Tuesday, July 31, 2012

winner winner! zucchini breakfast!

on saturday morning i woke up (still pregnant and not in labor. not even close. the Buca did not work! dang it!) and checked my email while deciding what to make for breakfast. awesomely enough, i had received an email from one of my favorite recipe blogs, smitten kitchen, with a recipe for zucchini bread pancakes. even more awesome, we had just gotten a bunch of yummy looking zucchini in our CSA box last week! (for the locals, we get our CSA from East Henderson Farm, which is run by one of the coolest and nicest couples you will ever meet, half of which has been one of my best friends since kindergarten). so, i put on some cartoons for mimi and got to work in the kitchen. these pancakes turned out super yummy and were super easy. seriously, the hardest part was grating the zucchini! i highly recommend making them. i followed the recipe pretty much to a T (we didn't have buttermilk, so i used the milk/yogurt option). bon appetit!

grate the zucchini

mix all the moist ingredients and add the zucchini

mix together all the dry ingredients and stir that mixture into the zucchini mix

place 1/4 cup portions into a cast iron skillet, with melted butter, over medium heat

once you see bubbles, flip the cakes and cook the other side (each side takes about two to three minutes)

place cooked cakes in a preheated, 200 degree oven. this helps to keep them warm as well as cook any centers that haven't quite finished cooking through!

serve with butter and syrup and enjoy!

this girl sure did...

what do you think? would you eat zucchini bread pancakes??? i will definitely be making them again!

i hope you all have a great day!

xoxo, nora bird

Sunday, July 29, 2012

inspiration monday: henry

the inspiration
ashlee simpson

megan bird

shorts ~ garage sale
shirt ~ vintage, garage sale
booties ~ swap
watch ~ gift from sister
bracelet ~ two birds
necklace ~ Kohls
head scarf ~ Target

nora bird

dress~ thrifted 
boots~ vintage, two birds
necklace~ i like you
headband~ F21

what with all this talk about baby on the way, i started thinking about my two birth stories. i promise i won't get all mooshy wooshy on you (i definitely could, but i won't)...but both of my kid's births were pretty funny. at least after the fact, because during...not much was funny. (except when i kept asking the nurse if i just pooped. cause that's always funny!)

henry was a late baby. he was almost 42 weeks. my doctor is a total hippie (which i love), and really didn't want me to be induced, so, we kept waiting and waiting. i got bigger and bigger. and finally, he told us that i could be induced. the doc told us to call the hospital first thing in the morning on april 1 (yep...april fools!). so i called at 5 am and they told me that there was no room. i was heartbroken. here i was, huge and ready, and we had prepared ourselves that "today was the day"...and they said no. so we waited three hours, and called back again (sneaky), and there was an opening. they told us to run, not walk, to the hospital, so we did. and when we got there, there was another pregnant couple, sauntering in at the same time. it was like an episode of the amazing race. we took the stairs instead of the elevator and made it there first. phew!

we got situated and the doctors pumped me up with pitocin. and then we waited, and waited, and waited. i had contractions the whole day long, but nothing was happening. apparently i created too cozy of a space for hen, he didn't want to come out. so when the evening fell, they pumped me with morphine, and i had the best night's sleep i have ever had...and probably ever will.

the next morning (today is the day!), they started me on pitocin again and came in with a two-foot long knitting needle. alas, my water broke, and about 15 minutes later i was in hard labor. i very calmly asked for an epidural and then had to wait about an hour for the anesthesiologist to show up. by then i was writhing in pain. he tried to poke me, said he did, and then was on his way. but, every fifteen minutes, i would ask the nurse when the drugs would kick in. she kept saying soon. they never did*.

ok, at the point when they told me i could start pushing, i had these romantic dreams that he would be out in 15 minutes. after all, that's how it worked with my older sister, so why not me? yeah, why not me? nope, i pushed and pushed....and pushed. at one point i was on my hands and knees. at one point i had both my mom and my mother-in-law holding each of my legs over my head (that's not embarrassing at all) (that's probably also when i pooped...i will never know). and at many points, i looked at chris and told him i couldn't do this anymore. at no point, however, did i scream or yell at anyone. i am still very proud of myself for being calm.

(sorry this is so long, i'm almost done.)

it turned out that henry was in the posterior position, meaning his nose was facing up. this isn't the best way to deliver a baby. it also turned out that the cord was both wrapped around his neck and under his armpit...but we didn't know that until late in the game. at one point, they had to screw a small heart monitor into his head to make sure he was ok. (yes, they kept telling me, "i can see the head, he's almost here!) (after hearing that for 2.5 hours, i stopped believing them.) soon, my room was full of doctors. literally about 10 of them. i don't know why. i guess i was on the short list for a c-section. but then one of the doctors decided to suction the poor thing out. so they got the cord situation under control, grabbed some scissors and a suction, and vacuumed my sweet sweet baby out.

when you read most birth stories, you hear about how the mother fell instantly in love as soon as the baby was placed on her chest. of course that happened to me – although i was instantly in love the minute i found out i was pregnant. but to be honest, my very first thought when they laid him on my chest was, "he looks like E.T., will his head always be shaped like that?" and i think i even said that out loud, because a nurse immediately ran over and topped him off with a cute little cap...and his poor suctioned head was hidden from the world.

and that my friends, is the story of when my first born came into our world to brighten all of our days. as it turns out, henry is very laid back and relaxed, which is why it took him so long to come out. i will also tell you about eva's birth in another post...and i will let you know right now that she wants what she wants and she wants it right now.

* the nurse told me after the fact that they stopped my drugs because they were afraid i wouldn't be able to push him out. they didn't want to tell me during for fear that i would freak out.

happy monday, all!
two birds

Friday, July 27, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): mashed potato baby

dress and shirt~ Old Navy
necklace~ Etsy, gift from jim
shoes~ Target

i know, i know. another maxi dress and knotted shirt ensemble. i am done being creative and am just going for easy comfort. and speaking of being comfortable, this baby boy is still sitting comfy in there, so tonight i will attempt what helped to put megan in labor when she had eva...Buca! that's right...i am going to try and garlic mashed potato this baby boy right out of there! it worked for megan bird so you never know! and even if it doesn't work, the worst i will be doing is filling my belly with yummy food, right? right. wish me luck!

i hope you all have a fabulous friday and an awesome weekend!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, July 26, 2012

outfit of the night(bird): choose my own adventure

i mentioned yesterday that i am going to my reunion this weekend. oddly enough, i didn't obsess too much about what i am going to wear. maybe it's because i am still fairly close with a lot of the people i went to high school with, and i see them on a semi-regular basis. maybe it's because in the age of facebook, we see everyone every day...so there will really be no shocking surprises on the day of the reunion. (shoot.)

i did however, realize that a reunion is as good of an excuse as ever to buy a new dress, so i did just that – a little black number that i figured i could accessorize the hell out of. so i've got the dress, and here's where you come in. help me decide on what accessories i should wear. i can't guarantee that i will wear exactly what you tell me. chris is always complaining that i ask for his opinion and then end up wearing whatever i want anyways. but isn't that a woman's prerogative?

so, here is the dress (it's hard to get detailed pictures of a black dress, but i promise i will take photos of me in it at some point).
front view

scoop back
ok. that's the dress. and i picked two shoe/belt combos...but feel free to mix and match.

(if you like this shoe, then turn to page 187 to see the belt.) (see how i tied in the title of the post there?)

option 1

option 2

option 1...fun and colorful and shiny. i like all of those things. i sometimes feel like a bit of a prostitute in those shoes – not because i sell myself for money, but because i once had a coworker say i looked like a prostitute in those shoes. nice, right? but i do love them, and i love that belt....so that's what really matters.

option 2...fun and colorful without being as shiny. then there's the pattern mixing and the fact that i love my leopard belt. but i also spent a half hour soaking and lotioning and painting my toes last night...that would all go to waste in close-toed shoes.

and then for jewelry. i'm thinking earrings and bracelets for sure, but i'm not so sure about a ring. so again, help me out!!

sparkly hoops, beaded hoops or cheshire cat grin/hanging fruit bowl earrings?
choose one, choose all...i have never been one to shy away from too many bracelets!
i've got big, colorful, shiny, bigger, shinier, or plain. or nothing. you decide.
 so what do you think? (please don't tell me to wear another dress.) but do tell me what shoes, belt, earrings, bracelet(s), and ring (or not) to wear. i sure would appreciate your feedback!!

i then promise to have a drink in your honor while i am celebrating being old with a bunch of old friends!
megan bird

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

inspiration picture for july 30: ashlee simpson

the inspiration
ashlee simpson
neither nora nor i (nor e nor u) have anything like this outfit in our wardrobes, so this will be an extra challenge for us. nora is hoping that she will have the baby this weekend so she won't have to worry about it. me, i've got nothing. no excuses, no baby, no orange shorts, no nothing. so stay tuned to see what we come up with. i'm guaranteeing nothing short(s) of just ok.
do you want to play along with us? click here for the inspiration monday "rules".
two birds

love*birds: 07.25.12

things i am loving this week:

~ wedding planning. with less than 11 months to go, we are really starting to motor on with the wedding planning. we even have the site secured!!
~ wedding shopping. it's a really good excuse to buy stuff.
~ we are planning the engagement photos. our friend erin will be taking them, and i'm super excited about our collaborative ideas.
~ engagement photo shopping. see the comment above about wedding shopping. i have to wear something new, right? (or at least new to me!)
~ smoothies. we bought a magic bullet a few weeks ago and have already gotten it's full worth. the kids love being able to make their own smoothies every day, and i am finally getting all my servings of fruit every day!
~ my favorite song this week...the boxer, sung by jerry douglas, paul simon and mumford and sons. seriously, take a listen. i could probably listen to it all day without getting sick of it.
~ our blogger buddy, april has been working tirelessly to help her great friend (and super talented musician) get up and running in her musical career. her name is angie atkinson, and you can stream her newly released EP here.
~ my class reunion is this weekend. i won't say what year (20), but i am really excited to see some old friends (pun intended).

and here are some other things we are loving this week.
megan bird
double chiffon pleated skirt
this skirt is so pretty. it's flowy and romantic, and i think it could be worn all year round. (but i want to wear it right now!)
upcycled vintage pink dress
i love talented people who can take something not so cute and make it into something this gorgeous. that's art, in my opinion. for real, click the link and look at the before pic of this dress.

crossbody tassel bag
every gal needs a crossbody bag. and every gal needs a bag with tassels. this one covers it, so every gal needs it!
chunky green platform heels
green shoes, wood heel. love.

i'll love you forever print
i'm going to be honest...i cry every time i read this book. i'm going to be even more honest...i cried a little just reading this quote from the book. i'm a big baby like that. but i love this quote, and i think i need this print.

i pretty much love everything about rachel's (Rachel the Hat) look in this post. from her hair, to her fun dress, to the amazing shoes...i even love the vintage throw in the background.  did i mention her great hair???

swimming under waterfalls

we went camping last weekend, and the place we stayed was littered with waterfalls. it was gorgeous. this is just one of the one we saw (and i swam "under" it, too)!

nora bird
green maxi dress
such a gorgeous maxi dress. i am so in love with the pretty green color. and not only is it pretty, but it looks so comfy!

i recently re-watched the movie Reality Bites and, while feeling nostalgic, began searching for 90s babydoll dresses on etsy. this one is perfect! i love the print and the adorable collar!

zoe espadrille sandal
i just really want these sandals. that is all.

this dress is so sweet and romantic. and it is in such gorgeous vintage condition! i bet wearing it would make me feel like a storybook princess!

i have many, many rings in my jewelry collection, but i own nothing like this. and i would really like to!

i am always looking for new ways to use my cast iron skillet. and i will definitely be making this! yummy!

mimi has been doing so well in her swimming lessons. so much so that her teacher thinks she is already ready for the three-year-old class (and she is not even two and a half)! i am so so so proud of her. this is a photo of her swimming all on her own (with a little help from some flotation devices). it was really amazing to see!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

new loves and old friends: seventh heaven

old friends
vest~ vintage
watch~ hand-me-down from my mom
mimi's shirt~ vintage, thrifted
new loves
dress~ swapped
necklace~ b. (a resale shop)
flip flops~ Target
mimi's shorts~ thrifted

yesterday was jim and my seventh wedding anniversary. we celebrated by going to mimi's music class and then vegging out in front of the tv and eating ice cream. super romantic, right? honestly, though, sunday night's episodes of True Blood and The Newsroom and a pint of ben and jerry's was just what the doctor ordered. i would have really enjoyed a big glass of wine, as well, but that will have to wait...

in other news, as you can see from these photos, this baby boy is still comfortably hanging out in my belly. i told him he was welcome to come out any time now, but for now he is not listening to his mama. technically, he still has a couple of weeks until his due date, so he can keep cooking if he needs to. but just so he knows, i am ready to meet him!

and just for fun, let's look at a picture of me on my wedding day, seven years younger and much, much thinner...
have a great day!
xoxo, nora bird

Monday, July 23, 2012

inspiration monday: kids being kids

the inspiration
kristin cavallari
megan bird

shirt, jeans ~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Opitz
earrings ~ hand-me-downs
scarf ~ F21
glasses ~ thrifted

nora bird

shirt~ b. (a resale shop)
jeans~ gift from Claire (Spinning Threads)
shoes~ Target

this weekend, we went on our third annual, aptly named, "chaos in the woods" camping trip. we go with two other families with children of similar ages to ours. all in all, there are six adults and eight kids, hence the name of the trip.

when we started, our oldest children were all just five years old, and the youngest was a baby. now, our oldest are seven, and the youngest (who wasn't with us yet on year one) is two. it's definitely chaotic, but always fun.

as the years pass, we have all given our children a little more freedom for the weekend. year one, we watched them like hawks, never let them leave our sight. year two, we let them bike around the loop of the campgrounds, but made them check in every time they started a new loop. this year, we may have given them too much freedom.

after being gone for quite a while, here are a few phrases i heard from various members of our clan.

~ (after being told to stay off any of the hiking trails, and only to stay on the bike trails) "we went hiking down a trail and we found a cave and a cliff over the river."
~ "we got to a fence that said if we went any further, we would be electrocuted."
~ "i know we were only supposed to bike, but we wanted to go hunting for bear nests."

i know that as a child, i did the same sort of stuff ~ and i also know that eventually we have to allow our kids to have some freedom. but that doesn't mean it's easy...especially when they are so honest to tell us everything they did wrong after the fact. is ignorance truly bliss when it comes to stuff like this? perhaps. will it stop us from continuing to allow our kids more freedom every year that we go? probably not. just as long as they know that when they are 16 and we are still dragging them along with us for "chaos in the woods 12", they might have to be the ones who are watching after us.

happy monday!
two birds