Tuesday, June 19, 2012


today i wanted to introduce a new feature in which we will spotlight some of our favorite recent thrifted finds! we are going to call it penny-finching (i know. us birds are so clever and hilarious total dorks, right?). it is officially garage sale season here in minnesota and megan bird and i have gone out sale-ing pretty much every weekend. the sales have been pretty hit or miss so far, but we had a couple of really good weekends in a row and i found some pretty great stuff! so i hope you enjoy this new feature and a little glimpse at some of my new-to-me finds!

set of books for mimi~ $2.00
these children's books, written in the early 70s, are super awesome and hilarious. mimi especially loves when her dad reads her "the wizard".

floral dress~ $2.00
it's not maternity and it fits me! gotta love it. plus, it is super soft, comfy and perfect for summer.

goose doorstop~ $2.00
this mostly gets ridden around on and played with by mimi. but when she lets him do his actual job, he makes a great doorstop!

skirt, two blazers (seen here and here) and anchor tunic~ total $8.00
who doesn't love cute new (to me!) clothes???

chair and ottoman for our basement~ $40
more than i would normally spend, but we really needed a new chair for our basement tv room and this one was perfect!

latch board~ $0.50
jim thought it was ridiculous that i bought this. "really, nora? you want mimi to learn how to use locks"? but i thought it was cute...and she loves it!

shoes~ total $6.00
comfy flats for this big, preggo lady! and the converse were brand new!

cast iron skillet~ price unknown
i have been looking for a cast iron skillet forever (mainly so i could make these) and my mom actually found (and paid for) this one for me! yay! best mom ever!

two pairs of boots, peasant top, belt~ total $5
seriously. two pairs of cute boots, a shirt and a belt for $5.00. 'nuff said.

mid-century rocking chair~ $35.00
this is my favorite find of the week for sure. so comfy and in excellent condition. i had actually already left the sale without buying it and then kept thinking about it on the drive home and made a u-turn and sped back to buy it! luckily it was still there!

what do you think? do you love garage sales and thrifting as much as i do? have you thrifted a particularly great item recently?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Nora these finds are great! I especially love the rocker. Good call going back for it :)

  2. I am so jealous of all your finds. I never seem to get lucky at thrift stores....or maybe I just don't know what to look for.

    Penniless Socialite

  3. i'm immediately drawn to the puzzle with locks. this adult, & many kids would like that i think. i want BOTH pairs of those boots! what a fantastic find. ya, i'm totally jealous. :P

  4. The books and the chair - amazing finds!

  5. Those pink Converse and that floral dress are so cute! You got some really great loot. I haven't really hit garage sales (there's not too many around here) but I do love to shop at my local Goodwill :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. This is funny because I talk about my basic inability to thrift in my post today. But I am trying. So I am wicked excited for this new series! Also love the "finching" part of this name because I am a crazy cat lady and my oldest kitten is named Finch. :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  7. Great finds, especially the furniture. I actually have that Forever 21 dress! It is one of my favorites for summer time.

  8. Wow these are some really great finds! My husband loves garage/yard sales and he always seems to come home with the most random things, but he loves it! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. the mid century chair is definitely your best find! It would look great in a different fabric/print.

  10. What brilliant finds! Love the boots and the furniture. I love thrifted items: brilliant when you don't have much money to spend, and you can find some real bargains, as you show with your items above!

  11. LOVE that big goose - kind of hilarious! And your new flats are super cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Great finds! The shoes look practically brand new! I really love the pink ones! And you'll love your cast iron skillet, we have some cast iron cookwear and it's so useful, I love having it.

    I love thrifting, I haven't done much garage sale-ing, but I'd like to do more!

  13. Oh I love this series! :) Um that chair with the ottoman is amazing! I want to do some patio furniture shopping... you have inspired me!


  14. Great series! Can't wait to see more! I especially love the goose door stop and the pink converses!

  15. the goose is too cute!


  16. How do you clean the second hand furniture? I love buying second hand stuff but still abstain to buy furniture. Any tips?

    1. if you are worried about the furniture, usually a good steam cleaning will kill anything that might bother you!

  17. thrifting is great when you have the patience and time to do so. I love to do it and wish I had more time for it!


  18. The anchor tunic is adorable! Amazing finds. Have a wonderful week! :)

  19. Yard sales and thrift stores are the best. Love that board!

  20. WOW! If I come to MN will you take me thrifting? You got some great loot! I love the dress, anchor tunic, that chair and the striped shoes. So fun!

  21. What great finds! I love thrifting and garage sales too but I am not always lucky and the prices can be a little on the high side.

    I really love that mid-century rocking chair in pink! Luckily you went back to get it. That's my fav! :)


  22. these are awesome finds! i love the latch board. i mean, i guess you don't really want the kids to learn to unlatch things BUT it's soooo fun for them!!! the clothes and shoes are super cute!!!


  23. Great finds, and all so useful!
    I love this feature and can't wait to see all the
    treasures you find! :)

  24. I go garage sale hunting practically every weekend. My family has been doing in for years, so it's kind of in my blood :) I'm always excited about finding inexpensive treasures. Great finds...you did good!!!

  25. LOVE your finds especially the striped flats and the anchor tunic!


  26. I love this new idea! And I think the name is clever not dorky :). I am not very good at thrifting, so I could definitely learn from this!

    A Southern Drawl

  27. Cute finds. I like the dress.

  28. How cute is that little anchor dress? I never go to garage sales because I am lazy and want to sleep in on Saturdays. By the time I make it all the good stuff is gone!! But, I do love hitting up resale shops!

  29. I love thrifting! The dress looks pretty

  30. Wow, all of these are awesome finds! I have not been one to garage sale, but I'm feeling like I need to join in on all the fun. I LOVE the latch board! It's so cute and I think my kids would have fun with it too!

  31. amazing colors, beautiful pics. great combination.

  32. Nice finds!! Very fun! I need that chair!!;)

  33. Nora--you are the queen of garage sales. The first chair is my favorite, but the new dress and the anchor top are cute, cute, cute. And going back for the last chair was inspired.