Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

so, i have some news. i'm not sure if you will find it to be good news, bad news or just be indifferent to the whole thing, but this is going to be our last tuesday remix for a while. it has gotten much too hard for megan and i to share clothes at this point. i don't want her to have to try and dress up my frumpy maternity clothing and she doesn't want me stretching out her cute little clothes. okay, she never actually said that and never would, but i am having a hard time squeezing into smaller clothing these days. plus, i have a very limited wardrobe at this point, so remixing has become a bit more difficult. do you really want to see me pair everything with leggings? i thought not. also, it is pretty clear from this week's remix that megan and i both need a break...since we wore almost the exact same thing! seriously, i started laughing when i checked our flickr account and saw our photos. so, this week, for the final remix, you don't even get a remix. you get almost identical outfits. ha! twin birds!

we will resume the tuesday remix after i have this baby boy (and have lost at least a little of the baby weight). but for now we are keeping tuesdays open for random posts. you might get an outfit post, maybe a DIY post, perhaps some sort of a thrifting post. who knows? it'll be fun and i am excited! now let's check out these matching outfits...

nora bird

shirt~ Moda International, hand-me-down from little sister, Kristin
vest~ UO
necklace~ F21
jeans~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes~ Qupid, $9.98 store

megan bird

shoes~ Target
jeggings~ Marshalls
necklace~ from sister, Kristin
earrings~ F21
bow tie as a headband~ thrifted

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and have a fabulous tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. It's a shame but it's understandable, you did well to keep it up to this stage!!! I really like the top in question! Lovely and cool! But the unexpectedness of this Tuesday post will be fun as we wont know what to expect. A change is as good as a rest as they say! x

  2. Megan, your pictures are so cute. You look great. Nora you look cute as well, and I love the shoes.I have two kids a 4yr old daughter, and I just had a son 6mos ago now. You are in for a treat! boys are fun.

  3. LOL great minds think alike :) You both look great!

    I totally understand trying to remix will be a challenge. You did it so far into the pregnancy its amazing! Cant wait to see the little guy :)

  4. my sisters would totally tell me the don't want me stretching out their clothes! you two are super nice to each other :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  5. Aw!! Well at least you both look really cute! I am going to miss Tuesdays for a while, but I know you guys will be back soon enough.

  6. great look to end on! both look great! xo

  7. LOL you guys are so cute. And I totally understand needing a break from the remix! You have to do what you have to do! I'm sure you'll come up with fun and entertaining posts in the interim!

  8. Super fun that you both styled it with that hippie chic flair...the vest and feather necklace are awesome.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!

  9. Great minds think alike! Y'all both look super cute.

  10. I liked seeing how you both styled an item but it's understandable that you're putting it on hold. Looking forward to the new types of posts for Tuesdays!

    The Tiny Heart

  11. oh my gosh, it's pretty funny how similar your outfits are. well then again, you are related. ;) whatever you decide to post on tuesdays, i'm certain we'll be entertained & delighted. :)

  12. You both look great! It's too funny tho that you both picked almost identical outfits. I find my sister and I do that most of the time too even now that we live far away from each other I'll catch a picture of her on fb with an outfit I had on a a few days before! I'd love to see some DIY posts :)

  13. these are adorable! i love the casual cute - and it's definitely understandable to have to put a pause on the tuesday remixes so you can focus on having your baby and stuff! dressing for you+a baby must be hard - and completely different! i love both of your necklaces!

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  15. AW I love these outfits... and yes completely understandable you have to put of remix Tuesday. :) You are looking good though! :)


  16. Love the outfit!Its amazing!The top is gourgeous and i love the vest!


  17. It's too funny that you both created a similar look with this piece without planning ahead. Totally understandable why you're giving the Tuesday remix a break (though I will miss it!)

  18. Maybe you guys could remix accessories like scarves & jewellery if it's getting difficult? If not, kudos for making it this far!

  19. I'm sad to see the remix go for a bit, but I totally understand! And it's cute you wore almost the same thing for the last one!

  20. Looking forward to when you bring it back:) I'm loving your accessories today!

  21. Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute with your nearly matching outfits. They are slightly different though. Nora, yours is more feminine, and Megan's is more bohemian. You both look impeccable. And Nora, you are one freakin' cute pregnant lady.

    May the force be with you.

  22. so cute!! I love that bow necklace!! and I like the idea of random posts on tuesdays for now!

  23. Well, it's a beautiful top even if it whispered the same look to both of you.

  24. I love both of your looks! Your necklaces are super cute!


  25. You both look amazing, as per usual! Great version of Tuesday Remix, already can't wait until you begin them again! Particularly loving your jeans here Nora, & Megan your shoes are fabulous :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  26. Love the Tuesday remixes! But I understand about the whole pregnancy and size differences haha. This outfit is so cute. Both of you look fantastic in that white shirt.

  27. I support you, but I don't think I would have minded seeing everything with leggings! You're both looking quite cute in this top, though! Super cute necklaces on both of you, too!

  28. That outfit is adorable and that top looks so smooth and comfy!

  29. You both look cute in your jeans. We'll miss the remixes, but I can understand needing a break!

  30. I love your pants! They are amazing!

  31. Great minds think alike! I love the bohemian feel to both of your outfits. Gorgeous!


  32. That is such a pretty top. You both look wonderful as always. We'll miss your remixes and look forward to the future. For now, we'll enjoy your individual outfits and your cute baby bump :)

  33. How cute are those preggers pictures?!?! Makes me almost miss being pregnant!
    You both look adorable and I applaud you for sticking with this as long as you did!
    Thanks for visiting me! I am following you! Please come back and follow me! Thank you!

    Happy Wednesday!


    XOXO Dana

  34. Love the boho vibe of this top! I think you both styled it so well - haha guess it makes sense that you would both be on the same wave length after doing this for so long! :)

    Life Etc

  35. looking fabulous!! and the baby bump is so cute! good luck and will look forward to future tuesdays!

  36. I just love these remixes - you both look great! I am dying over that bow necklace - too fun!


  37. Cute looks, and I really like your short hair, looks great on you Nora :)

  38. Awe, looking foward to the return of the remixes :) You two are adorable though and that top is perfect for both maternal wear and reg. wear!


  39. That flowy top is gorgeous! Love the way you both styled it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  40. I understand your point but I love Tuesday remix and will look forward to it later when you begin again. Love this top, flowy, light and so pretty. I am sorry about Monday, took some photos today, maybe I can still get in on it. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  41. aww..that is so sad. I will miss this tues remix. I like that flowy top, very romantic and sweet looks.