Monday, July 23, 2012

inspiration monday: kids being kids

the inspiration
kristin cavallari
megan bird

shirt, jeans ~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Opitz
earrings ~ hand-me-downs
scarf ~ F21
glasses ~ thrifted

nora bird

shirt~ b. (a resale shop)
jeans~ gift from Claire (Spinning Threads)
shoes~ Target

this weekend, we went on our third annual, aptly named, "chaos in the woods" camping trip. we go with two other families with children of similar ages to ours. all in all, there are six adults and eight kids, hence the name of the trip.

when we started, our oldest children were all just five years old, and the youngest was a baby. now, our oldest are seven, and the youngest (who wasn't with us yet on year one) is two. it's definitely chaotic, but always fun.

as the years pass, we have all given our children a little more freedom for the weekend. year one, we watched them like hawks, never let them leave our sight. year two, we let them bike around the loop of the campgrounds, but made them check in every time they started a new loop. this year, we may have given them too much freedom.

after being gone for quite a while, here are a few phrases i heard from various members of our clan.

~ (after being told to stay off any of the hiking trails, and only to stay on the bike trails) "we went hiking down a trail and we found a cave and a cliff over the river."
~ "we got to a fence that said if we went any further, we would be electrocuted."
~ "i know we were only supposed to bike, but we wanted to go hunting for bear nests."

i know that as a child, i did the same sort of stuff ~ and i also know that eventually we have to allow our kids to have some freedom. but that doesn't mean it's easy...especially when they are so honest to tell us everything they did wrong after the fact. is ignorance truly bliss when it comes to stuff like this? perhaps. will it stop us from continuing to allow our kids more freedom every year that we go? probably not. just as long as they know that when they are 16 and we are still dragging them along with us for "chaos in the woods 12", they might have to be the ones who are watching after us.

happy monday!
two birds


  1. it sounds like a fabulous weekend! I'd love to go hunting for a bear nest myself...
    I used to climb trees with my brother, fur trees, we'd get to the top and throw ourselves onto the mercy of the branches, we'd bounce from one branch to another and drop out at the bottom. My Mother would have gone berserk if she'd known!
    Fab outfits!

  2. Aw, I love camping! Sounds like they had fun, and I love the stories they had when returning from exploring :D

    The skinny jean + stripes combo is really cute! I am going to have to copy.

  3. I should've participated in this inspiration monday...stripes and a colored bottom is pretty much my uniform!

    My mom is such a worrier that I was ALWAYS watched like a hawk when I was a kid!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm like Sharon - my mom was a little too protective when it came to that kind of thing! I still got into plenty of trouble with my cousins every now and then though!

    Love both of your looks! I still need more colored pants. I only have a couple of more winter-y pairs! I'll fix that eventually.

  5. Lovely stripes inspiration....all of the images look great!


  6. Man, I fail as a fashion blogger. I need a cool striped top and some cute colorful skinny jeans! **makes list for fall shopping**

  7. You guys are rocking the skinny colored jeans like nobody's business!

    I think I need to invest in a pair or two... :)


  8. Yikes - I would be so nervous to give the kids freedom too! Sounds like they had some awesome adventures though! Love the purple pants, such a great inspiration outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Meagan bird, I really like oyur headband. Nora bird, you nailed the look. Love your sandals


  10. Haha! I would have totally gone with them! Caves, electric fences, cliffs, and bear nests are SO fun! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

  11. Love both the looks ... those shoes are AWESOME! Love the color.

    And chaos in the woods (love the name) sounds like so much fun!


  12. you both look so cute. Nora that look is super cute on you. love the purple pants.

  13. LOVE the inspiration, simple and chic! :) I might mimic this look this week!

  14. You both look so cute - but how are you braving the heat in pants (and Nora in long sleeves)?!;)

  15. Love the stripes, girls!!!

  16. I really love the striped tops. I'm a huge fan of wearing stripes under structured blazers during the fall, too.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. LOVE the stripped tops! I was going to do this this weekend and I had a long sleeve top with long pants and it was just to hot here for that. Both of you look adorable!


  18. Love how you perfectly translated your inspiration!

  19. Such cute outfits!

    That baby bump can't get much bigger! Maybe this week?

  20. I love how you ladies have done your hair in these outfit photos! I'm envious because I lack hair style skills, except for making ponytails. Sounds like camping was really fun!

  21. so happy to join ya'll today
    you both did great looks
    as someone else posted, love the hair looks girls

  22. This was a really fun Inspiration Monday! Thank you guys for hosting. I loved joining in. Love both of the outfits you two ladies are sporting. You can't go wrong with a classic strip shirt and colored denim. Lovely!


  23. Wow! You look stunning dear! I really like all your outfit!


  24. I love your interpretations of the Inspiration style!

  25. Love the stripes, you both look so beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  26. Whoa, whoa- you have to school them young'uns.

    Kids' Rule #1: Never admit you were looking for bear nests.

  27. Yay for stripes! I love Megan's red shoes and Nora's purple pants. :)

  28. I always used to wander off the beaten tracks and go exploring with my friends and would end up getting in quite a bit of trouble from my Mum- kids will be kids! Love both your coloured skinnies and Nora I have the same sandals in bronze, so comfy!

  29. they had fun though, didn't they? great takes on kristin's look.

  30. Oh those bear's nest and bee's trees camping trips all sounds so fabulous. Good on you for letting your kids explore. Currently mine are watching TV, oh dear. Loving the stripes on you two lovelies!

  31. haha, that's hilarious...after the fact and now that they're safe. OMG, that would freak me out! kids are so curious!!! i can't wait to go camping with my girls.

    Nora, I'm sooooo excited you got to wear the jeans! they look so cute on you. and Megan, i absolutely want to fly out and steal those shoes from your closet :)

  32. you both look SO cute! :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life Style

  33. LOVE this, how cute! Love the blog.

  34. Yikes--the kids sound like they've hit the adventurous stage. I was dumbfounded to see Nora in this post--looking lovely. I thought that baby was due on Saturday!

  35. Wow that does sound like quite a camping trip, I find it hectic with just adults! :D I love Megan's amazing shoes and head scarf and Nora's perfect purple jeans. Hope your weeks are off to a great start!

  36. You both look great in stripes. I think these looks are great for everyday. I really do enjoy your inspiration Monday looks.

  37. So cute! The purple pants were great inspiration. You both look great!

  38. Hahaha omgoodness I know I shouldn't laugh, must have been quite stressful for you - but this is just too funny and cute! :)

    Life Etc

  39. love your stripes!

  40. Great inspiration and the interpretations are even better!
    I must be partial to pregnant woman's glow cuz I've been liking Nora's outfits more lately!!! :)

    XOXO Dana

  41. You can never go wrong with stripes and colored jeans!!!!! Loving those purple pair - too fun ladies! :)


  42. It sounds hugely wild and adventurous! BEARS?!?!?!?!! Whoa! My camping trips have never been that audacious!
    Sorry, I am late linking up, I schedule posted yesterday and imagined I'd have time to link but then was no where near a computer until now! I am so impressed at the purple trousers!!! Wow! (totally just remembered I have lilac cropped trousers, WHY didn't I remember that yesterday?!)
    Anyway, looking lovely!