Friday, June 29, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): who's your daddy?

dress~ Old Navy
scarf~ thrifted
belt~ vintage, flea market
shoes~ Bamboo

do any of you remember this post from back in january? probably not. why would you remember one of my posts from six months ago? anyway, if you don't feel like clicking on that link, basically, the story is as i was taking my photos for that post, my mailman drove up, parked right in front of my house, and yelled out the open window of his postal truck, "SMILE, NOW"! and then proceeded to sit there and watch me while i took all of my outfit shots. awkward! cut to this past husband was outside doing yard work while mimi and i were inside taking naps. as he was working, that very same mailman walked up to him and started up a conversation. during this conversation he apologized to jim, my husband, for yelling at his daughter a few months ago while she was outside taking photos. jim, at this point, became very confused...the mailman yelled at mimi while she was outside taking pictures? what? after a bit more explaining, jim realized that the mailman thought that i was jim's daughter. me. his wife. at this point, jim became even more confused. he is only 3 1/2 years older than me and could, in no way, be my dad. so he asks the mailman, "how old do you think she is?" to which the mailman replied, "i don't know. early twenties?" so the mailman thought that my 36-year-old husband had a daughter in her early twenties. seriously. jim then told the mailman that i was not, in fact, his daughter but his wife. and the mailman apparently felt very sheepish and sort of apologized and slowly backed away. and, of course, when jim told me the story, i was conflicted. was i mad at the mailman for offending my husband by insinuating that he was old enough to have fathered me? of course! but i also kind of wanted to hug him and thank him for thinking that i was in my early twenties! crazy mailman...

happy friday! i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, June 28, 2012

new loves and old friends: make a foal out of me

 new loves
shoes ~ Target, thrifted
earrings ~ F21
belt ~ thrifted
sunglasses ~ Heartbreaker
old friends
romper ~ Ocean Pacific, vintage, b. (a resale shop)
necklace ~ vintage, Clothes Mentor

my sister and i are doing a week-long "summer butt" challenge. (not nora...i'm pretty sure 8-month pregnant women should never do that many squats.) it's pretty much a self-hate boot camp to get your butt in gear for bikini weather. i am on day four ~ and i can barely walk.

day one consisted of about 300 squat-like exercises, with names like "prisoner squats" and "butt burns". 
after i finished day one, i sent my sister this video and compared this poor woman to myself.

day two was an interval training with circuits consisting of more of the same as day one. after day two, i was sore, but kept on trucking because i know you have to work through the burn.

day three (100 butt burns, 100 prisoner squats, 90 bridges, 80 lunges, 80 leg extensions) i had to bow out of running in the morning because i could barely walk. and then i continued to walk through my office like a newborn foal. the thought of doing any kind of squat made me cringe. walking down stairs was slow and difficult, sitting down on the bus took courage, and don't even get me started about trying to sit on a toilet. the toilets at my work sure are low to the ground!

but i am going to keep doing it. this is one of the benefits of being extremely stubborn. or is it? so get your quarters ready for bouncing, cause i am going the full seven days!

megan bird

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

inspiration picture for july 2: eva mendes

eva mendes
who looks this good going to the grocery store? eva mendes, that's who. sure she looks good, but she doesn't have a reusable bag. shame on you eva mendes. that's all i have...gotta find something wrong with her! 
so on monday, grab your reusable bag and play dress up with us! don't know the rules of inspiration monday? click here to read 'em!

two birds

love*birds: 6.27.12

things i am loving this week:
~ coconut oil. but you guys knew that already.
~ my kids. i always love them (duh), but they are extra huggable this week.
~ my parents. they are on a month-long trip exploring their ancestry. they have been talking about doing this for years, and i'm so happy that they finally did it!
~ summer. i read this quote by f. scott fitzgerald, “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer." i guess it's literally and figuratively true, but there is something about summer that makes me feel refreshed. and a minnesota summer is a thing of beauty!
~ bike rides. chris and i went for a bike ride to a beautiful outdoor restaurant the other night. it was perfect.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
watercolor world map
 people who know me, or people who have ever seen the inside of my house (i suppose they are one in the same, why would someone who doesn't know me be in my house??) know that i have a love for both maps and wall hangings. this lovely watercolor encapsulates my love for both!

anchors away dress
wouldn't this be perfect for the fourth of july? or just for summer? or for any time?

sea foam and coral summer halter
yes, i love maxi dresses. i would wear them all summer. and this one...i would wear this one all summer if it were mine. i love everything about it!

vintage pastel summer sandals
how pretty are these? they are perfect for summer...with dresses, shorts, for biking, walking. i love them!

lace tiered shorts
i know i'm a bit behind on the lace shorts trend. but i still love them, and still don't own a pair. that needs to change!

josie is wearing the elusive-to-me perfect sweater in this post. and of course it's from ireland, so i have little chance of getting one myself. i know these sweaters are all over, in every store...but i still can't seem to find the right one. josie looks gorgeous in hers. and can we talk about her pants, too? i might need those!

love darts
if you follow me on instagram (@meglets), you know that i am buying a ton of stuff for the wedding. i found these dart boards last night at the thrift store and bought them all (six). at $1.99 each, i just couldn't resist.

nora bird

i collect vintage, wooden push and pull toys for mimi (and soon to be new baby!). these are not vintage, but they sure are darn cute! i may need to get a set!

such a pretty skirt! i love the full shape, the pleating, the colors and the print is amazing. acorns and lemons? obviously!

i love coffee. a lot. so if you ever get one of these cards from me you will know how much i love you! a whole lot. check out this whole shop for tons of adorable (and eco-friendly!) greeting cards and other super cute items!

such a sweet dress! i want to wander around paris wearing this. doesn't it seem perfect for that? now if only i had plans to visit paris anytime soon!

oh man, i love these wedges. the bright pop of orange makes me so happy!

check out this blog and you will fall in love with maddie just like i have. she is amazing and such a good sport!

check out these cute blondies! i am watching megan's kids today and i just took this photo of henry reading to the girls. so sweet. mimi loves cousin time!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

bird bath: face care

i mentioned a while ago that i have been trying to go all natural when it comes to my skin-care routine. since then, i have gotten even more strict about what i use, and i have found some pretty amazing stuff. it's a slow-going process, but i started to think that what i put on my body is as important as what i put in my body. i am fairly conscientious about what i eat, so why not be the same way about my skin care? i am not 100% there yet, but i am getting there. i realized after i burned my eyebrows that maybe retinol isn't the best thing to be putting on my face, and i decided to research some other anti-aging natural face regimens. (and by research, i mean i read what other bloggers use on their skin and then i bought it all. you will see soon that i am not kidding.)

so here is my face-care routine. it's fairly regular, but i do switch up what oils i use when i am feeling like i need a change. there is nothing scientific about what i am doing, but i do love it nonetheless.

here's me straight out of the shower. no makeup, no lotions, no nothing. it's like the US Weekly "stars without makeup", except i'm not a star, and i really don't have any makeup on! (so nothing like it at all.)

about two months ago, i never would have showed you a picture of me with absolutely no makeup on. i had a lot of red, rosacea-like patches on my skin and many wrinkles. i still have the wrinkles, but they look better. happier, if you will. they love the all-natural tastiness that is my routine.

and here is what i do.

morning routine
 while the shower is heating up, i rub honey all over my face. i use raw honey, which to me smells disgusting. it's actually sometimes gag-worthy to me, but i use it...i figure it's better than an acid peel, right? all i know about honey is that it's antibacterial, drying and moisturizing at the same time, it's good for all skin types, and bears love it. maybe that's why bears have such nice skin. i've never seen a bear with acne, have you? i love the effect that it has on my skin. it makes it glow. and it makes me feel like i've just used a biore strip on my whole face. i let it sit on my face while i shower, and only wash it off right before i wash my face, which is the last thing i do in the shower.

i then use the "yes to" brand of face wash. i love this stuff. you can buy it at target and it's at least 95% natural and paraben free. the yes to carrots exfoliating cleanser is amazing. it has finely ground bamboo that gently exfoliates the skin, and it smells like a dream. the yes to blueberries smoothing cleanser also smells delicious and is a very gentle and creamy milk-based cleanser. i don't feel that my skin gets as clean with the blueberries one, so i only use this one maybe twice a week.

sometimes i then will rub a lemon slice on my face. i do this in lieu of using a toner, and i don't do it every day ~ mainly because i'm lazy and i don't feel like walking downstairs to my kitchen. maybe i need a mini-fridge in my bathroom. anyways, the lemon is nice. it is meant to be an exfoliant, like a very mild vitamin c acid peel. i can't use it every day because i do have fairly sensitive skin, but since i do not use any chemicals to get rid of my wrinkles, i do like to use a lemon slice when i am feeling motivated enough to walk the stairs!

and now for the moisturizer! this is my favorite part. it's new to me, and i was an instant convert. i use coconut oil. seriously, have you guys ever read up on this stuff? it's a miracle oil. the best thing since...i don't know, olive oil? read here and here for all the magical and wondrous things you can do with coconut oil. in fact, i have now just started using it on things i'm not even sure it will fix. (mosquito bite? throw some coconut oil on it. heat rash? coconut oil! big zit? why not try coconut oil?) since i have bought my jar, i have used it on my face, as deodarant (yep, i just rub a little under my arms every day*), as dry scalp treatment, and as sunblock. i love this stuff. anyways, i began by using it as a nighttime face lotion because i assumed it would be too greasy to use during the day. the morning i woke up after first using it, my skin was glowing and i knew i had to use it in the morning, too. and lo and behold, it's not too greasy! i love this stuff...i rub it sparingly all over my face, neck and lips. the smell isn't too overpowering, as you might think. it's just like a slight breeze that made it's way from jamaica and planted itself ever so lightly on my face. isn't that poetic? but seriously, buy this stuff. it's amazing. it's also antibacterial, full of antioxidants, and goes a long way to prevent aging. ok it doesn't prevent aging, but it does help "delay" wrinkles and sagging, and even improves the look of existing wrinkles. it's the benjamin button of fruit oils.

nighttime routine
that third bottle you see up there is part of my nighttime routine. i wash my face with grapeseed oil and i love it. i know you're thinking that i must be an oily mess. but really, washing your face with oil is pretty amazing. you can google what oils will work best with your skin type. i just happen to love grapeseed and olive oil for my face. i simply rub the oil all over my face, throw a hot, wet towel over it for about 30 seconds, and gently wipe it all makeup is very gently and effectively removed in the process. i then slather my face with a more generous amount of coconut oil than i use in the morning and go to sleep (dreaming of beaches and little umbrella-ed drinks).

and that's it. oh, except for the natural oil apothecary that is my nightstand. i have all of these on hand, just to switch it up a little every once in a while. i am a firm believer that your skin likes a little change up every few weeks. so some days i will wash with these oils, and some days i will moisturize with them. i also use them on my feet, body (because feet aren't part of your body???) and cuticles. the possibilities are endless! the tea tree oil is used for cuts and bruises and mosquito bites on the kids. although now maybe i will just start using coconut oil for all of that!

read more about jojoba oil here, vitamin e oil here, apricot oil here and tea tree oil here.

so there you have it...a very long, and not so comprehensive essay on how i nourish my skin. i truly do love this regimen, and have decided that my new philosophy is that if i can't feel safe rubbing it on my lips, i don't want to rub it on my face. i told you, very scientific!

what do you use on your face? would you every try an all-natural approach?

megan bird

*the main reason i bought coconut oil was because of mary's recipe for deodorant. i have yet to make it, but can't wait to give it a try.

Monday, June 25, 2012

inspiration monday: if you give a bird a blog

the inspiration
michele trachtenberg
megan bird

dress ~ TJ Maxx
vest ~thrifted
shoes ~ Target
earrings ~ Dots

nora bird

dress~ H&M handed down from megan
vest~ vintage, thrifted
bracelets~ thrifted
tank~ ???
shoes ~ Steve Madden

one of the reasons that i'm happy my kids are out of the toddler stage is the books. i get it that children's books are meant to be easy and nonsensical, but some of them are just downright ridiculous and frustrating if you truly think about them. 
take curious george for example. first of all, how is this man allowed to own a monkey? (i guess the real first of all would be why does he always wear a full-body yellow outfit?) secondly, why is he such a bad monkey owner? i get it that george is curious and he is prone to getting into trouble, but shouldn't the man in the yellow hat have learned his lesson after the first monkey-related disaster? doesn't he know that he shouldn't leave george alone? fooled him once, shame on you, george...fooled him twice and he's just a bad monkey dad.
then there are the carl books. do you know these books? if not, they are a series of books where a mom is apparently so busy that she must leave her child with carl, their pet black lab. that is bad parenting 101. and somehow, carl and the baby get into all kinds of trouble, but are home just in time for the mom to get home. and she is always so happy..."good dog, carl." she says at the end of every book. yeah, maybe he is a good dog, but he's not a good babysitter. and you're not a good mom because you thought it was ok to leave your baby with a dog!
i could go on. and yes, like i mentioned, i know they are just books and i shouldn't think too much about them. but after reading them 200 times over and over ("are you sure you want to read that one again?" "yes!! yes!! again, again!") i tend to get a little over-analytical. but then again, the children's books that i do love make no sense, either. (why would you give a mouse a cookie or let a pigeon drive a bus?)
and that, my friends, is my rant on children's books.
have a great monday!
two birds

Friday, June 22, 2012

new loves and old friends: the streets are paved with cheese

new loves
sweater ~ urban outfitters, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Target
earrings ~ F21
 old friends
dress ~ vintage, b. (a resale shop)

just go ahead and tell me i'm an idiot before you even read this. or maybe not. i guess it all depends on your stance on cheese. me? well i am for it. i pretty much eat it with every meal. a salad isn't the same without some sort of soft, crumbly cheese. a burrito without cheese is not even something i want to think about*. and anything italian isn't really italian without cheese. so yes, i am pro-cheese.

however, this past week i have been feeling particularly bad about myself. it comes and goes with me...and it usually happens every month. most months aren't that bad, but with the added humidity and the fact that i weighed myself for the first time in about six months, my normal "need to watch 'ps i love you' so i can cry and feel better" week turned into a full-blown pity party. (note, i was the one who said, "ugh, i feel fat" to nora the other day.**)

so what did i do about it? i decided to stop eating cheese for the week (by week, i mean 5 days. and by 5 days, i mean monday through friday at about 6). i thought it might help with my bloatiness and all around feeling of yuck. i ate protein bars for breakfast, a different form of quinoa salad (without cheese. gasp!) for lunch, and salad and hummus for dinner (because we all know hummus totally prevents bloat???). don't get me wrong, i am a very healthy eater, i rarely eat junk food and my idea of dessert is apples and peanut butter. for the most part, i eat like a champ. and this week, i ate like a cheeseless champ. and it wasn't fun.

so you know what? i am going to keep putting it on everything. my body is my body. i work out so i can eat (and drink), so i'm not going to also give up cheese. my name is megan, and i'm a cheeseaholic.

what foods won't you ever give up?

megan bird

* i should note that i did order two soft tacos from the Rusty Taco the other night sans cheese, and they were quite delicious. thank you Rusty Taco.
** also please note that i do not think i am fat, i only feel fat sometimes. i had to reiterate this to nora the other day after she rolled her eyes at me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): what not to say

belly close up!

dress~ Billabong, hand-me-down from my sister-in-law, Mary
camisole~ Gap, stolen out of my mom's drawer
shoes and sunglasses~ Target
bracelets~ H&M, little sister, thrifted

here are a few things you never want people to say to you when you're pregnant...and all of these have been said to me the past couple of weeks...

"you're not due for another month??? wow, that is going to be one huge baby!" (thanks?)
"you're thinking of naming your baby that? i hate that name. it reminds me of my stinky, old boss." (good to know (not)! maybe someday my son can be a stinky, old boss, too!)
"ugh, i feel fat." (i do realize that everyone deserves to have a "feeling fat" day and they should be able to complain about it to their best this one is not really fair).
"you look really tired." (okay, so no one wants to hear that, pregnant or not!)
"so, you will have a girl and a boy now and then you're done, right?" (um, well, you never know?)
"once you have two kids you're never going to be able to do anything!" (it may take a while to figure out, yes, but i do know other people with multiple children and they aren't just stuck in their houses all day!)
"you look way bigger than when i saw you yesterday!" (oh, why thank you!)
"your boobs are huge!" (yes. trust me, i know.)
"after i had your sister, i walked out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy clothes!" (yes, this was my mom and she tells this story to all of us when we're pregnant. thanks, mom! thanks a lot.)

okay, enough complaining from me! at least i can laugh about it after the fact, right?

have a great day!
xoxo,  nora bird

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

inspiration monday picture for june 25: michelle trachtenberg

the inspiration
michelle trachtenberg
i have to admit, i am using inspiration monday as a totally self-serving vehicle. the fact of the matter is that i want to fill my closet with maxi dresses. what better a way to be summery and still hide my pale legs than a maxi dress?? right?? so, i picked an inspiration that would allow me to say, "hmmm...i don't have this in my closet, i'd better go out and get a similar dress – for the sake of the blog, of course!" there. i admitted it. now let's hope i can find a similar maxi dress between now and monday!

if you want to join, but don't know how, click here. we'd love to see your take on this fun, breezy outfit!
two birds

love*birds 6.20.12

things i am loving this week:
~ mango. mimi and i have been eating it like it's going out of style!
~ half iced tea, half lemonade. my favorite drink of the moment.
~ our patio will (hopefully) be built after this weekend!!!
~ my husband. i love him every week, of course, but i have been feeling extra smitten this week.
~ my nightly, post-dinner walks with jim and mimi. quality family time is the best.

and here are a few others things we are loving this week...

nora bird

how precious is this dress? the color, the floral, the gingham, the full skirt. i just love it!

i love how simple yet how super cool this necklace is. and the color makes me so happy.

oh my gosh, i really want these shoes. like really really really.

what a perfect summer dress! the colors and embroidery are so pretty. i want to wear this to a picnic on the beach!

i love lightweight, summer scarves. and i love this heart print. and bonus! it is under $20. this will be mine!

my girl and her dad on father's day. love them so much!

i couldn't choose between these two salads, so i had to share them both. find lindsay's recipe here and laurie's here. yum and yum! i will be making both of these in the very near future!

megan bird
peter pan collar heart dress
this dress epitomizes most things i love in a dress. cute collar, bright color, whimsical print, cinched waist. it's all there! so adorable! oh, and did i mention it's under $30?

mason jar 3 in 1
as i'm on the hunt for wedding decor, these popped onto my screen like they were meant for me. i love how clean they look with the fitted wire, and i love how you can put flowers in them, too. i might need to have these!

gray chevron hobo purse
it's like the world's cutest skirt with pockets, except it's a purse, and i love it!!

forget you nude sandals
again, with weddings on my mind, i found these beauties. (secret, i already have my shoes), but these would be perfect for my sisters to wear!

1950s little black dress
quite the opposite of my first pick, but equally as lovely! i love the simple details and the beautiful shape of this dress.

goodnight moon
we had our inaugural scamp trip last weekend for our annual father's day camping trip. the kids had a long day playing outside, and i couldn't help but snap this adorable picture of them sleeping. this was about three hours before henry promptly fell off the top bunk. (here's another pic of where chris and i sleep, or where we eat if it's raining...but normally we leave it as a bed. the sheep is beatrice, our scamp mascot.)

hannah, of tattoos and pearls, is the best. she is funny and honest and witty, and i love her style. this particular post is her in her fabulous new harem pants. i loved them so much, i was inspired to hunt for a pair myself. and i found a pair last night!! yay! thanks for the inspiration (and the daily laughs from reading your blog), hannah!

what are you loving this week?
two birds