Monday, June 11, 2012

inspiration monday: it could be worse

the inspiration
kate bosworth
 megan bird

skirt, shoes ~ Target
sweatshirt ~ garage sale
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

skirt ~ from megan
shirt ~ F21
tank ~ H&M
shoes ~ garage sale
last friday my day started off business as usual. i woke up, had a great run with a couple of friends, had my 15 minutes of me time while i read my book and drank coffee before the kids woke up. and then it started to take a turn for the worse. i decided to color my hair that morning because my grays started looking less like shimmering highlights and more like, well gray hairs. so i busted out the box color, threw the plastic gloves on and began applying. i was almost done when the pesky applicator decided to fly out of my hand and shoot across the bathroom, all the while spraying color left and right. (no joke, check out the picture here.) (note: for a brief moment, i had to make a decision whether to pick it up and continue applying, as to not screw my color up, or actually clean up the purple streaks littering my sink and vanity.) i chose to clean up. but if you have ever colored your hair, you might know this....what looks like clean turns into more purple streaks about fifteen minutes later. 

so, fifteen minutes later, i was auburn , showered and changed, and i grabbed the bleach and sprayed every purple surface of my bathroom. and then i let it sit while i dried my new hair. all seemed fine – until i was driving eva to school and noticed the bleach stain on my favorite red jeans. to top it off, it was eva's last day of preschool and as soon as i walked into the building, i started crying.

and as i was driving to work, i kept thinking that i haven't had the best of days. i was maybe even feeling a little sorry for myself. as i pulled off the freeway, i saw police lights (no, not for me, thankfully) and noticed a man on the side of the road getting a field sobriety test. at 8 in the morning. it was then that i realized that a little hair color and a little bleach stain really is no big deal. 
 my daughter finishing preschool, on the other hand, is a huge deal.

happy monday!
two birds


  1. Wow Megan you had a morning. You seem to pack it all in. Running, coffee, dye job, kids to school, time for a good cry, then to work? You are superwoman, really. I love the inspiration for this week. I remember seeing a girl wear a thermal shirt with a skirt and was so impressed that I secrety duplicated her look one day. This is a little tomboy and feminine and I love, love, this look on both of you. Nora your sneakers are too cute with the dress and Megan love the skirt, legs look great! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. So I am really impressed that you dyed your hair BEFORE going to work. Honestly. That's just blowing my mind right now!
    I recently went into a cleaning frenzy before friends came over and got bleach on a pair of pants from anthro. I died a little inside. But then I decided that since it is just a spot on the bottom hem, I am either going to cuff them or just wear them and pretend people won't notice :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. It could definitely be worse. Sorry about your red jeans and bathroom, though. You guys look great! Megan, I'm glad you did ankle straps like I did instead of high tops! Nora, your skirt and shoes are awesome by themselves and together! Happy Monday, ladies!

  4. When I saw your FB posts about the hair dye I was wondering if a story would follow later on the blog! What a day that was for sure, such a bummer about your red jeans - is the spot somewhere that you could somehow salvage them and turn them into something else? Cut offs or maybe a fun patch to cover the spot? You are right that it could be worse though - field sobriety test at 8 am, I'm still shaking my head over that one! Eva sure did grow over the school year!

    I love your very laid back look with the purple skirt and comfy looking sweatshirt! I'd wear that every day if I could.

    And Miss Nora - how awesome is the print of that skirt?? Love the tied shirt right over your cute baby bump too! I imagine you're starting to count the days until he comes, especially now that it's hot. I feel for you girl!

  5. That is a big deal - the pre-school graduation. I cry at the end of every year, because it's crazy how fast they're getting so old! Hard to believe my daughter will be a second grader this year!

    The good news is that the auburn is fabulous.:)

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  7. I love the colour combination (navy blue + lilac) on Megan. Very sweet. I love that Nora's version has pink sneakers on and she looks really sporty in it. Love it! I just love looking at that cute baby bump.

    I am sorry to read about your red jeans, I hope that you have it sorted out by now.
    Have a great week, girls. May this week be one that is full of happiness, joy and all things good! :)


  8. That is a jammed pack morning, which completely amazes me! Your daughter = adorable. Love both of your skirts! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. that printed skirt is awesome! those morning are the worst when your day starts off like that, but i love how you ended it! there is always way worse things going on then those little things that bug us sometimes :)


  10. Loving that printed skirt! The colors are so fun.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. The soft colours in both your outfits are wonderful and what a little cutie - how she's grown!

  12. Wow... 8AM. I just hope he was driving back from someplace from having a little to much on a thirsty Thursday. Congrats to Eva!! :)

    love both of these outfits! that dress is stunning on you nora!


  13. Oooh, love the pleated skirt Megan, it's so cute and I love your beautiful bright flowers Nora! Hee hee, I also thought of Converse!
    Glad that you can see that the hair-disaster wasn't the worst thing that could hvae happened! Still, I bet it was awful at the time!

  14. I love that picture of Kate, great takes on her look! Congrats to Eva, bless her! xxx

  15. oh no! i've had hair coloring horror stories too! it's so frustrating. it's always hard to find a time to do it and then i've gotten it accidentally on a new leather purse that fell on my head (don't ask - haha), then i've found squirt marks all over our doors and walls that i didn't notice. and i totally know how it goes when you leave it on too long!!! but girl, you look good, so that's important. and no real harm was done. but i feel your pain!

    i love your outfits, ladies! megan, the purple is so fabulous on you!!! good choice with the shorter skirt. and nora, you are just the cutest pregnant lady ever. i so love that colorful maxi and the shortened sweatshirt! so perfect!

  16. Megan - love those shoes, and Nora,your top looks SO cute belted over that gorgeous dress, and the pink chucks are amazing! What a rough day you had, but so awesome that adorable little face can put it all in perspective :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. whew! i got exhausted just reading your post! i get teary eyed just thinking about the first time i take david to pre-school. break my heart.


  18. great printed skirt!! and congrats to the preschool graduate :)

  19. Both your looks turned out great cool colors and comfy shoes! Sorry about your sink and jeans it's always a sad day when favorite pieces of clothing get ruined. I'm so with you tho at least you weren't that guy getting pulled over!

  20. Love both of the skirts! Looks great with the comfy sweaters too :)

  21. love that perspective. sometimes it is hard to realize that it could be worse but it is a great way to turn around your attitude! LOVE the relaxed look and the knotted look over the skirt. so cute!!! thought I already was, but not am a "real" follower!

  22. You got a new follower! Just found your blog while searching for other Minn. Style bloggers. I love your inspiration Monday post.

    My latest post was inspired by a walk to the beach:

  23. were cute outfit interpretations two birds! :) when you compare hair color & bleach stain to a sobriety test, yes, they are not that bad. your daughter is darling. she does look older now, don't ya think? she's pretty like her mama.

  24. Just wanted to say thanks for telling me about your dog. it's so sweet the kids think of him as the furry brother!

  25. Oh no, that's no fun!
    I usually spill my dye everywhere too if that's any consolation.

    I really like your take on this look, casual meets dressy :)

    P.s Last time I dyed my hair I had a really bad allergic reaction :( My face swelled up & I couldn't see for 3's been 3 months and I still haven't dyed my hair (I have a hair crayon to colour in the re-growth instead)

  26. First off cute tittle..made me laugh..Two. I wanted to say THANKS to you, because since I have linked up to Inspiration Monday, I have gained some new followers. So, many thanks to you for coming up with Inspiration Monday!
    Sorry to hear about you haircolor mishap..I have tie-dye all over my bathroom from years of drops all over the carpet! good thing it is an ugly 80's pink that we want to tear out anyway! Super sorry to hear about your pants! anytime I ruin a fav piece of clothing I am heart broken! Well, you both made the inspiration look way better! lol.

  27. I would have cried too! And I can see a big difference in your little one over the course of a year.

  28. Both your outfits are awesome! I love the sneakers with the skirt. My oldest finished preschool this year too, I really can't believe how fast they grow up.