Wednesday, July 4, 2012

love*birds: 4th of july

things i am loving this week:
~ we are celebrating independence day today here in the U.S. jim took the rest of the week off and we drove down to his hometown to celebrate with my in-laws. mimi is so excited to be at grandma and grandpa's all week!
~ grilling veggie burgers and veggie dogs, swimming, fourth of july festivals, fireworks, eating watermelon, and drinking lemonade. these are my plans for the immediate future.
~ i know i have mentioned this before, but i take the best naps at my in-law's house. i am excited for some good naps.
~ air conditioning. oh, how i love thee.

and here are a few other fourth of july inspired things that we are loving this week...

nora bird

how much fun is this chalkboard map?! i am just in love with this. so so so cool.

this dress is amazing! i love the bold, red color, the cool triangle cut out, and the kind of space-age shape to the shoulders.

i want to wear this dress every day. it looks so comfy! plus, it has stripes and pockets! and it comes in red, too. i may have to order both! (i also want this dress in both red and blue!)

if these were my size, they would be mine! anyone out there a size nine???

red zebras? blue hippos? seriously, how cute is this coin purse?

for more fourth of july inspired fashions, check out erin's post here. she put together four super cute outfit inspirations! i seriously want to wear each one! (i especially love #2).


mimi has been taking swimming lessons and loving it! she is so happy in the pool! my little fish.

megan bird
green gingham pin-up dress
this is what i want to wear to every fourth of july party i am ever invited to. nothing screams summer like gingham!

american flag twisted turban
i'm not normally a fan of overt fourth of july clothing or accessories. but this isn't too obvious, and it's so cute! i love the twisty aspect of it, and really think i need one!

united states of america watercolor
how great is this? it's cute, it's educational, it's colorful! it would be perfect in either of my kid's rooms!

vintage sandals
these sandals remind me of childhood summers. i am pretty sure i wore a version of them every summer from 5 to 12. and now i want to wear them again.

circus striped dress
how cute is this dress? the stripes, the skirt, the back? i am in love! (and ow cute would it look with those white sandals?)

charity of c'est la belle vie has the perfect summer outfit. it would be wonderful to eat red, white and blue snowcones (with a gumball on top) and watch fireworks. i love the striped maxi with the diy tank. add her fun feathered accessories, and i'm ready for a cold beer on the rooftop!

pool time
chris brought home an 18-foot pool last weekend. it took two days and who knows how much water to fill it. but we're using it. this is our inaugural picture of the fam in the pool. that's probably the closest you will ever see of me in a swimsuit on the blog!

happy 4th of july, everyone. (even if you're not celebrating america's independence, we hope you find another great reason to celebrate today.)

what are you loving this week?
two birds


  1. that sounds like so much fun - I love everything you listed that you will be doing this week and I want to join! : ) love the red triangle cut out dress and wish I had it to wear today! happy 4th of july girl!

  2. Sounds fun! Have a great time napping and eating at the in-laws :) Oh, and I seriously want that chalkboard map - very cool!

  3. I am SO with you on loving the a/c. It's been so hot that I am really thankful for my air conditioning lately! Have a wonderful 4th, ladies!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. A/C is the best invention EVAR!!

    Hope you have a fun trip Nora! Megan, I'm jealous of your pool.

    Happy 4th to you both!

  5. Amen about a/c! Love the pool family portrait! Stay cool!

  6. SO envious of your pool!!!! I love swimming! I'm a size 9 sometimes but that's in UK sizes, I don't understand American sizes!

  7. Very beautiful family you have there! :) I love the red triangle-cute dress!!!! I am sure it will make the wearer feel like a superwoman!


  8. Kind of in love with all those dresses you posted - especially the gingham - so cute! Hope you guys had a great 4th :)

    The Other Side of Gray