace!

i want to duplicate this house and call it my own. seriously, everything about it.

megan the riveter
keesha taught me how to tie a rosie scarf in this post, and while i don't quite do it justice, it was a perfect way to cover my unwashed hair and to hide the frizz from the 100% humidity we experienced last weekend!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. The headband, the horse tee, the shoes... oh my! Stop making me want everything!! :)

  2. i want those horse shirt too!!

  3. I'm loving that headband and those wedges!!!!!!! :)


  4. Yay for a name for baby boy! And there's something about that toucan lamp that I totally love.

    And the gnomes! I love gnomes, I have a little one on my desk at work, so those are right up my alley!

  5. LOVE LOVE White Collar! very cute picks! xo

  6. That's so wonderful that you picked out a name!

    That mint dress is so cute with the front cutout :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Okay, I LOVE that horse top and that Betsey Johnson dress is KILLER! You ladies always find the BEST stuff!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  8. How exciting, you get to meet your son soon! Also, that lamp. I love that lamp.

  9. congrats on choosing a name! can't wait to see some pictures when he is born x


  10. Wow- slightly in love with those blue wedges!

  11. You guys always find the greatest stuff to post on lovebirds! I've bookmarked the gnomes and the shirt site and will go drool over those later!

    Nora, thanks for the link, it means a lot to me!

  12. Nora congrats the new patio! :) I love that headband, and really excited to read that blog post you recommended! Megan I am in love with that betsey johnson vintage dress!!


  13. Love the headscarf (planning on tying my own sometime soon!) and would love to rock that cocktail ring.

    <3 Cambria

  14. So cool! I love a scarf and an adult beverage shared with friends and fam on a cool patio! Enjoy it.

    Thanks for the sweet comments!

  15. Love the mint chocolate chip dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. Beautiful tassel necklace! :)

  17. yay almost full term!!!!! you are on the home stretch now :) can't wait to see / "meet" the lil one!

  18. Congrats Nora youre almost to the finish line!!! You two find the best things to drool over! That cocktail ring is perfect :)
    ps Im so glad the scarf tutorial worked out :) You look great Megan :)

  19. I'm pretty sure I need that chocolate chip dress! And Megan, love the Rosie look:)

  20. Omg love the patio. It looks beautiful back there. Minnesota summers must be so beautiful. Love the headbands too. Gonna try. Dawn suitcase vignettes.

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