Tuesday, July 10, 2012

bird.i.y.: vintage door headboard

most of my diys consist of spray painting something. and that really isn't a diy at all. well, it is to me, but certainly not blog-worthy. and now that i've said that, maybe i will do a post of all the things i have spray painted. (it would be a very long post!) i could do a diy post on the pair of shorts i made once, but that would just be a picture of me cutting the legs off a pair of old jeans. and i doubt any of you would really learn anything new from that post. so, when i actually really honestly made something, i was so proud of myself. even chris was proud. and in a very unlike chris moment, he actually said to me, "stay still while you're drilling that so i can get a picture of you. you need to blog about this." and trust me, it's a point of contention when it comes to chris taking pictures of me for the blog! so this was kind of a big deal.

i love decorating and redecorating my house. i thrift so often that i am constantly finding cute little knick knacks (i.e., globes), art, and even furniture for our house. i have a basement full of side tables that i no longer use, and i have so much stuff that i can usually just dig in our storage room any time i feel like decorating. it's a little sad, but also really nice when you need something in a pinch, and pretty much know you will find it in your basement. our basement is a regular five and dime.

anyhow, i am telling you this for a reason. when i decorate, it's usually rooms that are visible to guests – the living room, dining room, etc. our bedroom has been in a pretty stagnant state of decor for a while now (here is a very old picture of our bed, and here is a more recent picture). partly because we have two huge dressers that i really don't like, but chris loves, and partly because i just haven't found anything at a thrift store that screams bedroom to me. i have wanted an old antique iron headboard for a while now, but couldn't find one that i loved that was in our price range. so, i gave up on that idea and decided that i would make our very own headboard.

i searched craigslist until i found an antique door that i loved, and that was the hardest part. luckily, i found the perfect one for $20 and snatched it up quickly. i then formulated a quick and easy way to make a headboard. i went to home depot, and after telling a very helpful employee what i had in mind (he actually told me my thoughts were a smart and safe way to build the headboard), he cut my 2X6 pieces of wood to length. i bought some stain, and headed home with my project in hand.

i felt like a regular tim the tool guy at home depot
 i then simply stained the wood (this probably wasn't even necessary as our bed butts up to a wall), and then let it sit for a week – not because it needed to dry or anything like that...but because i got lazy.
stained wood
  after a week, i got sick of looking at the wood and door just leaning against the wall, so i got down to business. 
 i wasn't sure which end i wanted on top...hinges or handle. i went with handle.

 i measured five times twice and drilled once. i can't believe i got it right...normally i am the person who hammers five nails into a wall to get the picture just where i want it. 

i screwed the 2X6s into the door, drilled some holes in the legs and bolted the whole thing to the bed. sure, it was very easy...but i am proud of myself nonetheless. i made a piece of furniture, and no one can say i didn't!!

ta da!
sans pillows
happy tuesday, all!! have a great day!
megan bird


  1. Oh Megan its even prettier than it looked on instagram! Love it!! The room is so pretty too :) Great Job!

  2. Super cute idea!

  3. I love it!! and LOVE those old suitcases next to your bed! and spray painting totally counts as DIY!

  4. If you did it yourself it's DIY; what a great idea!

  5. "because I got lazy" is sooo me when it comes to a diy/home decorating project. I do that all the time. I feel the same way about my bedroom. I have decorated the rooms people see in my house and my master just kind of..exists? But I love your door headboard and I hope it inspires you to keep redecorating!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  6. That is such a neat idea! I think I'm too lazy and too impatient for DIY projects haha.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. nice idea, nice blog, follow each other?

  8. It looks amazing! Wanna come to my house next?;)

  9. This is quite impressive :) I love the idea of using the door as your headboard...it's great shabby chic!

    <3 Cambria

  10. That came out awesome - love the way it looks! Also love the suitcase nightstand - too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. It looks great! I have wanted to try making my own headboard too, but I haven't tried it yet and I haven't tried anything like that!

  12. dear megan, you have been a very busy girl! :) it was fun to see your bed evolve in 3 different ways. why does that sound dirty? yikes, i didn't mean it to.

  13. Love it! I may have to have you help me with something similar!

  14. Megan your bed is adorable, your bedroom is magazine worthy. So cottagey and sweet. Great job!!! I don't know how you do it but it is just sweet. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  15. way to go...it looks great! i had a super old vintage-y looking wooden headboard years ago...meant to fix it up and never did. it just sat outside for years til we finally threw it out. kind of wish i finished it.


  16. That is very impressive! It looks so lovely.

  17. I agree with everyone- I absolutely love it! I'm not much a DIY-er either, but I'm also about to attempt a headboard. I'm really glad that you told how you attached it to the bed. I wasn't sure how I was going to do mine...That suitcase nightstand is so cute, too! Thanks for your comment, btw :)

  18. Good for you, Megan! It looks fantastic! Your bedroom looks amazing!

  19. Oh wow, what an amazing DIY project! The room looks fantastic with the new headboard.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. That is so awesome. It turns out really nice. I love this DIY. And I love the pillows and the stacked suitcases. :)

  21. This is such a great idea! I also have a DIY headboard - just cardboard, some foamy stuff and fabric over it! And you nailed it - I was at Lake Nokomis for my post today :) Let me know if you'd ever want to get together - I love meeting local blogger buddies!


  22. I love this idea! I really love the country look because it's always so welcoming. Great job!!!

  23. Well done! The headboard looks awesome. Also loving your blanket!

  24. It looks awesome, well done!

  25. Love how this turned out! (Also, your bedding is seriously adorable). We currently don't have a headboard and I saw something similar to this on Pinterest that I wanted to copy - seems pretty easy and looks so vintage and unique

  26. Wow, how cute! I wish I could do that, but it would end up blocking my window :( Still a great idea!

  27. I love the end result! I've always wanted to make a headboard, I want a velvet, cushion effect one.

    P.s I also love your collection of cases & the bedding xo