Sunday, July 29, 2012

inspiration monday: henry

the inspiration
ashlee simpson

megan bird

shorts ~ garage sale
shirt ~ vintage, garage sale
booties ~ swap
watch ~ gift from sister
bracelet ~ two birds
necklace ~ Kohls
head scarf ~ Target

nora bird

dress~ thrifted 
boots~ vintage, two birds
necklace~ i like you
headband~ F21

what with all this talk about baby on the way, i started thinking about my two birth stories. i promise i won't get all mooshy wooshy on you (i definitely could, but i won't)...but both of my kid's births were pretty funny. at least after the fact, because during...not much was funny. (except when i kept asking the nurse if i just pooped. cause that's always funny!)

henry was a late baby. he was almost 42 weeks. my doctor is a total hippie (which i love), and really didn't want me to be induced, so, we kept waiting and waiting. i got bigger and bigger. and finally, he told us that i could be induced. the doc told us to call the hospital first thing in the morning on april 1 (yep...april fools!). so i called at 5 am and they told me that there was no room. i was heartbroken. here i was, huge and ready, and we had prepared ourselves that "today was the day"...and they said no. so we waited three hours, and called back again (sneaky), and there was an opening. they told us to run, not walk, to the hospital, so we did. and when we got there, there was another pregnant couple, sauntering in at the same time. it was like an episode of the amazing race. we took the stairs instead of the elevator and made it there first. phew!

we got situated and the doctors pumped me up with pitocin. and then we waited, and waited, and waited. i had contractions the whole day long, but nothing was happening. apparently i created too cozy of a space for hen, he didn't want to come out. so when the evening fell, they pumped me with morphine, and i had the best night's sleep i have ever had...and probably ever will.

the next morning (today is the day!), they started me on pitocin again and came in with a two-foot long knitting needle. alas, my water broke, and about 15 minutes later i was in hard labor. i very calmly asked for an epidural and then had to wait about an hour for the anesthesiologist to show up. by then i was writhing in pain. he tried to poke me, said he did, and then was on his way. but, every fifteen minutes, i would ask the nurse when the drugs would kick in. she kept saying soon. they never did*.

ok, at the point when they told me i could start pushing, i had these romantic dreams that he would be out in 15 minutes. after all, that's how it worked with my older sister, so why not me? yeah, why not me? nope, i pushed and pushed....and pushed. at one point i was on my hands and knees. at one point i had both my mom and my mother-in-law holding each of my legs over my head (that's not embarrassing at all) (that's probably also when i pooped...i will never know). and at many points, i looked at chris and told him i couldn't do this anymore. at no point, however, did i scream or yell at anyone. i am still very proud of myself for being calm.

(sorry this is so long, i'm almost done.)

it turned out that henry was in the posterior position, meaning his nose was facing up. this isn't the best way to deliver a baby. it also turned out that the cord was both wrapped around his neck and under his armpit...but we didn't know that until late in the game. at one point, they had to screw a small heart monitor into his head to make sure he was ok. (yes, they kept telling me, "i can see the head, he's almost here!) (after hearing that for 2.5 hours, i stopped believing them.) soon, my room was full of doctors. literally about 10 of them. i don't know why. i guess i was on the short list for a c-section. but then one of the doctors decided to suction the poor thing out. so they got the cord situation under control, grabbed some scissors and a suction, and vacuumed my sweet sweet baby out.

when you read most birth stories, you hear about how the mother fell instantly in love as soon as the baby was placed on her chest. of course that happened to me – although i was instantly in love the minute i found out i was pregnant. but to be honest, my very first thought when they laid him on my chest was, "he looks like E.T., will his head always be shaped like that?" and i think i even said that out loud, because a nurse immediately ran over and topped him off with a cute little cap...and his poor suctioned head was hidden from the world.

and that my friends, is the story of when my first born came into our world to brighten all of our days. as it turns out, henry is very laid back and relaxed, which is why it took him so long to come out. i will also tell you about eva's birth in another post...and i will let you know right now that she wants what she wants and she wants it right now.

* the nurse told me after the fact that they stopped my drugs because they were afraid i wouldn't be able to push him out. they didn't want to tell me during for fear that i would freak out.

happy monday, all!
two birds


  1. I really love that first look! Damn Ashli Simpson is looking good! I don't think I can rock the head scarf but you look amazing in it!


  2. I love both of your takes--this was a fun picture to do!! Thanks for sharing Henry's story, I'm glad everything (eventually) turned out okay. If it makes his little suctioned head feel better, my parents teasingly called me conehead when I was born :)

  3. I was so hoping for a brand new baby pic today (not as much as you wanted to show one I'm sure!). Baby Bird is obviously comfy too.
    Great looks. I'd love to be able to wear a head scarf like that but they don't stay on my head, they just keep slipping off. Maybe I have an odd shaped head? How do you get yours to stay put?
    Hope you both have a fab week.

  4. Megan, I love your outfit! How come I never find anything that cute at garage sales. It's all crusty clothes or baby toys... Nora, you look cute as always. Tell that boy to come out already!

  5. Haha, I can see myself saying something like that after seeing my future newborn - comparing them to E.T. or a gremlin or something :D

    Love the idea of pairing booties with shorts, so cute!

  6. I lovvve both outfits. Megan yours is so anthropoloie in which you know I love. The head scarf, glasses, and green shorts are fresh and funky. Nora, the boots are a great choice for this cowgirl chic, inspired look, love the vibrant color of your thrifted dress. Both perfect. dawn suitcase vignettes xo Your package is coming today...yay!

  7. i'm not going to lie, i am way too scared to read the birth story right now!!! haha. but your outfits are both adorable - i love the totally different takes on this. that headband/scarf is awesome, megan! and nora that dress is so cute! i love how you rock the cutest things while pregnant!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. Miss Megan, you sure don't make someone like me who hasn't had kids yet want to do it anytime soon....I'm teasing, actually I like hearing people's birth stories! They all end happily which is the most important thing!!

    I love your green shorts and white blouse and I love Nora's bright dress! And I hope we meet that baby boy very soon!

    I just couldn't pull together today's outfit. Long weekend for me. But I still told everyone to come here cause you guys are awesome.

  9. Loved reading Henry birth's story - what an awesome mama you are! You both look adorable - love the green shorts, and the red dress with the boots is too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. What an incredible story, you are such a strong woman! You both look beautiful, I love the green shorts and head scarf and those adorable black booties. I need to get my outfit up later! :D

  11. Ah the miracle of childbirth :) That waterbreaking needle is no joke!

    @Nora: I love those boots!
    @Megan: I am gonna recreate this look one day. Those glasses are awesome on you :)

  12. ET! Haha! Thanks for sharing this great story! Love your green shorts and Nora's boots! You guys are adorable!

  13. Aw I love hearing birthing stories! Our sons share the same bday too--I went into labor with my younger son Conner at 11:37 on April Fool's Day and he was born at 4:02 on April 2nd.

    Both of you ladies look amazing today. I love the head scarf on Megan and the boots look adorable with the little sundress Nora!

  14. Great take on her look!!!! I love the head scarf and those cowboy boots!!!!!!!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  15. Wow that is a crazy story! ha-ha amazing race... I am happy to hear of the outcome though! :) You look great, cant wait to here the other story.

    Oh Megan! Love your green shorts. :)


  16. That's a great story! I can't believe the hospital told you they didn't have space instead of simply telling you to come and wait. My son was born on NYE and I was induced the day before. The hospital was PACKED because (apparently) women can elect to be induced (with their docs approval) on the last day of the year. My induction was for emergency medical purposes. We called at noon to set up the appt, went at 9pm and got a room around 10:30pm.

    btw, i like both your looks... especially those green shorts.

  17. That is an epic story my dear, you ladies who have babies are by far the bravest women on this planet. I don't know that I could do it! It all seems so very scary.

    Both your outfits are very cute!

  18. My gracious...what a story! I love that your doctor is a total hippie, hope I can find a good natural birth dula or doctor too. I'm thinking water birth...when I'm pregnant in the future, of course haha.

    Love the white breezy button down and snazzy shorts, it's a great summer look!

    <3 Cambria

  19. thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment! love ur blog and outfits!

  20. I literally laughed out loud at the part where your mom and MIL had to hold your legs over your head. That's what family is for, right? ;)
    I like how Megan's headscarf and necklace elevate a very simple look and the beautiful bright color of Nora's dress.

  21. loving these outfits ladies! Nora your hair is looking so cute x

  22. Megan, I like the scarf and the bright shorts. Nora, your hair looks great lately.

  23. you gals look great, I like the jewel tones. Megan's floral hair band looks really cute. Nora looks fabulous too, I love the coral dress. I like to hear birth stories, everyone's different, there should be an encyclopedia of birth stories. The best part is when they put the baby on your chest and you look at your baby in the eyes for the first awesome.


  24. Love both looks!
    My little guy had the same head issue! He was big 8lbs 9oz and I am small so I was induced two weeks early. Boy they started that pitocin and we went to town. I dilated from 2 to 10 in an hour. Yikes. It made me sick. :) And then my epidural actually failed. Not cool. And his head was too big. So they sucked him out. ;) We were on the last push before doing a C-section after about 4 hours of serious pushing. His poor little head was not happy. And it was years before I could get the kid to keep a hat on his head. It is a good thing he was born in the summer because he screamed bloody murder if you tried to put something on his head! ;) Of course now his spiderman ball cap is the coolest thing ever and he wants to wear it all the time!
    Hope all goes well with delivering this little one! No ET heads. ;)

  25. total cute headbands & boots two birds! it shows how very different siblings can be in temperament and disposition. don't ya think?

  26. Cute glasses and headscarf!! And Nora looks so cute in that dress! Looks like she's definitely ready for the baby to be here! I finally joined in the fun today! :) Love everyone's outfits!


  27. Your story makes me feel so much better about my first born. She was born prematurely...and her head looked like a battered softball.

  28. this was a fun one! megan, i love the green shorts and that cute headband! nora, you are such a beautiful pregant chick. i love the dress and the cowboy boots are so fun!

  29. You two just look lovely. Hope to participate next time. :)

  30. I love that you shared your birth story!:) And Nora, I hope that baby comes soon!!!

  31. I posted my link incorrectly, so I'm going to post it again... sorry!

  32. Especially love the accessories -- the head scarf and chunky necklace -- in the first look! :)

  33. Great looks for inspiration Monday! Love the green shorts and the red dress. I missed this one!