Thursday, June 7, 2012

curious birds: why do you read blogs?

worn to a friend's wedding
dress ~ vintage, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Jessica Simpson, thrifted
necklace ~ thrifted
earrings ~ Kohls

i love reading blogs. i am always hunting for more to read. i stick mainly with fashion and lifestyle blogs, but i like to think i have a wide berth of blogs that i read on an (almost) daily basis. i love looking at how people dress every day, and how they do their hair, and i get inspired by these looks, but that isn't the main reason i read blogs. i love to get small glimpses into people's lives. does that make me sound like a stalker? maybe. but i do. i love reading stories of things that happened to you, funny things your kids/cats/dogs/husbands/insert funny person here did. i feel like i am friends with the people who write the blogs i read. again, maybe that's a little weird, but i also think that if we all met in real life, we'd be fabulous friends.

i also like to write about my life. it might not be the most interesting of lives, but i happen to love it. i think there is something funny that happens to me at least once a day. and before the blog, i was left to my own devices on how i shared that funny story. usually it was via facebook or email or a phone call. now i have the chance to share my stupid stories with all of you. i hope you like them, but i also realize that not all of you actually read what i'm writing. and that's fine.

i will admit that there are days where i don't have as much time, and i skim through blogs without reading every word. but i try, because i know you took the time to post it, so i want to take the time to read it. i always find it odd when someone blogs about something sad that happened in their life, and then i see a comment at the bottom that says something like, "nice dress. follow me?" clearly that person didn't read the post. but you can't really get mad about it...i mean, it's a blog, people can read it, not read it, just look at pictures, or do whatever they want with it.

so i'm not here to judge you based on your comments or based on why you read a blog. i am just curious...why do you read a certain blog? do you prefer content, do you prefer outfits, do you want to learn something, do you hate them so much that you read their blog just to find something wrong with them (i know it happens...there are other blogs based on that)? or all of the above?

of course nora and i hope that you come here because we are real, because we are funny and silly and not perfect, and because we like to share our lives with you. but you know what, if you just come here because you like the way we dress, that's ok too. i never got mad at anyone for liking my style!

in the comments below, i would love to hear why you read certain blogs. and if you have a favorite blog to share, leave that in the comments, too!

have a great day!
megan bird


  1. I tend to read the blogs of people who are real- and you can tell are genuinely good people. I think my all time favorite blog is Wendy's Lookbook. I adore her style and she just seems like the nicest girl in the world.
    Ps... Loooooving your dress. It is absolutely perfect and looks amazing on you.

  2. Hi Megan Bird! I Love this dress. Your hair looks really nice pinned up showing your beautiful face :)

    I love reading blogs as well. I usually like blogs that show "personal" style, diy and also ones that share their life. Though great pics are a bonus, I like when im able to actually "get" what the person is saying :)

    With that said, here are a few I checkout daily:
    Two Birds :)
    Fashionista Next Door
    Feathers and Freckles
    Addicted to Etsy

  3. I love this post! I never really thought about this before...but I clearly LOVE seeing other people's outfits and how creative they can be with their is definitely inspiring. There are certain blogs I go to just to look, but there are also certain blogs I go to that I DO read every day...I like reading about people's lives too...especially when they have a sense of humor about them (like you guys)! OK, NOW can I tell you how much I love your dress? Because I do :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I do love getting outfit inspiration from other blogs, but I tend to enjoy a blog more when the person shares their lives (rather than just posting photos with no content). And I appreciate the comments much more when the person has read what I wrote...part of the reason I love blog is the connections I've made with other bloggers :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Honestly, Two Birds is one of the few blogs I read every day! I have a bunch of others on my list that I catch up on a couple times a week, and most of them are style/lifestyle blogs. I love reading your silly stories, and getting glimpses of your lives.:) Plus, I think you both have great style! Today is no exception - loving that dress and the way you did your hair up!

  6. I read different blogs for different reasons. I love DIY blogs for inspiration and craft ideas. I read a lot of food blogs for recipe ideas and to jot them down. I love to see what people wear everyday and it’s so interesting to me to see how fashion changes across the country. I dont know if other people pick up on that, but i read blogs from west coast, to midwest, to high fashion NYC, and I think it’s really interesting. But, i do like getting to “know” bloggers through their wittiness and funny stories - it’s comforting to read their stories and hear about their adventures.

    xo, julia

  7. i first started reading blogs because i wanted outfit inspiration and was also curious. but now that i have a blog, i feel like the blogs i love the most are from the people that share funny stories or insights into their lives and those that i know read what i have to say. and i agree- i feel like i know the women whose blogs i read. like you two- you are super funny and are great writers and i always look forward to reading what you have to say. sometimes the pretty outfit is icing on the cake.

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  8. I used to love magazines but I hardly touch them now that I read blogs. Blogs are WAY better because they're real and most of them aren't pushing me to buy things. Like you, I love reading about people's lives as well as looking at their cute clothes. I don't follow blogs that have fifty pictures of the same outfit and no writing. I love blogs like yours: real people, cute people, cute outfits, real lives. Thanks for the great question! And your hair is so pretty today!

  9. I read blogs for a lot of the same reasons you do Megan - I like getting outfit/style ideas and advice, but really, I like reading people's stories and lives, and I love connecting with others! I have made so many friends and I laugh and cry along with them as I read their stories!

    Your blog is a can't miss blog for me of course, along with a number of other MN gals that I know you guys are familiar with. I also love Megan Mae Daily, Shelia of Ephemera, The Fashionable Bureaucrat, Thrifted Shift, Tattoos and Pearls and others I know I'm forgetting right now! And I love finding new ones too!

    Also - you look lovely for a wedding, beautiful dress!!

  10. I read family blogs, food blogs, sewing/crafting blogs and - newest to the list - fashion blogs. I generally get stuck on a blog because of the blogger's "voice". If a person has beautiful pictures and great stories but doesn't write in a way that sticks with me, I don't generally subscribe. I just look for ones that "speak" to me! :) A couple of my favourites:
    And, of course, I'm really enjoying your blog! So happy to have found it and get a little dose of "bird style". :)

  11. Oh man, blogs get me through the work day. I read them for many reasons- I of course love outfits and style inspiration, but I really do enjoy peeking into other lives. And I go to some blogs because they make me think or laugh or sometimes even cry, and I love that. What else could prompt me to think about fashion, knitting, feminism, nature, cooking, being nerdy and minimalism all in one day? Blogs rock :)

  12. To be honest I really didn't get into the blogging community until I started my own blog. Before that I can say I hadn't really read anything but the news or gossip sites from time to time. I like to read blogs about all sorts of things really but as a beauty blogger I find myself really drawn to the opposites of what I do hence you lovely fashion bloggers! I have a no color approach to style that I've been learning to fix from many of the fashion bloggers I follow. :)

    I totally feel you on the comments that are one word about the post followed by "follow me, enter my giveaway, I follow you will you follow me?" To be honest I will follow back but I don't usually visit that site ever again and I don't find that the original commenter comes back either lol. I guess I feel obligated to at least follow back it's weird.

    I do like your dress I've always admired vintage pieces. The blue belt is a nice touch I think it really helps make it pop!

  13. I love to get inspiration but I like to read funny stories and look at pretty pictures. I like to get ideas for things I can do in my own life and live vicariously though people who have more fun than me.

    I read your blog now because we are friends and I can hear your funny stories and picture you telling them. A lot of times I get the story first hand which is even better :)

  14. I like to see the outfits, for inspiration and just for fun. But I'm with you - I love the stories, the glimpses into people's lives! Especially when they're local like you two!

    And that dress? Stunning! I love the shape of it!

  15. You look fantastic in that dress and love how you mixed the gold and silver. I love all the everyday glimpses into people's lives and the more everyday the bits and bobs, the better I love them.

  16. My favorite blogs (much like this one!) have great combos of little details of the writer's life... plus lots of cute photos and adorable outfits! But really, I appreciate glimpsing into the lives of others. It can give me insight into my own life!

    Also.... CUTE DRESS.

  17. The blogs I love combine fun bits about a person's personal life i.e. a funny/quirky story or something relate-able to accompany the fashion/beauty tips/recipes/project ideas they share.

    I love your sister mix-ups, inspiration Mondays and the fun stories you share about your life. I usually come away from your posts smiling and inspired!

  18. This is the single most beautiful summer dress I hav seen this year...I adore the shape, the colours, the jealous!!! I would have bought one if it weren't one of a kind vintage :(

    I love reading blogs for different reasons--some of them, I only "read" the photos because they depict style that is fun or beautiful or just joyful. Some I read in detail because their authors tackle more serious subjects or just have a really personal and engaging way of writing.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  19. I read blogs (your blog! ;) ) because I feel like I connect to bloggers in a way. I mean we may be in totally different states or totally different stages of our lives but I love hearing about life experiences. ALSO like you, like being inspired by other bloggers on how to dress better/live a better life style. That's why I read.

    Oh and I totally agree with you about people who don't read the text. I was reading Chill and Perfume yesterday and her cat is sick, and some comments where like "SUCH CUTE PICTURES!" and one comment was "What happened to the cat" cause it had a thing around its neck... its like really? that's what the entire post was about. ha-ha... but there is no need to get mad because people are free to read or not to read. :)Just some people are clearly about promoting there bloggs and don't care about others it seems.. that's when I am like meh.

    Love the dress btw!


  20. I like your realistic flower dress!
    I like to keep my posts short and sweet becuase honestly people don't have time to read it all. I wouldn't take it to heart. Sometimes you make connections on blogger and sometimes you don't.
    I am now following you on here and blogger.
    Tarah and the City

  21. Your dress is super adorable! There are a few blogs that I visit just for their outfits. However, the blogs that I consistently read through and comment on are ones that I feel I have a connection with and can relate to. I love the blogging relationships that I have created with some of them. I always appreciate the readers who I know reads through my posts, though I generally keep them fairly short since I know people are busy! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. What a lovely dress. Seriously, you look amazing in this outfit.

    As for blogs, I read different blogs for different reasons. Some, I just look at the style and then I Pin them. Others, I feel like I'm almost "friends" with so I want to see what they're up to personally. Still others just make me laugh, which I love.

    Great post - great questions.

  23. My favorite blogs are the ones that are more "folksy" (I mean that in a good way.) and conversational. I too like to get a glimpse of someone else's life. That is why I love HGTV's House Hunters so much. I also like to learn thing and see how others fashion their lives. I've gotten great inspiration from what others are wearing. I rarely went to thrift stores prior to reading blogs, now it is great fun for me.
    I must admit I am horrified by the sites and forums that rip apart blogs and YouTube videos. If you don't like them, don't waste time watching or reading just to tear someone else down. There are a few mean people out there, but way more kind bloggers and commenters.
    Very pretty dress and love your hair!

  24. I am in love with that dress! The colors look great on you as well. I like fashion blogs mainly, and I don't always read everything all the time, sometimes I skim as well. I mostly like to see the looks that people come up with. The blogs that I do like to read are the ones that come from the heart, the ones that are real..See you Monday!

  25. Lovely!

    xo Jennifer

  26. I think I read different blogs for different reasons. There are some bloggers I admire for outfits and others for wit... so I may skim some and read others word for word. And I love thrifting, vintage, and collecting if I find a like minded soul I want to visit often.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  27. Megan you look like a sweet, young, vintage loving beauty. What a dress and I love your hair up like this. I read blogs to get little glimpses into the lives of everyday people who I believe are extraordinary in their own way by how they dress, cook, take photos, write, style their homes, and thrift. That is why I love your blog, because it gives me glimpses into all of these things. Thanks for asking! Have a great night. admirably, dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  28. I forgot to mention the friendship/connection part which is really why I blog...dawn xo

  29. Nice dress, follow me?
    Haha just kidding! I totally agree with you - my favourite blogs are the ones that not only have great style (like you ladies) but also share a bit of their lives...which I get not everyone wants to do, but it definitely makes me feel more of a connection, you know? It's the reality TV phenomenon isn't it! haha :)

    Life Etc

  30. I agree with so much of what you said--I read blogs to gain inspiration for outfits (lots and lots of style blogs on my feed), and to get a glimpse into other people's lives. I love it when a woman whose style I admire is also a funny or creative writer (like you guys!).

    I also think blogs are way better than women's fashion magazines. Those magazines just get me down about the world through an overload of consumerism and self-consciousness. Blogs are the exact opposite. I get style and outfit inspirations, but from real, awesome ladies with real lives and real budgets. I appreciate that so much more!

  31. i think i love fashion blogs and mommy blogs most because they have the same interests as i do. as i read them i start to get to know the bloggers and i feel like we have become friends and so then it keeps me coming back. i often get inspiration from people and also learn about other countries or even states. i just love learning about other people! it's such a great community!

  32. Such a lovely post. :) It's always interesting to know a bit more about bloggers behind the style etc. Dress looks gorgeous by the way <3

    Indie by heart

  33. I like your funny stories! And I think I actually prefer the writing on blogs, but I like style and fashion blogs so that I can put a face with the writing. It has been amazing to me the friendships I feel like I've made with bloggers all over the world via blogging...and it helps maintain my own self-confidence. Guess, blogging and reading blogs fills a lot of purposes in my life.

  34. I started reading blogs to learn about fashion and make new friends. Both things have happened. Several of my favorite bloggers are among the commenters above. It's a small world.

  35. i read to connect with people. i read for all the reasons you mentioned, except the hating people one. i don't read blogs of people i hate. now i'm wondering, who do i hate? hmmm....

  36. I read and view blogs to get inspired. I appreciate that people share a little bit of their lives with all of us. For me it's a brief escape from the daily physical pain that endure on a daily basis. Yours and other blogs help me focus on something other than pain. I'm always smiling as I read your blog posts and really do enjoy them!

  37. I usually read blogs where the writer seems interesting and has good content. Funny is a plus, and so are nice pictures.

  38. I keep up with certain bloggers because I am interested in them. I don't comment on ever post but I do read daily!

  39. cute hair do! I read blogs for the same reason you do... I enjoy reading about other peoples lives and their style. So inspiring!

  40. I love this! I really do feel like I know people personally from reading their blogs. Do you ever dream about hanging out with the bloggers you read every day? I do sometimes...haha. Weird? Maybe a little...

  41. I love your outfit and I read blogs for a lot of the same reasons as you. I got laid off and being home is lonely and I feel like you all are my new co-workers. I am from Minnesota so like that we could be shopping and having wine in an hour or so if we set it up;) I also love thrift and you both inspire me. I also only have brothers and sisters and their relationships intrigue me.

  42. I right with you on the blog reading. Sometimes I just want to peruse and see cute outfits that people are wearing. Sometimes I like seeing how people decorate and beautify their homes. Sometimes I like reading about other people's lives, their struggles, their happy days, the funny things that happen.

  43. I love your hair do and the dress is just lovely dear

  44. Gorgeous dress!

  45. I read blogs because I find them inspiring and part of what makes them inspirational is getting to know the person behind the blog.
    It's fine if people just want to look at pretty pictures but personally I prefer content, thought & personality over an expensive camera and no substance.

  46. I originally starting reading my friend Rach's blog- and my friend Amy started one- I then started reading lots of their blog lists- all the people were similar- a lot were Christians of a comparable age, some weren't, and I loved the community feeling - all of them blogged about their faith, things they liked, funny links and were generally likeable people. Sadly, only about 4 of them still blog, only 1 or 2 of them regularly (1 recently got married and I FINALLY saw a picture of him after about 8 years of reading his blog!!!). Then about 2 years ago, I was looking for a dress on the internet and I came across my first fashion blog (pink-haired princess)- I followed her and read her for several months, then searching for another dress, found another fashion blog (daisychaindream) and followed, read and commented every day and then people started visiting my blog so I visited back and it went from there. I love reading fashion blogs- I like seeing what people have bought or what they wear- I particularly love the thrifty finds ones, because I am always delighted when I buy something thrifty or a bargain! I like people who wear things in my style- floral, naval etc, dresses, skirts and vintagey style But like you, it's the snippets of life that I really love- you see a lovely genuine person come across and that is real and sticks with you. It also helps if they come and visit you back, even if only very occasionally , just to know that they are a caring person and the type of person who does want to know about their readers and isn't just a glory hunter who just wants to take but never ever gives!
    And I love your blog! I love your anecdotes, the inspiration challenges, the fun, kind, genuine people you are!
    (phew, long comment!)

  47. Great question!
    I read a lot of blogs, and all of them are a little different. Sometimes it can get overwhelming when there are more than 300 unread posts in my reader! I love to get inspired by blogs.. in fashion, beauty, DIY, everything! But I also love to get to know the person behind the blog and follow along on their journey - like getting married or during pregnancy (double points for you!). I feel like the blog authors are my friends, and this is the best feeling! I also would like to be a friend to them :)