Monday, June 4, 2012

inspiration monday: free art (for you)

the inspiration
jenna dewan-tatum
megan bird

jeans ~ DKNY, thrifted
shirt ~ garage sale
scarf ~ from mom, thrifted
shoes ~ Target
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

kimono~ F21
tank~ Heartbreaker
belt~ H&M
jeans~ Gap
shoes~ Target          

i have mentioned before that my walls are covered with art. i own lots of paint by numbers, lots of unique clocks, one or two vintage concert posters and many a "home sweet home/welcome" embroideries. and i know we neither need, nor have room for any more wall hangings. but when we did the love*birds post last week, i knew that i would be buying more. because i love, love, love the unique prints and light boxes that The Rekindled Package makes. seriously, i love each and every piece in this shop. they would make perfect wedding or birthday presents, as you can find one that suits just about any personality. and they make perfect "me" gifts, as well...and i have proved that by buying five of them myself. i will make room on my walls for these beauties, even if it means taking down a precious paint by number. that's how much i love them.

to top it off, The Rekindled Package is offering one of you a chance to win either four prints or one light box. all you have to do is go to her page and come back and comment what you like best in the shop, along with your email address. for an extra entry, tweet about the giveaway (and leave an extra comment)! the winner will be chosen on friday!

good luck and happy monday!
two birds


  1. Wow..i love their wall art. I think the vintage dictionary series with the deer stamp print is so lovely. Back to your never disappoint on inspiration monday. I like Megan's Thrifted pieces...the yellow scarf is too adorable. Nora's printed top looks cute on her little bump. Thank you for the Happy week!


  2. Oh I wish I was able to get back on board with this! You girls look great! And I would totally have been able to do this one! But working 5 days a week in a uniform makes me very unproductive in the fashion sense!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  3. love that top nora!

    the wedding lamp bicycle built for two, what a perfect piece, I want for myself. we repurposed an old tandum bike for our wedding and I want to get rid of it, this would be such a great replacement.

  4. How amazing are those light boxes?! Awesome.

  5. Nora, you are one the most stylish pregnant woman out there! Love you take.

    Megan, love your take as well and the yellow scarf is fantastic.


  6. So pretty! I love the bears with the balloons! The butterflies in the goldfish bowl are another favorite. You two are looking adorable today- love the yellow scarf and the butterfly top! Happy Monday, Birds!

  7. Nora you look great..well done! Megan, love the yellow scarf

  8. My favorite item is the Love Letters Lightbox since I could put my wedding date on it :)

    The Tiny Heart
    thetinyheart at gmail dot com

  9. O! I love that yellow scarf, Megan! And Nora, I hope that if I ever get pregnant I look half as good as you. Seriously.
    I love the blue octopus print!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  10. What awesome artwork!! I love it! I like the Winnie the Pooh one because I love Winnie the Pooh and that specific quote(which is why I call myself Bethie the Boo, lol).

    Megan, you're smart to have worn a scarf with a tank, it's pretty warm out! Nora, your top is so cute, I'm wearing an F21 top today too!

  11. Nora I love the Japanese print of your top eeeks can I have it? LOL! Nora, love how your scarf added a pop of colour to the ensemble! Thanks for the giveaway ladies, it is so generous of you! I have never seen a lightbox like this and would love to win the one that says "Keep Calm Go To Sleep" for my boy who has a night light. This would be such a pretty night light to have.

  12. I love the oriental top, they are adorable. ANd i Adore the artwork, elephants and hot air balloons, how whimsical!

  13. Wow, this is impossible! So many different ways to go. I love all of the old camera prints.I also love the peacock and eiffel tower. I could go 4 camera, 4 animal or 4 travel. So hard!

  14. love it!!


  15. Great inspiration today! And I love so many of her light boxes! I think the bicycle built for two is the cutest ever!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

    Blazebratcher @ gmail . com

  16. I have two of these prints framed and hung above the bed!! I love them!


  17. All of those pieces are gorgeous, but the ruby slippers light box is AMAZING! (I have a shoe thing.) :)

    I've only recently discovered your blog and Inspiration Monday, and I working on getting up my nerve to start participating. (Well, I'm wearing the outfit, just too chicken to post it!) Love your blog, ladies. Keep it up! :)

  18. Loving that yellow scarf and the pink top, so free and beautifully fanciful

  19. i love both of these, equally gorgeous in their own way!

  20. I feel really sad that I didn't/couldn't join in today! I am at my boyfriend's and realised as I was coming, that I'd forgotten about it! Also though, since I couldn't upload photos, this is just as well! You look great! Love the yellow Megan and the butterfly top is tres jolie Nora!

  21. LOVE LOVE the peacock print!! the pop of yellow in the scarf!!

  22. first of all, this was a fun idea for a Monday Inspiration! I love that kimono top, Nora, and Megan that scarf is a lovely touch! I was so bummed I missed last week!!! I also wanted to congratulate you both!!! How exciting about the upcoming wedding and the third trimester!!!

  23. I really like this one of the four bugs:

    I love how different your looks are today!

  24. Oh, I like the peacock on the bicycle, but there is so much good stuff!

    1. forgot to include my e-mail:

  25. oh my freaking holy goodness two birds! the outfits alone, but the chance for free art. that is super cute & fun. this teddi bear loves the 2 bears with heart balloons. shown in link below. :D

    tbear103(AT)gmail.(DOT)com i hope i win.

  26. Love how you ladies interpreted this look so differently this week. I love the pop of yellow and the fantastic kimono top!

    I've admired this etsy site forever, I am going to peruse and be back with my pick!

  27. Oh I love these outfits so cute! I love art as well.

    Sara :)

  28. i need to remember to wear scarfs in warmer weather - so cute! and nora that shirt is beautiful - looking gorgeous!

  29. You both look great in your outfits. Once again I missed out on this one. I love both of your looks.

  30. I like the print with Alice and the Drink Me bottle.

  31. Love the kimono top, it's so beautiful!

  32. That kimono top is absolutely beautiful!

    I have loads of prints, they're all packed away in boxes right now but I can't wait to get them up. I LOVE that elephant print <3

  33. Megan - love that yellow scarf, and Nora - that blouse is beautiful...I LOVE how you belted it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  34. love the yellow scarf! such a nice bright pop of color, and that belted blouse is just AWESOME nora! it's a really good idea - your outfits while pregnant are so inspiring.

  35. oh this kimono looks so beautiful and i love also that flared jeans!

  36. Nora, that baby bump is just the cutest thing ever!! Both you ladies look fantastic :)

    As for the shop...amazing! I love all the peacock items, and I really, really love the wedding destination light box. So cute!

    (nicole at mommymoxie dot com)

  37. If I had to choose prints from The Rekindled Page, I'd do these 4 as a set... I love them all!! I couldn't pick just one!

  38. I tweeted the giveaway!

    (I also pinned the Peacock light box because I LOVE it!!)

  39. I must own the Dr Who light box. Geek me, well of course :)

  40. BTW, i love the lights! they are sooo cute. that bicycle made for two one is so adorable!!! there are so many things to like, i'd really love any of them! the prints are great too! i really like the robot one. oh, and the ruby red slipper light box is cool too!!!