Wednesday, June 13, 2012

love*birds: 6.13.12

things i am loving this week:
~ my dad. it's his birthday today. so i will tell you some things i love about him.
~ he might not think his daughters are funny at all times, but he will always laugh at a good fart joke.
~ he is an amazing grandpa. 
~ when i was a kid and couldn't sleep, he would sit at the end of my bed and count to 100 and then back to 1 with me until i finally fell asleep. sometimes it took three or four times.
~ he is a genius. and i mean that literally. if you ever need to know or need to know how to do anything, he's your guy.
~ he is generous. i have never known him to put his own needs before someone else's.
~ he raised five girls and didn't go crazy. i think that says enough about him.
~ happy birthday, dad. we love you!

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
vintage scoop neck t-shirt
one of my favorite things to wear in the summer is a scoop neck tee. if i can find a great vintage one with a fun pattern or from a good concert, i will always buy it (shocking, i know). i love the color and pattern of this one.

mossimo maxi dress
i saw a woman wearing this at a wedding a few weeks ago and fell in love. i wanted to ask her where she got it and never had a chance. luckily, i go to target pretty regularly...and i saw it there. love it!

cherry print dress
i love the color and the fabric of this dress. and then i read that it is made from vintage materials and i fell in love a little bit more!

mona mia platforms
i love a good neutral sandal with a wood heel. and the added texture and pattern at the back make these one of a kind.

chevron lounge shorts
they say lounge shorts, but i would throw on some heels and some big hoop earrings and wear these out on the town. i love them!

goodnight mama
chris snapped this picture of eva giving me a (movie star) kiss goodnight. i love it.

~ grace from a southern drawl says she doesn't do casual very often, but i say she should! she looks so great in this layered outfit! and who doesn't want a tank top that sucks in all the fat? (what fat, grace??) either way, she looks gorgeous.

nora bird

i am in love with this dress. the colors, the gorgeous watercolor print, the shape! jim and i are attending a beach wedding in mexico this winter and i think this would be the perfect dress to wear!

and how gorgeous would this amazing ring look with that dress up there? perfect, right?

i am a little bit more than obsessed with this fabulous maxi dress. i think if it were mine i might just wear it every day this summer. and it may have to be mine!

i want this print in my house. i am a total homebody and this totally reflects how i feel most of the time! plus, i love the colors.

yes, another maxi dress. but seriously, how perfect is this one? you could throw it over your swimsuit at the beach or dress it up for a hot date with your special someone! in love.


it was hot hot hot this past weekend, so we took advantage and headed out to the splash pad. as you can see, mimi had a blast!


i recently discovered kate's blog, Fork and Vine, and i love it. super cute outfits, awesome recipes and yummy cocktails (like this one!). i know, cocktails should be the last thing on this pregnant lady's mind, right? but i am totally planning on making these and lounging on the patio once this boy is born! (and you're all invited!) yum!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. Those dresses are all awesome! I really like that print too, I tend to be a huge homebody...

  2. I like the cherry print one

  3. My dad raised three girls and I thought that was bad! But five?! Your dad is a saint! :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  4. happy birthday to your dad!!! i love that first maxi dress!!

  5. Happy birthday to your dad! How awesome to have his birthday so close to Father's Day, double celebration!!

    Nora you get to go to a wedding on a Mexican beach next winter? I am jealous!

  6. Aw happy birthday to your dad, sounds like an amazing man! And those shoes are pretty amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Beautiful items! I love that ring. :) Happy birthday to your dad!

  8. Awe, Happy Birthday to your dad!! I love that he laughs at fart jokes...such a dad and grandpa thing! And thanks for sharing those FAB Mia heels!! I so need to add them to my closet!! My feet will love me! And, seriously, that goodnight kiss belongs on the front of a Hallmark card!! Such a fun post today!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad. I am in love with that goodnight kiss. So sweet!

  10. Happy Birthday to your dad! Love all the maxi pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Such a lovely post! Thanks for featuring my dress.

  12. Happy birthday to your dad! He sounds really nice, it's lovely that when you couldn't sleep he would stay at the bottom of your bed until you fell asleep!

    I love the cherry print dress, too :) xx

  13. I just saw those mona mia platforms in blue today, and fell in love. Might just have to make a purchase!

  14. Aw, how sweet!! Happy birthday to your dad :) Love that wiggle dress.

    Long time no see, it's good to be back on the Two Birds page :)

  15. Happy birthday to your dad. I keep wondering if it would be creepy for a person without kids to go to the wading pool. We get hot too!

  16. oh, happy birthday to your dear old dad! :) my fave pics are of your daughters. so sweet!

  17. What a touching tribute to your dad.

  18. Thank you for the shout out :) This just made my day. I'll probably have a little pep in my step tomorrow now!

    A Southern Drawl