Wednesday, July 25, 2012

love*birds: 07.25.12

things i am loving this week:

~ wedding planning. with less than 11 months to go, we are really starting to motor on with the wedding planning. we even have the site secured!!
~ wedding shopping. it's a really good excuse to buy stuff.
~ we are planning the engagement photos. our friend erin will be taking them, and i'm super excited about our collaborative ideas.
~ engagement photo shopping. see the comment above about wedding shopping. i have to wear something new, right? (or at least new to me!)
~ smoothies. we bought a magic bullet a few weeks ago and have already gotten it's full worth. the kids love being able to make their own smoothies every day, and i am finally getting all my servings of fruit every day!
~ my favorite song this week...the boxer, sung by jerry douglas, paul simon and mumford and sons. seriously, take a listen. i could probably listen to it all day without getting sick of it.
~ our blogger buddy, april has been working tirelessly to help her great friend (and super talented musician) get up and running in her musical career. her name is angie atkinson, and you can stream her newly released EP here.
~ my class reunion is this weekend. i won't say what year (20), but i am really excited to see some old friends (pun intended).

and here are some other things we are loving this week.
megan bird
double chiffon pleated skirt
this skirt is so pretty. it's flowy and romantic, and i think it could be worn all year round. (but i want to wear it right now!)
upcycled vintage pink dress
i love talented people who can take something not so cute and make it into something this gorgeous. that's art, in my opinion. for real, click the link and look at the before pic of this dress.

crossbody tassel bag
every gal needs a crossbody bag. and every gal needs a bag with tassels. this one covers it, so every gal needs it!
chunky green platform heels
green shoes, wood heel. love.

i'll love you forever print
i'm going to be honest...i cry every time i read this book. i'm going to be even more honest...i cried a little just reading this quote from the book. i'm a big baby like that. but i love this quote, and i think i need this print.

i pretty much love everything about rachel's (Rachel the Hat) look in this post. from her hair, to her fun dress, to the amazing shoes...i even love the vintage throw in the background.  did i mention her great hair???

swimming under waterfalls

we went camping last weekend, and the place we stayed was littered with waterfalls. it was gorgeous. this is just one of the one we saw (and i swam "under" it, too)!

nora bird
green maxi dress
such a gorgeous maxi dress. i am so in love with the pretty green color. and not only is it pretty, but it looks so comfy!

i recently re-watched the movie Reality Bites and, while feeling nostalgic, began searching for 90s babydoll dresses on etsy. this one is perfect! i love the print and the adorable collar!

zoe espadrille sandal
i just really want these sandals. that is all.

this dress is so sweet and romantic. and it is in such gorgeous vintage condition! i bet wearing it would make me feel like a storybook princess!

i have many, many rings in my jewelry collection, but i own nothing like this. and i would really like to!

i am always looking for new ways to use my cast iron skillet. and i will definitely be making this! yummy!

mimi has been doing so well in her swimming lessons. so much so that her teacher thinks she is already ready for the three-year-old class (and she is not even two and a half)! i am so so so proud of her. this is a photo of her swimming all on her own (with a little help from some flotation devices). it was really amazing to see!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Am I the only idiot here that had NO idea you were planning a wedding?! How exciting! And definitely a great excuse to shop - you NEED a new dress for engagement photos ;)

    So jealous that you got a Magic Bullet, I've wanted one for years and am always worried I won't get enough use out of it, so it's good to know you've used yours a lot.

  2. I want a magic bullet! I love smoothies but hate cleaning the blender! and I love that green maxi dress!

  3. Ohhh wedding planning and everything that goes along with it is SO fun! And you def need something new to wear for engagement pics :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I love, love, love that pretty pink dress! It reminds me of the ballet, and as someone who grew up dancing, I love anything that reminds me of it.

  5. The wedding is such a perfect excuse for shopping! :)

    I love how that pink dress was transformed into such a gorgeous piece!

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

  6. whew, you've certainly got a lot on your plate! Cant wait to hear more about the wedding planning.

  7. You have so much going on, makes me tired just reading about it!

    P.S. Come join the Blogging Besties Swap, live on my blog today! Make a new friend and get fun goodies in the mail!

  8. Yay wedding planning! I love weddings! I have been so nostalgic for my own lately, so it'll be fun to watch you plan yours and live vicariously, lol!!

    And Nora - I've been in a 90's mood too lately! I have been listening to 90's music, don't know why, but I dig it right now!

  9. Those green shoes are awesome! Yay for engagement photos! I love mine because we just look like ourselves in our normal clothes and my camera shy husband is in hundreds of pictures and the photos were taken by someone who knows what they're doing with a camera (although I do love my wedding photos, too!) (Wow, that was a terrible sentence.)

  10. I used to be a fish when I was little. LOVED my swimming lessons. Congrats to Mimi! Also, Megan, I'm so excited to take your engagement pictures :) Can't wait!

  11. I want that green maxi dress and zoe sandals. Oh wedding planning, so fun (most of the time)! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Oh oh oh, my level of excitement for your wedding and engagement photos is just sky high! I can't WAIT to see what you've picked out to wear...where you take photos...the poses you choose :) ANd I bet your wedding is going to be totally epic. Serious excitement here.

    <3 Cambria

  13. financial planners

    You have good taste in fashion. I love that green dress with peter pan collar. Its simple and sweet. Like a princess indeed.

  14. Ohh! I am going camping soon and I can not wait! :) I love that green maxi dress as well. :)


  15. i love your taste in fashion :)

  16. Just joined you. I've seen you guys for a few weeks since I've been with Vivienne's. She has inspired me a bunch and love the new found focus I have on my site. please join me too? I emphasize thrifting, re-purposing and personal stories. come by and check mine out.

  17. oh forgot to say I love the 'i love forever' pic too.

  18. I have nominated you for the Blog Award. Check it out on my blog. xx

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  20. I mean "cute" piccy of course. Haven't had enough coffee!

  21. OOps sorry for the above confusion - , great floaty skirt, they seem to suit everyone with a casual fitted t - how would you guys wear it I wonder? Lovely piccy of your littlies!

  22. My 20th high reunion is this weekend! I'm having the hardest time deciding what to...

    Those green shows are adorable! I wonder if I could wear them while I teach?

  23. go mimi! i am into the ballerina like skirts. i want to wear them too. the pink dress before, reminds me of something out of the movie carrie. best wishes on the wedding planning. :)

  24. i love the cube rings! And more power to Mimi!

  25. I love that children's book too! The first few times I read it I would almost be in tears by the end.

    That's great for Mimi! My oldest is taking swimming lessons this summer to. It's awesome to see their progress in the pool.

  26. Mimi is so pretty and her hair getting longer is too sweet, how does one wear the cube ring? Anyway, I clicked on the link for the dress and I thought I was watching pretty in pink's dress being transformed. Wow. The model looks like sinead oconnor. You both have such a unique style and love for things. Love Rachel the hat. dawn xo

  27. Thanks so much for the mention for me and for Angie. Y'all rock!

  28. wow i feel so honoured! A mention on my FAV blog! :)You girls are the best xxxx

  29. adorable hänsel und gretel-dress. love.

  30. i love those green chunky heels and i'm dying for that baby doll dress!!! gosh, i've just been obsessed with cut offs and tees lately. prolly cuz it's so hot!!! when i stop nursing i'll be back to the dresses though! i really need to get my girls into swim lessons!

  31. Those green shoes are fantabulous!! I love ones with wooden heels.

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